"You" Dugu Helan’s eyes showed horror, and he already felt Zhuge’s looming dangers.

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"Saiyo Nala ~ ~ ~" Zhuge grinned, his eyes sharp, and his spear was chopped off as a long stick.
At this moment, the spear seems to have turned into an invincible magic knife, splitting Dugu Helan in half from the top of his head, and his insides dripped all over the floor, bloody and clinking.
"Little bastard, you will pay for what you have done." A long drink, DuGuHe Lan body, a light fly out, toward the air. That is the origin of Dugu Helan’s divine knowledge.
Zhuge looked up before dawn, his eyes turned strangely, and a strange wave came out. The eye of the dead is an avatar dedicated to destroying the knowledge of the gods. The original knowledge of Dugu Helan in mid-air screamed and vanished.
Glancing at the bloody body of Dugu Helan, Zhuge left here with a chuckle.
Zhuge didn’t know clearly that the different treasures on his body would cause him to kill. Just two suits, Purple Moon and Linglong, are enough to drive practitioners crazy.
Zhuge Liang took out ten pieces of Dan, and swallowed them in one breath. These makeovers are enough to keep his appearance changed for ten days. In order not to cause a sensation, Zhuge Buliang deliberately turned into another look.
"By, how did that happen! ?” Zhuge not bright surprised way, he is now on his purple suit, there is no way to go back, let him use what means, purple suit without the slightest change.
This is in big trouble, Zhuge Liang wry smile way, no matter what appearance he becomes, but this purple moon suit can always reveal his identity, and there is no end to hunting.
"You can only take one step at a time." Zhuge sighed when he was not bright.
There is still half a month before the Tianchi Mystery is closed. Zhuge Buliang and the monkey are carefully avoiding the search of other practitioners in the mountains. Slowly fled to the exit of the secret land.
"I don’t know if the blind old man has left the secret." Zhuge Liang thought in his heart, at this rate, he will be found sooner or later. He is sure that most practitioners are gathered at the exit of the secret land, waiting for him to trap himself.
Two days later, a shocking news sensationalized all practitioners in the secret realm. Dugu Helan, the master of the deification period, was split in half, and the residual body was abandoned in the wilderness.
This news has aroused the noise and discussion of all practitioners. The people in Dugu’s family are even more pale, and the elders of their own family have been dismembered, which would make their faces. It goes without saying that Zhuge Buliang and the blind old man did it. Before, everyone saw Dugu Helan tied up by Zhuge Buliang with a golden chain.
Finally, there are no air-tight pants in the world, and Zhuge Liang and the monkey’s whereabouts are finally revealed.
More than a dozen figures fell from mid-air, surrounding Zhuge Liang and the monkey. For one person, is a young man dressed in a gorgeous gown, inch root stand upright. He doesn’t know Zhuge Liang, but judging from the fluctuation of his body, he should be a leader of some big factions.
The name of this prickly young man is Liu Mang, a very funny name. If he is used to it, he will change his name to rogue. He is a disciple of the King’s Temple, and he is trained on the second floor of the Yuan infant period. Among the younger generation of the King’s Temple, he is also a leader.
"Hey hey, I can’t run away from the temple, but I finally found you." Liu Mang’s youth sneered. More than a dozen people are approaching Zhuge Liang. These people are all masters, and the worst ones are also on the fifth and sixth floors of the then period.
Zhuge glanced at them before dawn and said, "Are you trying to stop me because of you?"
"Hum! Do it! " Liu Mang had a cold drink, and there was nothing too much nonsense. Zhuge Buliang’s two rare suits were hot, and everyone wanted them.
More than a dozen repairers of the King’s Temple held an odd magic weapon in their hands. Suddenly, it dimmed between heaven and earth, and a huge array was pressed down from mid-air. In the array diagram, dark clouds are rolling, and the shrill voice of brotherhood of the Wolf rings.
Wang Dian is good at manipulating the undead. In this picture, at least there are hundreds of thousands of evil spirits roaring, and from time to time there is the sound of Jin Ge and an iron horse.
Zhuge Liang frowned. It turned out that they were going to use the killing array in the king’s temple to deal with themselves.
"Boo hoo ~ ~ ~"
The voice of the brotherhood of the Wolf sounded, making people numb.
Under the pressure of the array, hundreds of thousands of evil spirits screamed and emerged from the dark clouds, pouncing on Zhuge Liang and the monkey.
The golden stick in the monkey’s hand was golden, sweeping out a large area of brilliance and beating a group of evil spirits who jumped up.
But the number of evil spirits is too large, and the shrill screams are harsh and creepy.
A purple gourd appeared in the monkey’s hand, and the mouth of the gourd was directed at the evil spirits who rushed, and the purple flame swept out. These flames contain a little power of chaos. Although they do not have the efficacy of the legendary chaotic fire, their lethality cannot be underestimated. Especially for these dead things.
"Boo hoo!"
Hundreds of thousands of evil spirits rushed up without fear. They have no spiritual knowledge, and they are all puppet undead who are caught in the shadow of the king’s temple.
"Hoo hoo!"
The purple flame rolled into the high air, and hundreds of undead screamed and disappeared.