The white ape said, tears streaming down his eyes, and his heart was deeply unwilling!

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"I didn’t expect that I kept a low profile, but in the end I was discovered by the Monty Sect and forcibly plundered. I wanted to develop the demon family."
The white ape closed his eyes and said, "No, I feel that the power of life is passing too fast. I won’t talk about it. Search my soul before I die."
Haikui also knows that it is dying, but if you search its soul, it will completely fly and annihilate!
He shook his head.
"I hope that the demon race in the abode of fairies and immortals will grow, and I will die! My blood can catalyze 3,000 demon families! Don’t hesitate. " The white ape roared with his last strength.
Haikui’s heart is very uncomfortable, and he didn’t make a move at last. How can he feel better if he is asked to search the soul of the white ape again at this time?
"Do it!" The white ape looked at Haikui imploringly.
Haikui closed his eyes and put one hand on the top of the white ape’s head.
"Do it!" The white ape urged again, breathing dignified, like an old cow who had just plowed the land, and his pants were serious. His hair was originally just beginning to rise, like he was covered with steel needles, but now, it has been soft and attached to his body, and his body function is shrinking rapidly. At this rate, it won’t be long before the whole body can shrink into a dead body.
Haikui knows this situation, but he just can’t do it.
Xiaoman is outside the three-acre spiritual field, constantly yelling, and his voice is miserable.
"Let me be free!" The white ape grabbed Haikui’s clothes with all his strength and said.
Haikui sighed in his heart, and pressed his hand on the top of the white ape’s head to pull it out. He pulled out the soul of the white ape and grabbed the soul of the white ape. His heart tasted in every way, and with a pinch, the memory of the white ape was quickly flipped through by him.
The life of the white ape is not wonderful enough, but there are also small surprises everywhere. Haikui saw the scene that it got the Dan medicine that year. Although it didn’t get eternal life, it had a different fate, and it was also a hard practice to see it.
Haikui slowly opened his eyes, watching the soul of the white ape getting weaker and weaker, and finally grinned and became transparent and disappeared!
The white ape disappeared in this world, except for the memory left by Hai Kui and the animals in this abode of fairies and immortals, it has completely disappeared.
Haikui looked down at the white ape’s body, which was shrinking rapidly. With a wave of his hand, there was a cut in the artery of the white ape’s body. Haikui took out a bottle of wine, gulped it down, washed it with water from the river in the abode of fairies and immortals, and pointed to the arterial wound of the white ape, and the blood was like living, just like a thin snake drilling into the bottle.
The blood of the white ape can make 3,000 demon families! Let the three thousand orcs in this abode of fairies and immortals evolve and open their minds!
This is what the white apes have cultivated for thousands of years for the orcs in the cave!
After taking all the blood of the white ape, the white ape’s body has completely turned into a mummy. Haikui subconsciously wanted to drive the fire to burn, but immediately resisted, feeling that it was too sorry for the white ape.
He turned to look at the wild animals outside the three acres of Lingtian, and said loudly, "I want you to dig a hundred-foot-wide round pit in the forest ahead.
Haikui pointed to the tall forest in the distance.
Although the beasts are not spiritually aware, they can understand the meaning of Hai Kui, and they have lived in this abode of fairies and immortals for a long time, and they have been taught by the apes and eaten a lot of spiritual fruits, and they already have vague consciousness.
Immediately, many animals went to cut down trees and dig big holes.
Staring at the bottle in his hand, Haikui said, "This bottle of blood can achieve 3,000 demon families. If you are willing to practice demon ways, you will line up and practice one way, steal Yin and Yang, seize the nature of heaven and earth, and achieve supreme magical powers. The road to cultivation is never calm, except for those who are eyeing by external demons and those who are coveted by internal demons. How many people can do it? It is not easy to live forever! Although I don’t know if you understand, it means that you have to bear a lot to achieve great magical power! "
Haikui said to all the orcs, with the power of Zhenyuan to spread the voice.
He turned his back to the wooden house and faced the river, with forests on both sides. He looked at the animals with bright eyes, but no one came forward.
Haikui don’t worry, maybe they didn’t understand what he meant. He glanced at the bodhi old zu’s robe on the skeleton, and the guy stared at the white ape’s body with a strange smile.
Probably because he felt Haikui’s eyes, he looked up, his eyes were all gone, and he said in a cold voice, "It died a miserable death, and so did you! Although I don’t have the strength to fight with you now, is the number of heaven and earth that you ants can see? "
Haikui stared at him coldly, turned his eyes to the front and said slowly, "I’ll punish you when I achieve three thousand demon families!" "
The bodhi old zu of the robe snorted coldly. "I’m waiting for you. In the past ten years, I’ve been living in hell. I’ve been bullied by this beast and I’ve had enough. If you dare, you can slap me to death!"
