"oh? How? Do you have any other way? " Listen to the snow yuan beast seems to have answers. Ye Han’s heart is happy to think that the snow yuan beast must have a solution. Otherwise, he wouldn’t say so, so he couldn’t help but ask.

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"Don’t you forget the Xingyuan stone tablet, master?" Snow yuan beast light replied
"Uh …" Ye Han immediately froze at the words of Xue Yuan beast. Yeah, how did you forget this? This stele of Xingyuan contains two forces of inflammation and cold, so it is necessary to help Pinger transform the stele of Xingyuan with his own help. Isn’t that the same?
"Okay, I get it!" Ye Han couldn’t help laughing at the thought of this.
Say that finish, he will no longer tube don’t busy body into Ye Pingti part away from her body and take out the jade flute, and will star yuan stele strength together palm will turn into an illusory star yuan stele, and then hit Ye Ping’s head and inflammation cold jade flute will be placed in the illusory stele.
Now that the stone tablet has left the brand of Ye Han Yuan God, it has initially become an organic whole with Ye Han. If he is willing to fully exert the power of the stone tablet, he will put the illusion on Ye Ping’s head, which is tantamount to the Xingyuan stone tablet, which can fully exert the original power of the stone tablet
"Cold brother why don’t you come in? Aren’t we going to practice double cultivation? " See Ye Han went in and out, and put out the jade flute and Xingyuan stone tablet. Ye Ping was suddenly puzzled and asked.
Ye Han smell speech almost spray blood this girl can’t put the words so directly? Why don’t you come in and blame evil? Ahem … Maybe you think it’s too evil. This Ye Ping, she … she seems to express this evil meaning …
"Who said that double repair must come in … cough must fit. If it doesn’t fit, it can still be double repaired?" Ye Han took a white look at Ye Ping and corrected her misunderstanding of double cultivation. Then she ran the Star Cold Tactics to beat a cold wind and inflame the cold jade flute to stimulate the power in the jade flute to emit the energy of the inflammation star.
After all, cold is a branch of all the cold forces in the world, and even Xingyuan is a branch of it, so Ye Han is cold, but it is no different from Xingyuan. Generally speaking, this cold is more advanced than Xingyuan, and things can be strong and weak, and it can be replaced by energy except inflammation.
Ye Ping wanted to ask again, but he saw Ye Han seem to be very anxious. Seeing that the energy of phlogistic cold jade flute entered the Xingyuan stone tablet and then scattered from the Xingyuan stone tablet, he fell towards himself, so he dared not ask any more questions and even lay there in a straight shape, ready to accept the baptism of Xingyuan law.
Ye Han couldn’t help laughing at him. He used to transform Xingyuan except himself. This time, Ye Ping tasted the fresh and went directly to the infringed step. It’s so simple that it’s really different now!
However, this girl’s posture is not much different from others. It’s all about spreading her long legs and forks … Gee, people can’t help but be moved. If you don’t know that you can’t disturb yourself, I’m afraid you can’t resist the temptation at the moment and then do something.
Okay, evil
Ye Han is conscious of evil, busy clearing his mind, restoring consciousness to normal, and then simply turning to the other side to calm himself down. After all, he should have a good rest after a tiring day. Since there are stone tablets and jade flutes, he can save himself the trouble.
But as soon as he turns his head, it’s another thrill. The scenery here is more charming. One, two, three … Ahem, what are you counting? Don’t entertain foolish ideas, or take the opportunity to sleep quickly. After all, neither their cultivation nor Ye Ping’s transformation of stars can be completed in a short time.
Thinking of Ye Han directly lying on the ground and closing his eyes, he no longer paid attention to the girls in bed, and at the same time he was cold and expelled other thoughts in his heart, and he accidentally fell asleep quietly.
But before he fell asleep, he seemed to think of another wonderful thing about cold, that is hypnosis … not purifying evil thoughts. Gee, that’s good. If he cultivated cold earlier, he wouldn’t have worried about any desires and demons.
Oh, no, if that’s the case, wouldn’t you be able to directly chill yourself to help Xiao Han resolve the toxicity of the evil desire?
Well, no matter if you try it then, let’s have a good sleep now. After today, I don’t know how many troubles are waiting for you. Only when you have enough spirit can you have enough energy to face everything.
Thinking of him, I went to sleep quietly, but this time he was not able to be quiet for a moment, and when he went to sleep, he had already entered a deja vu dream.
Ye Han saw a familiar figure in that dream. Although I can’t see this figure, I can directly know his identity, but Ye Han always feels that this person is familiar and I don’t know when I have seen it.
Feeling familiar, Ye Han had an idea to find out, so he followed the figure and felt that the figure was heading for a familiar mountain. I couldn’t help looking around in my heart.
Huh? Isn’t this Yan Yunshan?
Looking around, I felt familiar with the scene. Ye Han was immediately surprised. Isn’t this … what I am suffering from? But this mountain seems different now. If you don’t look carefully, you may not be able to see it, but if you look carefully, you can see that the smell of this mountain is different now, as if there is something more.
This is magic gas!
Slightly detect a leaf cold immediately a surprised this phlogistic yunshan should have magic gas? What the hell is going on here?
I can’t think of Bai Yehan. I just don’t want to continue to follow the figure for the time being. Let’s see who the figure is and come to this inflammatory Yunshan.
But when he looked around during the recovery, he was a teenager again
Looking at the young figure was suddenly gone Ye Han immediately a surprised busy looked around to find traces of the young man.
Just then, a sound came from behind Ye Hanwen, and he went back to see who was talking to himself. However, as soon as he turned around, he felt a pain in his neck, and the scene before him was so dark that he could no longer see any light.
"Ah … who? Who is plotting against me? "
I don’t know how long it took Ye Han to hear an angry voice and keep your eyes open.
However, as long as he opened his eyes, he suddenly found that everything around him had changed. Don’t say that the figure was gone, even the shadow of Yan Yunshan was gone. Looking around, he suddenly realized that he had already woken up.
Looking at the familiar scene around you, Ye Han couldn’t help but burst into a wry smile. It turned out that the angry sound was not made by others, but that he was awakened by a dream and inadvertently sent it.
"Huhu turned out to be a dream!"
See around the show is his former daughters had several wars, and he also happens to be sitting on the bed, Ye Han immediately woke up completely before he had a dream …
Let’s dream first, don’t say Ye Han. First of all, I looked at the women who were practicing. They glared at their respective chests and then turned to Ye Pingshen who was accepting the transformation of Xingyuan.