Garnett, who turned upside down inside, once again created an opportunity for the Celtics. He passed the ball to the outside in the double-team. Unfortunately, Jones’ shot was rejected by the basket.

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Then Li Cheng was ready to end the attack with a shot again, but this time, under Posey’s strict defense, his shot missed. The inside was in chaos, and the rebound was hit to the outside. Li Cheng picked up the rebound and shot again and finally scored.
"Shit, boy, can you shoot anything else?" Posey was also a little angry with Li Cheng’s shooting, but he admitted in his heart, "This China kid’s shooting is really fierce. Although he can’t reach the level of Ray Allen, he shoots quickly and accurately. "
After several rounds of contests, Li Cheng made another shot. This time, he didn’t score again. After missing a goal, Li Chenggong began to divide the ball. He can score by himself, and it is no problem for him to occupy the team’s right to shoot. If he can’t score, he still occupies the right to shoot, and everyone will have different opinions.
Moreover, Sung Jae Lee Posey’s defense was also very uncomfortable, and the latter gradually found out the routine of the former, and he also had ideas to prevent it. In one-on-one, Li Cheng is not sure to break through Posey’s defense perfectly, and he can only choose to divide the ball and create opportunities for others.
Li Cheng’s practice was clearly seen by O ‘Brien on the sidelines, and he appreciated Li Cheng’s practice.
"Playing is very reasonable, not greedy, knowing how to advance and retreat, and it is worth cultivating."
After more than half of the second quarter, the main players of the two teams returned one by one, but at this moment the Pacers grabbed the score.
Bite the score at the end of the first half of the game, which is unexpected for all pacers.
The score of 41-46 brought hope to the Pacers, and the re-entered Pacers continued to explode.
Li Cheng was kept on the court by O ‘Brien, and everyone could see that the latter was determined to cultivate the former.
"O ‘Brien didn’t change Li Cheng, and Deng Liwei was kept on the bench. It seems that Li Cheng’s performance in two games has completely touched O ‘Brien. "
Just as Mark Boyce was talking, Granger hit another three-pointer from the outside. The difference was reduced to 2 points at once, and everyone’s inner excitement was ignited.
"Boston is not invincible, brothers, we have to overtake the score." Granger’s roar reached the ears of every pacer.
Although his voice will also inspire the fighting spirit of the green shirts, the morale of the walkers is obviously stronger.
Their defensive actions are getting fiercer and their shots are more decisive.
"You are Celts, you can’t be timid." Doug Rivers kept shouting on the sidelines.
But it’s useless. The harder the Pacers fight, the more the Celtics can’t let go. This is not to say that the Celtics are weak, but it is not worthwhile to fight for an ordinary regular season.
Before the end of the half game, Li Cheng made another CIC. And his CIC this time is also a goal to help the Pacers overtake the score.
The timer rang, and the second quarter ended, and the score was fixed at 56-52 Celtics.
At that time, all the fans shouted heartily, and their long-held emotions finally broke out completely.
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Chapter 11 Break out! (I)
The Pacers took the lead after half-time, and their leading target was Boston, the number one favorite to win the championship this season, the no doubt number one in the East, and the team with the best record in the league at present.
Since Miller retired, Indiana fans have been humbled year by year, and now they have become a fishing team.
Indiana fans are bloody, they need to explode, but they have no chance to explode. But now they are ahead of Celtic at half-time, and they have a chance to win the game.
It’s been suppressed for too long, and there was a wave of humiliating 9-game losing streak before. Indiana fans need a chance, a chance to explode. They need blood to ignite the accumulated anger in the past, and they urgently need a hearty victory.
The walkers won the last game, but many bricklayers said that their victory was the attachment of the lucky goddess. Their essence remains unchanged, and it is not impossible to create the longest losing streak in the future. Isn’t it luck to win by a China man who once did nothing?
Proud Indiana fans can’t stand these comments, but they can’t fight back. What those bricklayers said is reasonable!
But now they have a chance, they can lead the Celtics after half-time, and they can win the final victory.
At the end of the first half of the game, many fans did not leave their seats. They watched the players walk into the players’ tunnel, and they also expected those players to perform better in the second half and present a victory for Indiana.
At the same time, the fans also remembered the man who turned the tide-the China man who had been ridiculed and forgotten by them.
When Sung Jae Lee walked into the players’ tunnel, many fans held out their hands to give him a high five.
In the past, Li Cheng always walked through the players’ aisle with his head down because he couldn’t stand the eyes of those fans.