Hai Kui smiled and said, "I beat you to death, and you played a good abacus. If I beat you to death, can you escape? If I directly search for your soul, your soul will be gone. Can you seize the house and practice again?"
When the bodhi old zu of the robe heard Haikui say this, he immediately closed his mouth and stopped talking!
Haikui sneered in his heart. "You think I don’t know what you mean. I have seen the memory of the white ape for thousands of years. Some things are ignorant and known, and you want to lie to me like an ignorant child!"
Among the animals, a tiger bigger than the adult tiger in the zoo and a tiger taller walked slowly towards Haikui.
Haikui looked at it, and a huge tiger came towards him, but he didn’t mean to be afraid. In his eyes, the tiger was not much stronger than a cat.
This is the terror of cultivating immortals!
The tiger walked slowly to Haikui, stopped, opened his mouth and roared, resounding through the world, and a fishy smell came from his mouth.
Haikui’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled and paralyzed. Are you giving me a scare? Your mouth still stinks!
Haikui flew up and kicked the tiger, and the tiger’s body flew up, screaming and falling out of dozens of feet, smashing a small tree with the thickness of a bowl.
The tiger fell to the ground and groaned miserably, unable to stand up.
Other beasts immediately looked at Haikui with hostility, and some small beasts who had listened to Haikui’s orders stopped and stared at Haikui.
Hai Kui said in a cold voice, "Brother Monkey has given me care of this abode of fairies and immortals, and you, it also entrusted me with care. I made you want to cultivate evil ways. You blind tiger tried to scare me! If anyone dares to have a next time, I will skin it. "
Xiaoman roared loudly on the river outside Lingtian.
Haikui looked up at Xiaoman and said, "Xiaoman, you are not weak in cultivation. I already know from the memory of Monkey Brother that you also have the blood of ancient beasts, but you have achieved great cultivation by the force of blood, but your spiritual knowledge is not open, and your achievements are limited. Swallow this blood, condense the demon Dan, and step into the road of demon cultivation!"
Xiaoman listened to Haikui and roared loudly twice, which was an answer.
Haikui fingers a lead, really yuan wrapped in a white ape blood slowly floating, flick the finger to send blood into the small pretty mouth.
Xiaoman swallowed that drop of blood, and his body flashed red, and his whole body breath changed!
Its figure whooshed down, this time it was only as tall as a normal little wolf. Although Haikui knew that Xiaoman’s figure could become bigger and smaller before, this time he felt more powerful.
Haikui took out the jade card that the white ape gave him before and said to Xiaoman, "Drop blood on it!" "
Xiaoman was very obedient and bit his tentacles. When he shook his tentacles, a drop of blood flew out and hit the jade brand, which was absorbed by the jade brand.
"I’ll give you Monkey’s cultivation method and find a place to practice in seclusion." Haikui raised his palm at Xiaoman.
"good!" Xiaoman replied, quickly came to Haikui’s front and put his head on Haikui’s palm.
Pass on the practice of white apes to Xiaoman with the power of divine knowledge.
"Go to practice, and come to me after you have made the demon Dan!" Haikui ordered.
Xiaoman nodded and asked, "When will I get revenge for nothing?"
What it says is the monkey brother in Hai Kui’s mouth.
"Now our strength is still too weak, I am afraid we have to wait for a while!" Hai Kuibian said, waving several spiritual fruits to fly up and put them in front of Xiaoman. "This spiritual fruit is eaten before cultivation, and the spiritual pulse has been lost. Before long, the aura here will become weaker and weaker, and it will become a mortal. Don’t think too much, practice as soon as possible."
Haikui comforted Xiaoman and let him practice.
It is very difficult for the tiger to lie on the ground and gasp. It seems that the injury is quite serious, but it is an impact injury, not a magical injury. As long as it takes Lingcao Lingguo, it will recover.
Haikui walked to the front of it, and other animals looked at him nervously, but they were afraid that Haikui’s strength would not dare to approach.
"Do you want to cultivate a demon road?" Haikui looked down at the tiger and said.
The tiger didn’t speak.
"Monkey asked me to take care of you, for the sake of Monkey, your life or death has nothing to do with me. If you don’t want to practice and swallow this spiritual fruit, go ahead!" Haikui said, dropping a spiritual fruit to its mouth, then stood up and looked at other animals. "Who else wants to be a demon?"