Looking around, I saw all the monsters in my eyes, and my eyes scanned. In a abode of fairies and immortals, a tiger with yellow skin and black stripes on a jade stone suddenly moved its ears, but after a while it didn’t move.

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For the tiger, Kongming didn’t care. After seeing all the monsters, Kongming withdrew his eyes, swung his sleeves and strolled to another place on the top of the mountain, where a tree was planted. The black and yellow trunk had patches of burnt yellow, and there were many green leaves on the few branches.
I walked to the front of this tree, stretched out my hand and stroked it on the trunk. I looked at the thousand-year-old lightning tree that had absorbed countless thunder and lightning forces and was angry. I don’t know if I absorbed enough power at this time. Hands flashing light, empty Ming carefully feel the power and anger of lightning inside the tree, the two blend with each other in the tree, but they seem to interfere with each other.
Carefully probe all the forces inside the thunderwood tree, and then slowly put down your arm and let the long sleeves cover your hands. The sleeves are almost dragged to the ground.
Three times around this thunderwood tree, Kongming throws some Lingshi buried under the roots, and the hands hidden in the sleeves flash a little bit of light from time to time. The power inside the thunderwood tree has been accumulated to be rich, and the thunderwood tree has absorbed two forces and is getting better and better. As long as it keeps the current speed, soon, Kongming can use this thunderwood tree to make its own magic weapon of war.
Turning my thoughts in my heart, I shook my sleeves and strolled down the top of Mount Tai. It will take some time before the lightning tree can fully mature. With my own Lingshi under the roots and my own arrangement, it will be mature in a few years, so my foundation will become more and more profound, and I don’t always have to worry about my insecurity as a mountain god of Mount Tai.
Walking among the mountains, an elk quickly jumped up, sat sideways and took a casual look at the surrounding scenery. At this time, Kong Ming suddenly saw an elk with a white color behind him.
Seeing the snow-white elk, Kongming’s heart automatically gave birth to induction, and a picture appeared in front of his eyes. It was a few years ago when Kongming was sitting on the elk and playing. A doe was giving birth to a fawn in the Woods. The fawn was white in color, but in the end, the doe died before giving birth, and half of its body was in its belly.
At that time, Kongming was sitting in the elk that sat down at this time. After seeing it, he only left a trace of impression. He did not treat the deer and let it die naturally and let it return to nature. At this time, I saw the white deer that was going to die a few years ago, and my heart moved. I looked at the gray elk sitting down, and I already felt the idea of this elk in my heart.
The elk that sat down by itself has lived on Mount Tai for decades. When it has not become its own mount, it has entered middle age. After becoming its own mount, it has survived for decades because of the nourishment of its aura and mana. At this time, it is almost the end of its life.
The white deer was rescued by this elk, in order to make the white deer an empty mount, while he died peacefully and wanted to die in the place where his ethnic group lived.
I understand the moose’s mind, and I can’t help but look at the moose sitting down thoughtfully. There is a strange light in my eyes. This moose already has power, which is unconsciously emitted from itself and then absorbed by the moose. This power is different from the monster beast living in Taishan space, and it is also different from those who have no sense of Warcraft. This power is just like the simple aura, very pure. What is contained in the power is the breath of vegetation and elk itself, which, when mixed, has a hint of nature.
Seeing all the changes in the elk, Kong Ming didn’t say much, but his heart moved. The elk that sat down immediately walked towards the mountain temple halfway up the mountain, followed by an elk covered in snow.
Standing in front of the mountain temple, the clouds are rising at the foot, the funeral ghost lamp is inserted above the gate, and it falls down again. As soon as it turns, its sleeves swing and the dust flicks, the elk is looking at itself not far away. Silent meditation for half a ring, empty Ming this just shook the dust, waved his sleeves, allowing the elk to return to their own ethnic groups to spend their twilight years.
With the permission of Kongming, one of the elk jumped and jumped, barked at the white deer that followed, and told the white deer about his years of experience. After a while, the old elk whispered a few times, and then looked back at Kongming and ran towards his own ethnic group with confidence.