The fans will look at him with strange and disdainful eyes, and the publicity of China media is also indispensable.
"Li, you are enjoying the star treatment now!" Granger smiled at Li Cheng.
Li cheng pie pie, way: "you don’t tease me, now the game is not over yet! The fans have been suppressed for too long, and we need to give them a victory. "
Granger’s eyes flashed and he said, "It’s time to present them with a beautiful victory."
At half-time, in the dressing room, O ‘Brien praised the performance of the players and asked them to make persistent efforts.
O ‘Brien also has his ambition. Originally, he was not prepared to win the game, but now his team is ahead, which makes his ambition begin to swell. Now he wants to win the game very much. Therefore, he has been describing the tactical arrangement to the players for the next time.
The time of the intermission passed quickly, and the second half of the game was about to begin. Granger stood on the chair and shouted, "Brothers, for our dignity and for our fans, let’s win this game!"
The excitement of the players who had been silent because of the intermission was once again ignited by Granger.
"Victory!" Murphy responded first.
"We want to win." Foster also shouted.
Granger was very happy to watch his teammates burn their fighting spirit again. O’ Brien was also very satisfied with the team’s current state. He clapped his hands and said, "If today’s game wins, tomorrow’s training will be cancelled and the team will have a day off."
"roar! Great! "
"Let me go out and fuck those sons of bitches in Boston."
Cheers and whistles rang out.
In the second half, Li Cheng didn’t continue to play, but Deng Liwei Jr. played.
Now Sung Jae Lee O ‘Brien’s psychological position is very different from before, but this is not enough for O ‘Brien to give up Deng Liwei Jr. Deng Liwei’s style of play is very soft, and he didn’t play the expected value of scouts in the draft, but Deng Liwei’s strength is good, at least he has experienced more tests than Li Cheng.
Li Cheng is also very aware of the present situation, and he is very satisfied with the present situation. Step by step! He knows exactly how much potential he has.
Deng Liwei Jr. is really fit to play with the wind, and his performance in the third quarter was passable. At least it’s not suppressed anymore.
"Hart, what do you think of these two?" O ‘Brien asked his assistant softly.
Hart knew that O ‘Brien was asking about Li Cheng and Deng Liwei Jr. He frowned and said, "In terms of strength, Deng Liwei Jr. is taller than Lee, and both the timing of shooting and the position of running are better."
"But in the game, we need players who can play their true level to the limit. Obviously, Deng Liwei Jr. is much worse than Li in this respect. In these two games, Li seems to be a different person. Every time he appeared, he was as shocking as a magic weapon. In particular, the confidence revealed in his eyes is even more valuable. And now he shows great potential. "
O’ Brien stared at the game on the field, his lips moved slightly and he said softly, "What’s your opinion?"
Hart looked at Li Cheng, who was sitting on the bench and carefully observing every move on the court, and said, "Let Li and Deng Liwei share the playing time for the time being, and then look at their performance later, mainly Li’s performance."
O ‘Brien nodded, and that’s what he meant.
O ‘Brien and Hart were discussing on the sidelines, but the situation on the field was even more anxious.
The Pacers really overwhelmed the Celtics in momentum. But the Big Three are not vegetarians. They are all battle-hardened veterans. The most important thing is that the Pacers are far behind the Celtics in strength. It is very rare that they can stand in a stalemate with the Celtics.
Sung Jae Lee was substituted at the end of the third quarter. O ‘Brien hoped that Li Cheng could change the situation on the court like a magic weapon, but this is not what Li Cheng can do now.
In the third quarter, Li Cheng shot once, but failed to get a goal. In the final three quarters, the two teams fought 72-71, with the visiting team in front and the home team behind.
"The last section will be the final decisive battle!" Many fans are hooked. They haven’t seen such a wonderful game at their home for a long time. Moreover, the opponent is one of the most pinnacles in the league-the Boston Celtics.
Li Cheng casually shook the bottle with Gatorade in his hand on the sidelines, but he was thinking in his heart. "Deng Liwei played well in the third quarter, and I didn’t get any chance. However, in the fourth quarter, I should have a chance, and I must make good use of it. If the team wins today, I am still the hero of the team’s victory, and the future will be better. "
Now the gap between the two teams is only 1 point, and it is still unknown who will win the final victory.
However, the Celtics are away, and they are back-to-back away. In the end, the Green Shirts will not fight hard for an ordinary regular season. As long as the Pacers can maintain their previous momentum, they still have a good chance. However, in order to win this final victory, the walkers still can’t relax a little.