"Eldest brother, eldest sister-in-law, I was successfully ignored by your young couple. Tragedy!" Bao Shi looked at Tianjun and Xuan Hungry with a full face, with a face of depression.

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"eh? Bao Shi is here, too. Ahem, I’m sorry. I’ll cook something for you later.
"Dear hungry embarrassed said, then pulled Tianjun’s hand, looked at Bao Shi with a smile and said," Let’s go, sit in the house, why have you been standing outside? Presumably, Yan Ran’s girl has cooked almost all the dishes. You two can chat here for a while. I’ll have a look in the kitchen and serve you food right away. " Say that finish, dear hunger and light left.
Looking at the disappearance of the hunger, Bao Shi said with a curious face: "Eldest brother, as the saying goes, a little farewell wins a marriage. I will leave when I finish eating, and take the two little guys, Butterfly and Jianfeng, to wander around Tianlong, creating opportunities for you."
"Ahem, and smile …"
"Well, I’ll start with …"
"Old six, you are old, so why are you still single?"
"I don’t want to this, isn’t it that I haven’t found a suitable dragon seed? You can’t let me just find a python … "
"That’s true." I ate a meal in a hurry, and Tianjun got together for a few days as he wished, and then went back to the field of Hemlock making in the dark temple together with Baoshi. At this time, the outside world was only a few days, and Tianjun and Baoshi stood in front of the huge making tree, only to see Baoshi’s face se y and n heavy and said, "Eldest brother, this time we can’t capsize in the Y and n ditch like last time. We should."
"Abuse him? Hum, old six, this hemlock tree is not a wimp. I think he must have a unique skill that we can’t detect. This time, we can try our best to kill him. If we can’t kill him, we will teach him a lesson and leave. After all, it has been a long time, and we can’t delay on the way. " Tianjun said flatly, with no waves in his face, and he didn’t seem to have a blood feud with Hemlock making it like Baoshi.
"All right, big brother, I’ll listen to you." Bao Shi raised his fist and looked at Tianjun and said.
"Attention, we try our best to exert our powerful killing tactics, and we can’t give this hemlock tree time to breathe. Besides, the faint fog has a soul attack. Pay more attention, let’s go!" Say that finish, Tianjun directly pulled out Yan’s sword, and his body exuded a strong fighting spirit. wait for a while’s direct attack on Hemlock scared tree was unambiguous, and the powerful attack was so dark that it seemed that Ri was coming at the end of the world.
Seeing that Tianjun and Baoshi are about to cut down on Hemlock making tree, suddenly, all the originally quiet branches around have turned into long vines with thick arms, like eyes, and now Tianjun and Baoshi are tied up in the past, and the rear also has endless green Se long branches, just like a python eyeing up from head to head.
(To be continued)

Chapter five hundred and forty-six
"Old six be careful." The sudden change and protrusion of Tianjun hurriedly reminded.
There is no reply, but it is well-advised to hurry back, but there is no space around, which seems to be trapped in a space of duli, surrounded by all the minions of Hemlock making it.
"cāo boom for me!" In a dilemma, I was furious and waved my fist directly. I attacked the branches of the real spirit level directly in the past, but I couldn’t get close.
"The sword swings everywhere!" Tianjun also made a big move. Indeed, Tianjun and Baoshi seem to have got into a trap prepared for them in advance by Hemlock. Generally, everything is aimed at them.
The sword swings in all directions and deserves to be called the big move in HarmonyOS’s sword tactic. A sharp but firm but gentle wave suddenly spreads out. All the branches of the true spirit are hung in two, and the original green Se is lost.
"How is that possible? How can you have strength in just ten days or so? But fortunately, I, Hemlock, had the foresight to get everything ready in advance. Haha, two little humans actually tried to sneak up on me. Hum, the gift I gave you is not bad, is it? But don’t get excited. What shocks you is still behind. Let you see my bloody soul sword! " At this moment, the strange and harsh voice of Hemlock scared tree rang again, and Tianjun and Baoshi got a layer of goose bumps.
