A group of people walked into the shooting stone room.

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Bi Li sat in a stone chair in a square platform, wearing a long white shirt and looking solemn and dignified.
I knew that Lin Ji looked around and raised his hand to cover his lips:’ Don’t let us play chess again?’
Lin Ji took the slate in his mouth:
However, the conversation between the two people didn’t lower the volume, and the stone room didn’t speak very clearly, and it was also in everyone’s ear.
Never put off till tomorrow what you can guide the frontal veins stood out jumped a.
What’s wrong with chess!
Look down on chess! ! Then he quietly took the chair Weiqi chessboard to Ji Zang and gently coughed. According to the program group, he arranged a role for him. The tunnel is full of emotions: "I have been waiting here for the Millennium, and I hope you can solve the secret hidden in the stone painting."
"Wow, the director has a strong sense of faith when he plays," Fang Zhi sighed.
"Professional or not, I wouldn’t be your mentor." Lin Ji maintained the previous talk that everyone can hear whispers, but sometimes it’s a little stingy, so you are still a little smaller. "
Bi Dao:
Your voice is not too small! ! !
The next worker wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to. The other three people in the team huddled behind and trembled.
Will they come after leaving the team now?
When Bi Dao, with a strong sense of belief, finished the process, Lin Ji handed the slate in his hand to the other party. Bi Dao took the slate in his mouth and muttered for a while and heaved a sigh of relief.
"If you want to get the slate password, you need to complete two things. One is to send someone to the secret room to find the treasure in it for me. The other is to need two people.
When Bi Dao said this, he pointed to Lin Ji and pointed to Fang Zhi: "You and you will be students for half an hour in the district-style restaurant." The latter one was chosen at random, but it is not necessary for the dispatcher to specify something.
The program team continued to work hard and put two boxes in their hands, and each one needed to be changed. After looking at Lin Ji, I didn’t know whether it was revenge or something else.
Just know:
You didn’t say stingy.
The five-person intelligent end panel refresh team divided into two ways to complete their respective 61515 Lin Ji and Fang Zhi came to the amorous feelings restaurant according to the positioning. At this time, it was after five o’clock in the afternoon, and there were not many tourists in the restaurant.
But most of the people who come here are film lovers. Lin Ji was recognized as soon as he entered.
"Isn’t that man a bit like Lin Ji as if he were Lin Ji! That is, he can afford this system and dress so handsome! "
"What about the little brother in black next to you? Do you know him? He is also super handsome!"
"That is that! Only know! Did you watch "Star 1"? That’s the contestant on the show! “
"Speaking of which, I just brushed the dynamic! Said they were recording a program at Four Seasons Island today! I think Reuters’s photo is at the playground. I thought I’d come here. I’ll definitely go and have a look later! I didn’t expect to see it here! Lucky! "
When they came to the backstage dressing room, they knew that they had opened the handle box and found a set of tight blouses and extended petticoats inside, and a thin and gorgeous six-meter long yarn was draped outside. They knew that it was 7757354.
Isn’t this women’s dress?
Then he turned to look at Lin Ji’s clothes, which were a neat long white shirt with underwear of the same color.
Just want to stretch out his hand to rob was stopped by Lin Ji load.
Lin Ji’s hand first glanced at the clothes in his box, and then a gentle smile hung on his face: "What’s the matter?"
Only know hand in half a transfer to face don’t change color:
Lin Ji pushed his box back, slid it back half a meter along the ground and grabbed his wrist at the same time: "Well, I’d better listen to fate and squint at each other’s feet neatly: I prefer to fight for the choice by myself than to accept my fate casually." My lips smiled lightly and avoided the one he swept over: You’re right, then fight for it. "
So the two men fought in the background.
You will find that Lin Ji is not generally difficult. He doesn’t have to and can’t do it hard, and the other side is very clever. It is always easy to solve all his tricks.
Two people make a little noise. Well, it’s quite big.
Workers outside listen to is scared hesitated or knocked on the door:
The two men inside were busy fighting, and no one paid attention to him.
I’m so hard.
Finally, I was afraid of something and gritted my teeth to open the door.
The automatic follower flew in slowly.
At the door, the workers first saw two coats, one black and one white, thrown aside in a particularly warm way. Inside, two people wrapped their hands around their hands and legs and hooked their legs, and the whole person just lost it.
Excuse me.
I really want to quit and give them a door
Just when the small employee hesitated at the door what to do, he knew that his hand suddenly accelerated and Lin Ji narrowly avoided it
Chapter 57 Clues
There happened to be a table behind Lin Ji.
I know that when I bumped into Lin Ji, I retreated half a step because of the momentum. People just sat down on the table, followed by their hands, and then they protected each other’s waist and pointed them to the cool skin. Both of them were Zheng.
Fang Zhi suddenly looked up and Lin Ji looked at each other.
Although he slipped just now, the gauze was smoothly put on Lin Ji’s head, but he accidentally covered himself with it.
They just look at the bottom of the gauze and breathe slowly, like a drum.
The atmosphere is subtle and charming.
This scene is familiar. Lin Ji’s mind frets, and the fingertips close the opening 641bab71.
"Before you?
Before the words came, the intelligent terminal suddenly woke up and said that the game had passed nine hours and the island pursuer had increased by one person.
Two people woke up from the previous subtle atmosphere.
Only when I know that raising my hand will cover them and pulling Lin Ji is to hold him steady so that I can take back the hand that fell on the young man’s waist.
The expression management of both of them can be critical, and they have changed back to making stones, and they look as calm as if nothing had happened.
And three other people in their team also successfully found the secret treasure hidden in the secret room.
Don’t look at the fact that I’m afraid of nothing from the usual deputy. I’m very timid. In fact, I have no idea about the haunted house. When I enter the door, I hide behind Ling Weiwei and ask the most. Have you found it? Can I go back?
Even because of the sudden sound effect, I was scared to squat, just to see a piece of Bai Sensen props at my feet. The skeleton arm wow jumped out in the direction of Bai Tang]
Bai Tang couldn’t catch him, and the two men stumbled, so they knocked down a prop door behind them and found the secret and the hidden treasure inside.
To set up a long list of puzzles that have not been solved.
It’s outrageous. So the three of them rushed back to the stone room where Hua Dao was located and waited for Fang Zhilin to come back.
At this moment, the five people reunited and gave them the envelope in their hands.
After unpacking, there is only a folded note yz yz,,314159,41961 inside.
They looked at this string of unintelligible numbers and looked a little confused.
I know that many possibilities flashed through my mind. What is yz, pinyin abbreviation, English abbreviation or pinyin mixed with English or three-dimensional coordinate axis?