"Don’t worry, wait and see, maybe you can benefit from it." It’s not that Eric Suen Yiu Wai doesn’t want to quietly look for the haunted mine now, but the problem is that the terrain becomes more complicated as the territory of the nine-headed vulture goes inside, especially near the haunted mine. It’s like a Mi soul array. If no one leads it, he will definitely go to Mi Road after entering, so if he wants to properly shine at the gates of hell, he will definitely have to wait until the battle of the nine-headed vulture is over, otherwise everything will be just useless.

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Made up his mind, Eric Suen Yiu Wai and wreaths all hidden in the dark trees, quietly watching the battle may change at any time.
"One-eyed, what do you want to do with this Hun egg? Why do you want to break into this king’s territory and get out of here quickly, or you will be chopped to pieces." The nine-headed vulture roared at the one-eyed real talent cow Wang Dasheng.
"Jiutou, you are really stubborn. You said we were going to find the gate of hell. Why can’t you understand?" The one-eyed real talent cow king roared.
"Hum, no matter who comes to the king’s territory, you should act according to the rules, or get out quickly, and be careful to annoy the king and tear you to pieces. Or bring a mount I have never seen before. If the king is satisfied, he will naturally take you to the hell array. " Nine-headed vultures cold hum a way.
"Lao zi’s mounts were killed by that damn Yang Jian. How can I give them to you?" One-eyed real talent cow king gas way.
"Since you don’t have it, don’t try to get through here. Although our king is not much stronger than you, he won’t let you mess around." The nine-headed vulture roared.
"It’s really playing the piano to the donkey." The one-eyed real bull king spat out lightning, looked at the hundred-eyed spider king beside him and said, "Spider woman, as you can see, this fellow won’t listen at all, and you said you would persuade him or something. Now it seems that you can only do it hard."
"Wait a minute." At the vulture with nine heads, Baimu Spider King said, "Brother with nine heads, you and I both belong to the monster beast with death attribute, and we should all submit to the underworld. This time he came to the animal farm to handle affairs, but you broke his good deed and prevented Eric Suen Yiu Wai from following to the gate of hell. He is already very unhappy. If you refuse to let your little sister go again this time, it really annoys him, not to mention that you are a small vulture with nine heads.
"Hum, I don’t know who he is in your mouth, but I do know that in this ancient animal training farm, only the four holy kings, namely, Yuan Shi Qinglong King, Yuan Shi Suzaku King, Yuan Shi White Fox King and Yuan Shi Xuanwu King, have the right to let me out of the way, and their power can be understood by you who are willing to be a slave." Nine-headed vultures cold hum a way.
"It seems that you really have a hard time today." Baimu Spider King opened his eyes almost all over his body, and Lu gave a red eye, which looked really ferocious.
"One-eyed brother, there is no need to talk nonsense with this fellow. Let’s go together." The king of the hundred-eyed spider suddenly gave a roar, and behind him, countless spiders of all sizes all rushed out with the eyes of Lu bleeding red, and she herself jumped on the nine-headed vulture with the one-eyed real cow king.
Originally, when the Hundred-headed Spider King didn’t have a chā hand, the nine-headed vulture and the one-eyed real cow king could still have a little upper hand, but when the Hundred-headed Spider King entered the war, the situation immediately became one-sided, and the nine-headed vulture was obviously unable to do so. It could only be a constant retreat, and it was completely powerless by B and.
"Ha, ha, ha, I can’t believe it. Nine-headed vultures, your boy will have today. I want to see if your respected four saints will come out to help you." One-eyed real talent cow king killed rise, couldn’t help laughing.
"Ha ha, one-eyed eldest brother, you don’t want to be poor, he can only blame himself for not knowing the situation. He didn’t know that the Four Saints King was taken to the outer world by the ancestors of Hongjun a long time ago. The descendants of the Four Saints King formed four tribes under the jurisdiction of the Immortal Emperor in Nantian, but I am afraid that the Immortal Emperor will not come to help him. " The king of the hundred-eyed spider also laughed heartily at the nine-headed vulture.
"No wonder you guys dare to be so presumptuous. It seems that you know that the Four Saints King is not here, so you are so arrogant. But don’t forget that the bodhi old zu Hung-chun, who is a man who understands heaven, naturally sees clearly what has happened in this world. When the Four Saints King is with him, they will certainly know what has happened here. You are crazy now. Even if you kill me today, you will certainly not escape the punishment of the Four Saints King in the future." The nine-headed vulture is really loyal to the four holy kings. Even though it is known that the four holy kings have gone to two worlds, it still has no intention of betrayal. This is commendable loyalty.

Chapter 144 Forbidden art misplacing! All crazy
Chapter 144 Forbidden luàn put! All crazy
"You can say whatever you like. In short, if you die today, your loyalty will be worthless once or twice." The one-eyed real bull king seems to be embarrassed by the nine-headed vulture, so he simply stops fighting, and his whole body is full of mana. The two horns quickly become purple-blue Se, and there is a strong current flowing above them.
"Thunder for nine days!" The vulture with nine heads obviously recognized this spell, and took a step back in surprise. However, considering that he has actually been B: and has reached the point where there is no retreat, it is better to throw caution to the wind and perish together than to be so passively beaten again. So in the case of taking a step back, he has made several steps forward. Now he is fighting on the ground, flying in the air has advantages, but his mana consumption is too high, and although he has many mounts, he can’t use it.
