Holding the kitchen knife, Kongming squatted down, steadied the dust around him, and then held the dog demon’s paw in one hand and the kitchen knife in the other. A few strokes to the paw, and a hard cut to a finger.

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Suddenly, the kitchen knife saw the finger, like nothing, without any obstacles, without any feeling, empty and clear only felt that it was in a void, and the speed did not change at all. The kitchen knife cut the finger in half and saw the ground.
I picked up my finger and looked at the wound. The wound was neatly finished, as if it had been broken. Then I looked at the cut ground again. There was no change in the ground.
"So, blessing the mana of the kitchen knife power will dog demon’s finger cut off, and very easily, without any obstacles. But when the machete was on the ground, there was no harm. "
"In that case, the power of the kitchen knife has become much more powerful because of the blessing of my mana, and it can only cut down on animals."
"In this way, as long as all the instruments are refined together, and then the powers contained in them are clearly understood, each of them corresponds to its own damage. As a result, it is almost like having an infinite magic weapon and extraordinary power."
At this time, the usability of the instruments has been tested, and now it is necessary to hunt those monster beasts who have been cultivated for superb skills. I killed the dog demon casually, and stuffed the bodies of Ganoderma lucidum and the dog demon into my sleeve. Then I put the kitchen knife away, and now I don’t need a kitchen knife.
According to his impression of 40 years in Daqingshan, Kongming walked along the familiar environment towards a monster beast with a history of 900 years. The 900-year-old monster beast is just as powerful as Kongming at this time, so it can be used as an opponent to hone its own strength.
Moreover, what the monster beast guards is really eye-catching. The monster beast guards a thousand-year-old lightning tree, which was struck by lightning thousands of years ago, and then grows new branches again, which is full of vitality.
That one thousand-year-old lightning tree is really a stream of saliva for Kongming to see. At this time, the biggest attack means of Kongming is the thunder method, and that one thousand-year-old lightning tree contains the power of thunder and the power of life, which coincides with the power of Kongming. It’s really the best choice for Kongming to build a magic weapon, which can double the strength of Kongming. As long as you get that one thousand-year-old lightning tree, and then refine it, you will be confident to deal with the monster beast that has been cultivated for thousands of years. By that time, there will be a lot of treasures.
Two hours later, Kongming spared several huge trees and saw the Millennium lightning tree with black and green intertwined. Under the thunderwood tree, there was a giant toad crouching under it, flashing Lei Guang, which was transmitted into the thunderwood tree from time to time.
Looking at the giant toad, the characters in the empty eyes flow with the mind, and the traces between the eyebrows also emit an invisible silk thread.
The 900-year-old clam, which swallows and breathes Lei Guang, is full of the power of thunder and lightning, and its eyes can emit lightning beams, which are extremely rapid and powerful.
Thousands of years of lightning strike the tree, which contains the power of thunder and the power of life. The two forces intersect with each other to form the power of thunder, and there is vitality after lightning.
After receiving the information transmitted by the avatar, Kong Ming pulled his sleeve and secretly calculated his own strength.
"At this time, the mana is enough, but it is a big trouble for the toad to borrow the power from the lightning tree."
"Since the body is full of thunder and lightning, then your own thunder method can’t be used."
Carefully look at toad’s appearance, bumps, eyes and mouth. At this time, toad’s body was all powered by lightning, and his eyes turned purple.
"It seems that there is no toxin in toad, which can save the consumption of clean water in the wooden bowl."
Staring at the toad for a long time, I don’t know, until the toad no longer delivers the force of thunder and lightning like a lightning tree, and the whole body’s mana runs empty, and the palm of your hand shakes, and the wooden staff appears in your hand. Infused with mana, the vines on the staff turned into ropes, which bound the toad.
Without much expectation for the binding of vines, Kongming hurriedly shook the dust in his hand and brushed it toward toad. Suddenly, toad’s whole body was covered with white silk thread, and all the lightning was guided to other places by the silk thread. These lightning flashes were originally intended to be absorbed by themselves, so that they could fight toads and restore their mana. But now, it seems that there is no such possibility. These electro-optic lights are too violent, constantly beating, and their power is quite good.
