JiFan with six thousand five hundred unique army and Dian Wei, xu chu Mercedes north sea overnight.

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Zhao Yun, Dong Zhao and Yang Ji from Beihai went out to meet them.
Ji Fanduan sat on the throne of the palace and looked at the recent deployment of Xu Huang Yim Ho, the former secretariat of Xuzhou.
There is a large town called Sheyang Town at the dividing line between Xuzhou and Qingzhou Beihai, but now there are 100,000 soldiers in it.
This is a great threat.
The soldiers who dumped Xuzhou marched into the North Sea, and then marched straight into the land of Hebei.
Hebei, on the other hand, has only 10,000 elite cavalry, as well as 20,000 newly recruited foot soldiers and 10,000 veterans.
The situation is grim! There is no doubt.
Now JiFan also can’t fully believe Liu Chang, after all, people still have to rely on their own.
Moreover, the dispute between Liu Chang and him is still very strong.
So he brought Dian Wei, Xu Chu and 6,500 unique soldiers, which gave him some chances of winning.
But also to guard against that mountain seclusion.
All three force values are above 97, so I don’t believe that mountain seclusion will survive.
And now Ji Fan has more concerns. . .
An unborn child. . .
He won’t allow anyone to peep and threaten Hebei. . .
All those who peep at and threaten Hebei. . . Die!
That night, JiFan met someone in his room, not gay, of course.
This man is Jia Xu.
JiFan found back, the Jia Xu JiFan close a lot.
Jia Xu said with a smile: "I have seen the master."
Ji Fan nodded and asked, "Is the information clear?"
Jia Xu presented a piece of paper.
"Lord Yan poor, lieutenant takayama, no counselor, one hundred and thirty thousand troops. 100,000 were stationed in Sheyang Town. Thirty thousand were stationed in Zixiu Town. Lord Yan poor age 34 years old, is a general Xu, Yim Ho’s brother, lewd and gambling, like red underwear, every morning with his wife oh. . . 。”
JiFan looked at the information with a face of black line. . .
Extremely detailed information. . .
It’s definitely Wang Qiang. No one but him will have such a bad taste.
Ji Fan looked up and asked, "What’s the preparation for the spy department? It’s been six months. Can you give me a signal? At least let me have a bottom. "
Jia Xu said smilingly, "There are Liu Chang, the secretariat of Yanzhou, Yim Ho, the general of Siyongliang, Zhang Wei, the secretariat of Yizhou, Hu Huan, Wang Shang, the secretariat of Yuzhou, Yuan Shi, the commander of Yangzhou’s five senses, and Jingzhou. . . Cai Tianhua has pacified five cities in northern Jingbei except Wancheng. I’m afraid it won’t take a year for the four cities in southern Jingnan. Hanzhong seems to be almost captured by Ji Shao. . 。”
"The spy department has penetrated into the middle-level official position and the upper-level official position among the seven governors. . . Our infiltration work in Cai Tianhua is very smooth. "
"I found that this Cai Tianhua is not simple, knowing people and making good use of them is not simple. We can’t enter the core official position. "
Ji Fan clapped her hands and said with a smile: "All right, there are people in Cai Tianhua’s core. Let’s focus Cai Tianhua’s attention on Yuan Shi’s side. Pay more attention to that Ji Wu. "
Jia Xu smiled and nodded his head.
Ji Fan sat down and poured himself a cup of tea. He said to Jia Xu, "By the way, is there anyone in Xuzhou?"
Jia Xu found a piece of paper again, looked at it and said, "Yes, there is, but his Yan Hao family has stood in Xuzhou for nearly a hundred years and has his backbone, so outsiders are not allowed to go in. Most of the people we sent were sent to towns outside the city. "