In fact, except for a few primate monsters, most monsters are not used to riding mounts. They would rather stand on the ground and fight than do that awkward thing, unless they become human.
But everyone knows that once the monster beast becomes human, its fighting capacity will plummet. In fact, it is similar to the result of flying without mounts. Instead of that, it is better to simply stop flying and fight on the ground.
Seeing that the nine-headed vultures did not retreat but advanced, the one-eyed real bull king laughed and said, "Are you really an idiot, do you think you can withstand the thunder attack of our king?"
The nine-headed vulture didn’t speak, just opened all nine mouths, spewed out nine dark Se smog, which were intertwined in mid-air, and stopped the thunder attack of the one-eyed real cow king like a huge net, and let the thunder and lightning flee on the black Se net, but it was always unable to break down.
In this case, in fact, the nine-headed vulture has some advantages over the one-eyed real talent king, but it’s a pity that the other party is not only a one-eyed real talent king, but also a hundred-eyed spider king who covets there.
Seeing that the one-eyed real talent cow king was in trouble, the hundred-eyed spider king finally took action. First, he opened his mouth to spit out a mass of spider silk, directly covered the nine-headed vulture inside, and then spewed out severe venom along the spider silk. As long as the venom once touched the nine-headed vulture along the spider silk, even if the nine-headed vulture was unbeaten, it would certainly lose its combat capability because of poisoning. By that time, he would become the object of sacrificial.
Although the nine-headed vulture is aware of this, what can he do if he realizes it? He is just as good at dealing with the one-eyed real cow king, and he has no time to spare to deal with the hundred-eyed spider king. He can only watch the venom spread rapidly.
In desperation, nine vultures grow a layer of Mao hair that looks like a zombie’s long Mao hair, as thick as wearing a fur coat.
He made it clear that he wanted to resist the thunder of the one-eyed real cow for nine days and then avoid the attack of venom.
Perhaps, in his view, although the thunder was strong for nine days, it could still resist, and once the venom of the Spider King with Hundred Eyes entered the body, it could not be rid of it at all.
"Boom ~ ~"
A series of loud noises sounded, and many thunderbolts struck Mao, the zombie of the nine-headed vulture, and smashed and scattered those Mao hair bit by bit, but gradually, they had already struck the body of the nine-headed vulture, and a little charred black spots were the result of that powerful lightning strike.
"It seems that the nine-headed vulture is dying. If he keeps going like this, he will definitely be blown to dust by lightning." Eric Suen Yiu Wai can’t fix it, but with the help of Hundun vortex, his eyes are still very diabolical. I can see at a glance that some vultures with nine heads are too big, and I despise the thunder of the one-eyed real cow for nine days. If it is completely hit, it will definitely be seriously injured.
"What shall we do, master, and watch him die?" Wreaths asked.
"No, we have to take this opportunity to destroy the one-eyed real cow king and the hundred-eyed spider king. Those two guys are so powerful that once they become enemies, it will be very troublesome to take care of them. As for the nine-headed vulture, it is a little worse in temper and not bad in character. Such a monster beast is worth meeting." Eric Suen Yiu Wai shook his head and said, "Go up and help. With your hand, I believe that the one-eyed real cow king and the hundred-eyed spider king will be caught off guard."
"hmm." Wreaths should be a sound, just want to come forward to help, but suddenly Eric Suen Yiu Wai a pull.
"quick! Go back quickly! " Eric Suen Yiu Wai shouted and rushed out, and at the same time released the Hundun space. This time, he didn’t enlarge the Hundun space, but narrowed it as much as possible, only wrapping him and wreaths in it, which improved the protective function of Hundun space a lot.
At the same time, the Hundun vortex also showed the appearance of a tornado, which surrounded him and the wreaths.
Wreaths haven’t understood what’s going on, and I was about to ask, but suddenly I felt that the scenery around me became red. The whole sky and the earth seemed to be soaked with blood, and they looked very scared. Even wreaths used to seeing the world would inevitably tremble all over.
Cold and trembling, it feels like death has caught your body, completely unable to act and think.
Look at the battlefield over there. The one-eyed real bull king and the hundred-eyed spider king both fled to the distance in panic. However, the sticky red Se claws that appeared in the sky of blood Se firmly caught them and didn’t mean to loosen them at all.
"Nine heads are you crazy, incredibly dare to use the forbidden art, do you know the result of this blood drop operation after use? Not only will we die, but you will not feel better, and your children and grandchildren will all die. " The one-eyed real cow king shouted at the top of his lungs, but he showed his panic and timidity.
"Ha, ha, ha, of course I know the result, but it doesn’t matter, my children and grandchildren are dead, it doesn’t matter if they die again, as long as there are enough bodies, they can still be resurrected. And you can’t, hahaha. " The vulture with nine heads laughed and looked very crazy.
"Damn it, since you are throwing caution to the wind, Lao Tzu is throwing caution to the wind." The one-eyed real talent ox king is also a demon king. How could he be so playful that he suddenly broke off his feet and swallowed them in his mouth? Then he saw that his body began to expand constantly and soon became a glowing sphere.
"I really want a grass mud horse. These guys are crazy." Eric Suen Yiu Wai sure yourself safe, just said with a sigh.