Wave and attract the white deer that looks at the direction of the old elk. Empty Ming reaches out and touches the white deer, and the light in his eyes flows. After a while, Empty Ming slaps his hands on the white deer, which will shake off the lingering dead on the white deer. That dead breath was contaminated by this white deer when it was born. After several years, it still hasn’t dissipated. I will become my own mount in the future. How can I entangle the mount with the dead air? In this way, Kongming spent a little mana to disperse the dead air and shake out the soul of the doe contained in the dead air, which is still at hand.
Touching the white deer with both hands, I can see the relaxed feeling of the white deer. After getting rid of the entanglement of the dead, the white deer immediately became lively and looked around, and no longer followed the elk like just now. Even if the elk left, it just looked at the direction where the elk was gone, without any vitality.
Now seeing the lively appearance of the white deer, Kongming can’t help but show a smile. His bent eyes look up, watching the old elk swaying in his own ethnic group, lying on the grass, with inexplicable expression in his eyes.
Time flies. The old elk has lived in his own ethnic group for half a year. At this time, it is time for the oil to run out and the lamp to dry up. He is lying on the grass and surrounded by his own people, many of whom are his own descendants. Looking around, the elk can be regarded as the longest-lived elk in this ethnic group. Most of the elk of his own generation have died.
In the evening, with the yellow sunset glow, the elk closed its eyes forever, and its body became stiff and cold in a moment. Many deer around the elk immediately shed tears, and the sad breath spread in this place.
Standing on the side indifferently, Kongming watched the old elk’s body get cold gradually. After many elk dispersed around, Kongming strolled to the side of the old elk’s body. When I brushed the dust, I whispered, "The soul is attracted." The breath of an old elk pops up in my hand, echoing in this fast place with the sound of emptiness.
The old elk’s ethnic group lives in a place at the foot of Mount Tai, from which a meadow extends and trees are spread down.
With the empty words, a cool breeze blew on this land, and after twelve breaths, the figure of an elk gradually appeared in front of the empty words. The elk is illusory and translucent, and you can see everything in your body vaguely. You can see the flowers and plants on the ground through the shape of the elk.
After seeing the soul of the elk, Kongming brushed the dust with a wave of his hand, drew out the merit book, opened it with his right hand, and looked at the information of the elk in the face of the soul.
Race: Elk.
Age: eighty.
Chi Zai: In thirty-five years, I got the opportunity to mount the Mount Tai God, and I worked hard for forty-five years. I got the opportunity to automatically absorb the breath emitted by the Mount Tai God, and mix nature with breath, so that I gained strength and had a further foundation.
Looking at all the information about playing with the elk, Kong Mingfu looked at the elk that he didn’t know what was going on, and a strange light flowed in his eyes. Kong Ming took out a green bamboo pen, opened his palm, and scratched the elk with his right hand holding the green bamboo pen, and the pen stroke made a white mark.
Suddenly, a force on the green bamboo pen rolled up the soul of the elk. After that force rolled up the soul of the elk, it immediately turned into a streamer and flew back to the green bamboo pen, dyeing the tip of the green bamboo pen dizzy to bright yellow.
Holding a green bamboo pen, the faint bright yellow pen tip falls on the page of the merit book, and it is empty and bright, writing words on the golden page. With the empty writing, the green bamboo pen keeps shaking, but the faint bright yellow halo on it is scattered on the page and continuously reduced.
After a quarter of an hour, when Kongming’s green bamboo pen stopped shaking, the halo above the pen tip had disappeared without a trace. On the pages of the merit book, under the information of the elk, Kongming wrote down what he wanted to seek for the elk.
Shaking the merit book with both hands makes the merit book emit bursts of golden light, which shines on the elk’s body, and then the body turns into a light spot and dissipates between heaven and earth.
Half a ring, when the merit book no longer shines, the empty face once again shows the shape of the elk soul, but at this time, the appearance of the elk soul is no longer that translucent. At this time, the elk soul is emitting soft white light all over, and the soft white light floats down from the elk body, and all the flowers and plants in the place where it passes must pose.
"At this point, you are the god of grassland, deer and deer herd, in charge of this land boundary and that deer herd." Faint words are spoken from the empty mouth, and endless majesty rises on the empty body.

Chapter 40 The seed has borne fruit
Chapter 40 The seed has borne fruit