At this critical moment, Tianjun doesn’t know what a blood revenge soul sword is, but he knows that this is definitely a critical moment than the previous soul imprisonment. There is no room for him to think, because he feels a y and n wind blowing behind him, and he has no time to hesitate. Tianjun directly uses the spirit to read the book and suck it in the past. A golden light flashed, and Tianjun and Baoshi successfully disappeared in the same place, leaving the bloody soul sword that had already moved.
"Damn how suddenly disappeared again? If you have the courage, come out and have a positive fight to see if the old man doesn’t beat your ass … "Seeing Tianjun and Bao Shi suddenly disappeared, everything planned by Hemlock scared tree J: ng’s heart failed again, and I couldn’t help cursing angrily and swearing. Let Bao Shi’s cheeks turn red and he is unwilling to say: "I didn’t expect this old hemlock demon to curse at such a high level. This battle was really humbled and I didn’t do anything. I actually fell into the trap of this old demon. "
"This hemlock scared tree is not simple. His wisdom has gone beyond ordinary human beings. Thanks to the old six, we hid in this dragon land in time. Otherwise, under this powerful sword of blood and hatred, we are really unlucky. " Tianjun said with a concerned face, the face is full of shocked God Se.
Under the authorization of Tianjun. The spirit of Bao Shi can also go out to the outside world through Tianlong territory, only at the moment when Tianjun and Bao Shi left. A surge of cháo, like sea water, directly swallowed up the red blood Se in the sky. Under the control of hemlock scared tree, a fierce attack flooded everything, and in the rush of blood-red Se, there were a series of sharp swords like Bi to kill people invisibly. What makes people feel terrible is that in this rush of cháo, which is like half of blood, there was a powerful attack. Although Tianjun and Baoshi were in the dragon territory, Baoshi’s body suddenly fell to the ground with a lag, and Se was as white as paper. Tianjun resisted this powerful soul attack because of the soul-eating seal.
"Old six, are you all right?" Seeing that Bao was attacked, Tianjun hurriedly asked him to help him up with a worried face.
"Whoo-hoo almost died. Fortunately, it was in Tianlong territory, otherwise it would really be run!" Bao Shi said with a face of horror that he couldn’t believe what he had experienced.
"Yes, it’s a good thing that I came in. I’ll go out after this bloody soul sword disappears, and then I’ll catch the old Hemlock demon off guard, and then I’ll run away, so you don’t have to go out. The soul attack of the old Hemlock demon is really terrible!"
"Eldest brother you …"
"Rest assured whether soul attack or physical attack this hemlock making it want to kill me? He is still a little tender! " Tianjun said with confidence that he had experienced several temptations. Tianjun had a little understanding of this hemlock scared tree, and he was confident that he would give this hemlock scared tree a heavy blow.
"Well, eldest brother, it’s up to you. I really can’t help this fellow!" Stand stand hand when a face of helpless said.
During the conversation, the afterglow of the blood revenge soul sword has disappeared, and Tianjun and Baoshi have disappeared. The old demon Hemlock has lost the target of attack and it is meaningless to play alone, so he put it away.
"Well, this is the time!" Lingran smiled and Tianjun gave Bao Shi a reassuring look. The whole person directly came to Hemlock making tree again.
"Hum hemlock old demon, look at my sword!" As soon as Tianjun appeared, he didn’t give Hemlock the slightest reaction time and directly gave him his own powerful attack.
"Ha ha Xiao, you are really bold. Don’t blame me for being rude if you come to die again." The old hemlock demon chattered and said, then he shook his branches all over his body and surrounded him.
Directly ignoring the attack of Hemlock, Tianjun firmly believes that his sword and dragon soul can bring him a heavy blow.
With the waving of Yan’s sword, a huge fire dragon with hot dragon’s inflammation jumped directly at the hemlock old demon. The space where conan the destroyer passed collapsed into a space black hole, and all the trapped branches of the real spirit were ground into powder and lost in the space black hole.
"Ha-ha, old hemlock demon, die." A face of readily said that the next moment, the fire dragon with the overwhelming momentum directly covered the hemlock scared tree.
A shocking explosion noise sounded, and Tianjun hurriedly looked at Hemlock scared tree, only to see that Hemlock scared tree, which could not see the top, was blasted off in the middle, and the blood of green Se directly formed a waterfall with a high altitude and a disgusting smell.
