"… who told you … ah … that’s you talking to yourself!"

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"At that time, you didn’t refute me when you agreed …"
Your sister didn’t refute! Did you give me a chance to refute it?
Feng shallow gasping for breath was stimulated by a heavy impact before she came to scold, and then she couldn’t remember what she was going to say.
At the end of the day, the phoenix’s shallow reality can’t match the kind of cry that both stars and white light impact "Jun Mo Ying Mo Ying …"
"No … ah … no, no …"
"I don’t want it"
This night, as Jun Moying said in the daytime, the phoenix is as shallow as begging for mercy, but he just won’t let her go, pulling her over and over like taking stimulants.
In the end, her eyes were deep, and she repeated "Shallow never leave me …" over and over again.
After 300 rounds of hearty fighting, Feng Shao was as soft as mud and couldn’t move his toes.
On the other hand, a refreshing and contented man needs a beating.
Phoenix shallow seemed to vaguely capture a sentence at that time because of insanity and never answered him from beginning to end.
It was noon the next day when she remembered it again.
It’s sunny and sunny outside, and it’s sunny and shallow, so people moved a couch and lay there in the yard to bask in the sun
Suddenly, a blue bird flew in from outside the red wall and circled her head three times. Then it flew aside again, and the big branch stopped chirping.
Phoenix shallow heart can’t say it. I’m bored. I feel that the bird is screaming strangely and wants someone to drive it away.
But after looking at the bird for a long time, I couldn’t say anything.
When she frowned, she lifted the body, covered the mattress, got up and walked over.
The bird was not afraid to see someone in the past and didn’t fly away, pestling the branch like a pile.
Phoenix blinked briefly and then stood on tiptoe and poked it twice. "Silly bird, aren’t you afraid that I will stew you and eat you?"
The bluebird fluttered its wings for a second and immediately flew away.
Phoenix shallow dumbfounded.
This stupid bird can understand her?
Phoenix shallow heart that sense of disobedience is getting stronger and stronger.
Among the flowers, a little maid-in-waiting slowly withdrew her sight from her with a broom and then casually continued to clean the courtyard. Chapter 9 must not be said!
Qi Fei paced up and down the courtyard of Huazhang Palace, and her face seemed to be anxious and anxious, and she seemed to be uneasy. Finally, she saw that the blue birds had been flying into the courtyard, and her shoulders tightened slightly.
At the same time, the bluebird flapped its wings and flew towards her, finally landing on her shoulder.
Princess yee looked around and saw that people nearby moved their lips and made a similar whistle.
But it’s not.
Similar whistle is actually imitating bird calls, which seems casual but has a sense of rhythm.
So after a moment, Princess Yee suddenly frowned and her face became ugly.
"Linglong!" Princess yee drank a heavy drink.
Linglong hurried out of the temple. "Does the empress have orders?"
Princess Yee tugged at her shoulder, and Jade Bird frowned angrily. "It’s really blind for this damn bird to stop at the palace. Get it to the palace and put it to death!"
Linglong was surprised.