"… give this to her!" When the woman in red heard it, she frowned for a long time before throwing a white pill from her fingertips. Gu Qian suddenly wanted to stop the late Qing Dynasty and turned to stare at the woman in red. "What do you want to do to my sister?" That woman gave something to Gu Qian, so she didn’t trust Gu Jinxi to eat it.

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"Don’t worry, it’s a good medicine for strengthening the body." The female in red corners of her mouth slightly hook her head and coagulate Gu Jinxi. "Mrs. Hum is counting on her to lead the way for her!"
Gu Qian was suddenly silent.
"Cough cough!" Sure enough, as the woman in red said, after taking the pills, Gu Jin Sunseeker has slowly woken up, and the original pale face has also recovered some color. What is the matter? The right arm and left leg injuries are not good for a while. She is still a little weak, clutching her chest and frowning in pain.
When Gu Qian saw this, his thin lips tightly sipped, "My sister was seriously injured and left to you to take care of me. I don’t trust you. If you want my sister to lead the way, give me my sister to take care of me!" His brain is spinning so fast that all his efforts and Xie Yi’s efforts have gone up in smoke. I don’t want to die halfway. Cheng Yaojin has to be able to get into the ancient tombs by mistake. It’s not his call.
"Hum, Master Gu’s abacus is really refined. It’s a businessman." The woman in red has a shallow smile and coagulates Gu Qian. "If you are extraordinary, if you give Gu Jin Sunseeker to you, then you will run away with Gu Jin Sunseeker and find someone to cry with."
"Third brother, don’t" Gu Jinxi closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Although she didn’t know much, it was always white. She kept shaking her head. Even if she ran, she couldn’t run away, so she had to involve others.
Turn a deaf ear to Gu Jin sunseeker Gu Qian is bad to ruthlessly stare at the woman in red "my sister, what are the benefits of you leading the way? Hum, do you really have to be with us? "
"Don’t you have any other choice?" The woman in red has a faint smile and is very complacent.
"choose? Hehe, we didn’t. Do you? " Gu Jinxi’s voice is very weak, almost ethereal, so almost ethereal, but it falls into the ears of the woman in red with a deep surprise and incomprehension. No one thought that Gu Jinxi dared to talk to the woman in red in such a situation and heard her faint smile. "Overdraft your life for a short life will only kill you. Hehe, you are so eager to find the treasure of Yuan Di. Is that the elixir of life?"
The woman in red smell speech immediately shook her head and stared at Gu Jin sunseeker’s eyes with a thick disbelief.
"unbridled!" In the late Qing Dynasty, I immediately took a sip. "Madam Gu Jinxi’s mouth is too cheap. Do you want Qing’s son to go …"
"no!" The woman in red’s eyelids drooped and the bottom of her eyes quickly crossed a line. It took a long time to look at Gu Qian. "It’s not impossible for my wife to give Gu Jinxi to you."
Gu Qili did not move in the same place, and even his expression did not change at all, because he knew that the woman in red had just refuted it so quickly that it was impossible to make a 360-degree change in her attitude. Otherwise, she would soon hear the light voice of the woman in red combined with the breeze, which was extremely subtle. "But just in case, I have to seal all the strength of Master Gu!"
"Don’t!" Gu Jin sunseeker suddenly felt his heart in his throat, his eyes wide open and he stared tightly at Gu Qian. "I will be fine if I can’t take risks."
Gu Qian nodded and looked at the woman in red, raised her hand and quickly settled several big holes in her chest, and then looked up at the woman in red. "Is that all right?"
"Go and see in the late Qing Dynasty!" How can a woman in red easily believe that Gu Qian made an expression of eyes towards the late Qing Dynasty? In the late Qing Dynasty, she immediately raised her hand knowingly and held Gu Qian’s arm to convey slowly, and then quickly withdrew and nodded at the woman in red. "Madam, no problem."
"hmm!" The woman in red nodded.
Gu Qian quickly held Gu Jinxi in his arms, and his eyes were full of love, especially when he saw Gu Jinxi’s limp arm, it hurt his heart. "Sister!" It’s so gently calling tears that I can’t help falling.
Who ever said that a man should not flick his tears because he has not reached the sad place?
"Third brother, why are you so stupid!" Gu Jinxi closed his eyes and took a deep breath and swallowed hard.
"All right!" The woman in red looked at the brother and sister and suddenly felt a little impatient. "Madam is not interested in seeing your brother and sister. Have you considered it?"
Qin Luan is already white and bloodless at the moment, but the emperor can’t even bear it. He quoted you as saying that you are still tightly sipping your disappearance and refusing to let go. How many generations of Qin’s royal family’s efforts are really going to be wasted? They managed to find two pieces of keys. Is this someone else’s wedding dress?
Yu Xia yun feng Lian
Xia Yunfeng doesn’t even have a mouth for Qin Luan. Naturally, he won’t open his mouth. Although his eyes are half narrowed, his throat is still hanging, but it’s because Gu Huai wants to come to Gu Huai after seeing Gu Qian’s appearance. It should be no big deal to think so. But there are Gu Jin sunseeker and Gu Qian, but the place where the people of Mount Danqing were put in the army was wiped out, but their Xia Liangren still had his thin lips slightly sipping the corners of his eyes, and Qin Luan’s eyes were hung with deep doubts. I’m not sure whether it was the red jurchen who was too powerful or the Qin Luan who
Thinking about half-narrowed eyes and scanning the place, some people have doubts about who that woman is. There are spies around Qin Luan who have access to those messages, which must be a confidant in the confidant.