Lead the lightning far away, so that toad can’t exert the power of lightning. Then Kongming pointed a wooden stick at the toad’s underground, running magic, and the land god’s Ministry also followed. After that, the land shook, and a stone pillar stretched out from the underground and hit the toad’s belly hard. With a fierce blow, toad suddenly turned over and fell to the ground. These series of attacks were completed at the moment when Toad was tied up, which made Toad feel groggy for a while and could only be attacked in vain.
"Gung …" There was a loud noise coming from the white silk thread. After a while, Empty Ming felt that the vines that bound the toad had been broken.
Then, a thick Lei Guang swayed in the air, which smashed the silk net turned into dust.
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Chapter 51 FuZhu
As soon as toad got out of trouble, he immediately launched a counterattack. (Vertex novel, hand-written novel) Lei Guang flashed around and swept everywhere, and all the trees around Kongming were hit by lightning and turned into scorched ash. The clothes on the body form a magic ball to cover the emptiness inside, so that toad’s lightning can not come in.
Hands keep pinching, characters are surrounded by hands, and the crystal in the purple mansion keeps spinning, until Lei Guang of Toad eases down slightly, and his hands are closed, and his forefinger points to Toad together. The word "fire" was drunk loudly, and a fire symbol flashed from the index finger, and then a large flame was sprayed on the index finger and fired at the toad.
This means is the symbol of the practice of emptiness and clarity, which can write characters, arouse the energy between heaven and earth and form an effect. After writing the fire character, Kongming still didn’t feel at ease, and wrote another wind character. Once again, he drank aloud, and a strong wind blew a big fireball along Kongming’s finger.
In a moment, the wind and fire formed by the two characters formed a fierce burning flame and covered toad in one head.
"Quack, quack," the thunder toad couldn’t help crying after being enveloped in a large flame, and the thunder kept exploding in the fire. All of a sudden, a Lei Guang on Toad broke through the obstacle of the flame, connected to the lightning tree, and made the lightning tree emit a Lei Guang, covering everything within a hundred meters.
Looking at Lei Guang, who covered the sky, Ming-ton time transferred mana into clothes, forming the largest mana ball. Just put the mana ball up, Lei Guang in the sky immediately fell down, and a piece of white and blue Lei Guang was in front of me, and the sound was deafening, and the mana ball kept shaking and changing.
When the Lei Guang outside dissipates, there are no other trees around the empty space. When the magic ball is dispersed, the toad that has dispersed the flame is not far away.
Efforts to calm down, empty Ming quickly pulled out a rolled snake skin from the sleeve. Shake off the snakeskin of cutting, hold a long snake’s tail, and grind your teeth in an empty way, conveying all your body’s mana. Time, a white air billow rolled around the empty Ming, and there was a constant light from the empty Ming’s hand to the snake skin.
"Gua, land god, it’s good that I don’t bother you. Now, you are really impatient to come to trouble me. I really don’t know why King Peacock let you go." As soon as toad finished speaking, his tongue spit out, and a thunder column shot out of his mouth and hit the sky.
Anxiously looking at the mana ball with insufficient mana, Kongming held the snake tail in one hand and continued to transmit mana. In the other hand, he took out a wooden bowl and spilled a little clean water to make it form a water curtain to bless the mana ball. This action has just finished, then Lei Guang arrived in front.
Clean water, after all, is not a magic weapon for special defense. It can only barely block Lei Guang. From time to time, a little bit of lightning turns the magic ball from the gap and hits the empty body. Although the lightning that passed through the gap has no power, it still makes Kong Ming have a meal and almost give up.
"Quack, land god, if you tell me all the water in the wooden bowl, I will let you go. Quack. " Toad’s purple eyes lit up at the sight of the clean water in the wooden bowl.
Ignoring toad’s provocation, Kongming put away the wooden bowl and took out dates to eat, which increased his body’s mana and kept his head clear. Seeing that Kongming didn’t speak, Toad didn’t want to wait much. At this time, it was the time when he was in contact with the thunder tree, but he was disturbed by the land god who was not available. It would be annoying.
Turn the eyes, and then closed his eyes, purple eyelids flashing Lei Guang, but three breath, toad suddenly opened his eyes, stare at the boss. A bolt of lightning appeared in his eyes, and it mixed into a stream outside, as if it would teleport to one side, and after a breath, it appeared at the empty side.