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Chapter 555 Nie Fire Rebirth
Haikui heard a beating heart.
Yes, it’s the beating sound of the heart, but it’s not heard with your ears, but with your heart.
Slight and soothing.
Bang, bang, bang!
Very slow.
But Haikui knows that this beautiful bubbling woman has actually come back to life!
Really resurrected!
Haikui saw her white fingers move.
Haikui raised his eyebrows slightly and continued to watch.
Her fingers moved, no longer so stiff, and slowly drooped down, and the fairy dust around her for an instant was absorbed by her body.
"Ha." A sigh came from her mouth, and then she sat up slowly.
When Haikui saw her sitting up, she was relieved, thinking that she would be burned to the point where there was no hair left. I didn’t expect that the fruit of Nine Clouds could save her life!
But …
Haikui turned around, because the temptation was too great, but he was a gentleman at this moment.
"Girl, put on your clothes!"
There was no sound or scream behind him. Haikui waited for a while honestly before asking, "Girl, are you dressed?"
Nobody answered him.
Haikui secretly turned to look, but she had long since disappeared.
Haikui turned around and guessed that she might have entered the room. clear voice said, "Dragon God, I have brought the crimson cloud fruit of Nine Clouds. Your charming son has been resurrected. So, it’s time for me to bathe in dragon blood and achieve immortality."
A voice came from the room, "Don’t worry, I am as good as my word."
"There is a wound on the back of my dragon, and two pieces of Long Lin are missing. Have you seen it?"
Haikui heart thumped, guess he won’t know that he is holding the two pieces of Long Lin?
"That wound hasn’t healed yet. You go up and make up another knife, and the blood overflows. Then you can take a bath and soak for one day and one night!"
Haikui heard this and asked, "Will it be too embarrassing? You are injured yourself, so I’ll make up another knife?"
Laughter came from the room. "Don’t mention it. Go ahead. You deserve it. Jiaoer is alive. My injury will get better soon!"
Haikui certainly won’t be polite to him again. It’s a great opportunity to jump up, fly over the lake, point over ten thousand lotus leaves and fly on the dragon’s back.
Long Lin, whose feet are hard, seems to be hard even if the sky were to fall, as long as you step on this Long Lin.
Finding the wound on the dragon’s back, Haikui took out the flying sword and plunged it down. Because there was no Long Lin in this wound, he cut the wound like tofu.
Black dragon’s blood is red like human’s, and it’s not a strange color.
When the blood flowed out, Haikui put away his flying sword and took off his coat. Because the wound was not big enough for him to jump and swim, he had to grab dragon blood and smear it on his body.
Finally, the whole body, even the little brother, was covered with dragon blood.
A burning sensation is produced on the skin, as if a poison was smeared on the body and burned the skin.
Haikui heart shaking, I don’t know if there will be other side effects.
After waiting for a while, the burning feeling gradually dissipated, and the dragon blood actually penetrated into the skin, and the skin returned to normal, and he was relieved.
Looking at the dragon blood on the dragon’s back, he continued to take it out. He felt that it was not a good waste, so he kept daubing it. After a day and a night, he stopped, and the dragon blood no longer appeared. Haikui watched his skin change dramatically.
Although the effect is uncertain, this immortal body is too ugly, just like ichthyosis. His skin is covered with scales, but he can really feel that it is his own skin.
Hai Kui jumped off the huge black dragon and came to the hut and asked, "Black dragon, I have been bathing for a day and a night, and my skin has not felt any other changes except fish scales!" "
"Bathing in dragon blood can only make your body hard and almost invincible, but there is still a step away from immortality!"
"What distance?" Haikui asked.
"You need to keep your true soul alive!"
The black dragon said, "The true soul is the mark of your soul. To put it bluntly, even if you die and the Yuan God is shattered, you still have a trace of the mark of your soul, so you can call back your soul and achieve immortality!"
Haikui heard this and asked, "Is this the same with Miss Jiao?"
"Not bad!"
"How to leave the mark of the soul, how can there be a true soul?"
"This process is very painful, and it needs you to meet a great disaster, which means you have to die once. When you die, you must keep your yuan God awake and your soul will not die before you can produce the mark of the soul!"
A strange light flashed in Haikui’s eyes, as if he understood something.
"Then, I’ll be leaving!"
Haikui held his fist at the hut, but paused. "I have nothing to do with Lord Black Dragon in the future. Those who want to know if Lord Black Dragon is alive or dead will not know anything from me. I will return the key to Lord Black Dragon, but I can’t give it to you until I get out!"
"naturally!" The voice of the black dragon came out.