"Come and bring people out!" The woman in red has limited patience. Looking at Qin Luan, she suddenly let out a light hum from her nose. All of a sudden, her heart hung in her throat, only to see that Qin Xiang was shivering with two white women, Qin Wei and Qin Ning.
The woman in red pinched Qin Xiangba backhand and forced him to look up. "Gee, Qin Luan, this is all about your own flesh and blood wife’s limited patience for a quarter of an hour. If you don’t agree with your wife, you will break him for a quarter of an hour. If you don’t agree with her, she will give him an arm! There are two princesses here. I don’t know if they can perform erotic sex in public … "
Laughing evil spirits rise far and far with the slight wind.
The ministers, ladies and daughters behind Qin Luan just narrowly escaped death and now they are in deep fear. This woman is really terrible.
Chen Guifei’s eyes are fixed on the bottom of the red woman’s eyes. I can’t believe it. "No, you don’t hurt Xianger. What do you want to do? Come at me!" Chen Guifei is still a little weak because of being drugged before, but her weak voice is particularly clear because everyone is very silent now.
"It’s really a good mother." The woman in red seems to be lost in thought at the bottom of Chen Guifei’s eyes. "Madam doesn’t have time to pester you and winks at the late Qing Dynasty."
In the late Qing Dynasty, I immediately pulled out a handle from my waist and grabbed Qin Xiang’s hand. He kept gesticulating at the root of his finger. "Qin Luan, you can think about it. After all, if this finger is really broken, you can’t take it back. My dagger is made of cold iron for thousands of years." I said that I pulled a hair from Qin Xiang’s head and blew it gently toward the dagger blade, and it suddenly broke and fell leisurely in the wind.
"… Father!" Rao is no matter how high Qin Xiang’s psychological quality is, he can’t stand it at the moment. His legs are trembling and his eyes look at Qin Luan with hope and prayer.
Seeing Qin Luan unmoved, he took a dagger to Qin Wei in the late Qing Dynasty. Qin Wei had long been scared and at a loss. At this moment, his eyes were tightly staring at the dagger, and his eyelids kept sliding left and right. "You said that if this piece of dough was ruined, gee!"
"Don’t kill me, don’t kill my father’s favorite is Qin Ning. Go find her, don’t find me, don’t find me!" Qin Weiyin hurried and trembled, and soon people around him smelled a very unpleasant smell.
"Ha ha ha!" The late Qing Dynasty was shocked at first, but soon burst out laughing and looked at Qin Wei. "The princess of the place was unexpectedly so promising." That Qin Wei was directly scared by the late Qing Dynasty.
Qin Ning grumpily hum a cold way from the nose "shame! What do you want to do? Come to the princess as soon as possible! " Rao is already a prisoner, but her princess pride is still straight. Even if the dagger in the late Qing Dynasty keeps pointing her face, her complexion has not changed at all. Even Ding Dianer’s fear has never been calm from beginning to end. Compared with Qin Wei and Qin Xiang, she simply doesn’t know how many times better.
"It seems that Qin Luan’s imperial princesses in your mind are not as important as Yuan Di’s treasure." The smile on the face of the woman in red deepened, and the words sound just fell and she suddenly heard a piercing scream.
When Chen Guifei saw it, she immediately pushed Mammy Wang to stumble towards Qin Xiang. "Xiang Er Xiang Er!"
"Empress Guifei, please go back. This sword doesn’t have long eyes." In the late Qing Dynasty, two white women made an expression of eyes, and they immediately pulled out their swords and crossed Chen Guifei’s head.
"No, no!" Chen Guifei is really scared at the moment. Looking at Qin Xiang’s tears flowing out of her eyes and wearing makeup, "I beg you to let Xiang Er go and kill me if you want."
Qin Xiang felt the terrible pain at the moment. He kept biting his teeth and staring at Qin Luan’s eyes not far away. I couldn’t believe it. I don’t know if it was Yuan Di treasure. Did he abandon himself?
"Gee, poor seven emperors." Looking at this in the late Qing Dynasty, Qin Xiang added fuel to the fire. "It seems that your father is really …"
"Madam wants the elixir of life in the treasure to be distributed to him by the kings of Xi Chu and Xia Liang." The woman in red looked at Qin Luan and finally couldn’t help taking a step back. Her face was not as good as before. As Gu Jinxi said, she was going to die, and she didn’t know how many days she had left, so that she could find Yuan Di treasure or summer and autumn. Of course, there were other ways besides Yuan Di treasure. It was too expensive. Her eyes were half squinting in the late Qing Dynasty. She wouldn’t choose that way if she could get Yuan Di treasure and get the elixir, then her life would naturally continue.
Qin Luan smell speech thin lips slightly sipped if the elixir really existed, how could Yuan Di die and if the guardian could get the treasure inside …
"The Lord can hand over the treasure key" before Qin Luan wants to know that Xia Yunfeng has spoken.