"Broken?" Tianjun said with some disbelief that you should know. This hemlock scared tree is nearly 10,000 meters in diameter. Originally, Tianjun just wanted to do some damage to him, but such a sword went down and he was halved.
"Small. How dare you hurt me to die! " I didn’t expect Tianjun’s attack to be so sharp and careless that he gave me a fatal blow. Of course, it didn’t cost him his life. He didn’t slay the tree spirit. This hemlock is immortal.
"Hum next. You also try my soul attack! " Tianjun said coldly.
Willing to take the emperor down, Tianjun is gambling at this time, and he shakes his steps flexibly. The whole people immediately formed a phantom in the same place, but it was already desperately running towards the hemlock old demon. In the past few ups and downs, Tianjun had already come to the tree of hemlock scared tree and was covered with green Se disgusting blood. But Tianjun’s mind at this time is obviously not in this respect. Suddenly, Tianjun’s right hand is brazenly printed on the right hand of Hemlock making tree, and the blood Se in his heart is like a flood that burst its banks. Directly toward hemlock scared tree enveloped in the past.
Hemlock is planning another fatal blow to Tianjun, but it hasn’t been carried out yet. He has already felt that the tree spirit is threatened and he doesn’t care much. The huge bust shook violently, but the shrill cry had already reached the sky. After a moment, the huge hemlock tree withered, and the blood that had been flowing was suddenly stopped and the original peace was restored.
Looking at Tianjun in the distance in surprise, there was a flash of shock in his eyes. At this time, Bao Shi was just right. When Bao Shi came out, he was excited and shouted loudly: "Haha, big brother, you are so handsome that you hanged the invincible Hemlock old demon two or three times!"
Faintly shook his head, Tianjun looked at Bao Shi as if he had returned to reality and said, "That fellow has gone away."
"What? He escaped? " Bao Shi looked at Tianjun in surprise and said that he had just seen this huge hemlock tree wither, which was already a sign of death. How could he escape?
"I did escape. This hemlock tree is immortal as long as its tree spirit is immortal. Although his body is here, no one knows where his tree spirit is hiding. I just launched an attack that eats soul prints. I thought it could cause fatal damage to him. Who knows, I let him escape." Tianjun said with some regret.
At the beginning, Tianjun also used soul-eating seal, but that time it was a certain distance from Hemlock making, and it was still a test of xìng’s attack. Tianjun didn’t take it seriously, so he didn’t bring fatal damage to Hemlock making. But just now, Tianjun was close to the tree of Hemlock making, and he spared no effort to use soul-eating seal to make a powerful attack, so he decided to win or lose with one blow.
"It’s okay to escape, at least it’s the big brother. This hemlock scared tree that you beat him away is really abnormal. It has exhausted so much of my mind, but it’s so cool that you just dazzled me with your two big moves!" The humbled spirit in Bao Shi’s heart seems to have been released at the moment when Tianjun used the soul-eating seal to beat the old Hemlock demon away, and the whole person became excited.
"Ha ha, let’s go, Lao Liu. Now you have reached the defense of the body in the later period of the Emperor of God. It is also a sacred artifact. Look at the whole divine world. As long as you don’t meet people who have soul attacks, you almost have a 100% winning rate. Let’s go and ask Yuan Yao to get you a sacred artifact of soul defense to make up for the deficiency."
Tianjun said with a faint smile that when Bao Shi heard the magic weapon of the holy artifact, the whole person came to J and jīng God. If you say the general holy artifact, Bao Shi may not even blink his eyes. After all, his whole body is a holy artifact. There is no need to equip it with any magic weapon of the holy artifact, but the magic weapon of the soul defense is different, which is what Bao Shi lacks now.
"Hey hey big brother, thank you first, but what if Yuan Yao doesn’t refine with me?" Bao Shi was confused and said that after all, he didn’t have any dealings with Yuan Yao.
"Ahem, don’t you forget that your eldest brother can also forge sacred artifacts." Tianjun said awkwardly, but when he heard it, he suddenly realized that the excitement of God Se was beyond words.