The middle-aged man in the tunic frowned. "Don’t play tricks here, old man with black heart, and get out."

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A man suddenly appeared behind Haikui, standing three meters away from Haikui, and said to Haikui, "Don’t give this boy a fire cover. I will never let him touch you with me!"
"Black-hearted old man, don’t be unhappy!" Tunic middle-aged harsh voice way.
The "black-hearted old man" laughed. "Xuanshi, don’t scare me there. What’s my name? My heart is black. I’m afraid you can’t scare me?"
Xuanshi’s face was very cold, and he said to Haikui again, "Give me back the fire cover!"
"It’s already mine. If you call it, it won’t promise or return it!" Haikui shrugged and said lightly.
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Chapter 536 A suit is a treasure
Not far away. Stuart Yuan Wu stood there with a knife in one hand. The two people who appeared were both higher than him. He can’t come over for a while. Watching from a distance.
People all around seemed excited. Especially for the weak. When have you ever seen such a big battle? Once in a hundred years. They are all unborn people.
Especially black-hearted old children. That’s notorious. It’s all over the place. Or a master at the beginning of Mahayana.
"Boy. My patience is limited. " XuanShi reality black face stretched out his right hand.
Haikui didn’t answer.
Xuanshi impolitely reached out and grabbed it. There is a light sound of poof. His brow wrinkled.
A piece of black cloth appeared under Xuanshi’s men. Caught in rags.
"ouch. You are a bad guy. Why are you grabbing my clothes? Update at the first time "
The "dirty" old son said with a pathetic look. Everyone looked. This guy has a rotten piece on his shoulder. That black cloth belongs to him.
"Ha ha."
Laughing all around. It’s so interesting.
Haikui suppressed a smile. I almost couldn’t help it.
Xuanshi was transferred-played. Turn red and disappear immediately. The sound is as cold as the December ice cave. "Old son" dirty. Fight me. Just fight generously. Don’t engage in that nonsense. "
The "dirty" old son smiled. "Respect is better than obedience."
Xuanshi looked at Haikui and said, "Boy. I didn’t want to kill you, so I kept asking you for my fire hood. When I get down, old black-hearted man. I’ll take your life again. "
For haikui. The first time to update Xuan Shi has moved to kill.
He turned around. Move your feet.
The stone steps paved with granite are broken. It was an angry step by Xuanshi. The whole person also flew into the air in the blink of an eye. Waiting for the black-hearted old man.
"Two. Don’t ruin the Leng Yue Paishanmen that we have worked so hard to build. "
Neither of them answered. Crash together in an instant.
A loud roar. The voice was shouted by a real person named Xuan Shi. It shook the earth.