Madam Fengmingxuan raised her hand and waved her silk scarf in front of her door, smiling and shouting impatiently, "I know, I know! Shall I live to be a hundred years old? "

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"Madam, you must take care of yourself! Ruyan generation will never forget your kindness! There is a generation who wants to sit with your daughter! " ….. The farther the car goes, the smaller the sound is, and there are waves of breeze that will vaguely bring her into a trance and cry.
People on both sides of the street walked back to their respective courtyards while talking about it, and soon returned to the old days.
There’s a man still watching.
The car has gone. The madam in front of the shadow Fengmingxuan is still watching the expression from a distance. Mu Na’s eyes are straight and light, and he said to himself, "Go away … daughter, your life is clean and innocent. You must live a good life with Mr. Lu! Daughter, daughter, farewell to our good daughter. No one will ever know that you have a brothel and a dirty generation of mothers … "
While talking, madam’s legs went soft, and she knelt down, covered her face with her hands and burst into tears …
Eyes wide open, Yang Ye and Nan Rong are still sitting in the front and rear seats of the car and looking at each other, I feel that what happened just now seems unreal, but there is no doubt that both of them have a dull pain in their buttocks.
"Xiupo really kicks?" Nan Rong Huan looks unhappy.
"It’s good that you get used to it." Yang night smiled.
Nan Rong Magic looked out of the car and started the car while stepping on the accelerator to loosen the clutch and asked, "What? Go to Fengmingxuan? "
"No, no, I’ll go home before going to Fengmingxuan" Yang night shook his head.
"Go home? Which home? " South glory magic one leng.
"I have something important to do in my own home." Yang night pressed against the back of the seat. "After you send me back, go back to your home and wait for me to pick up Ruyan to go to your home to find you."
"What?" Nanrong illusion doubts
Yang night stretched himself. "Talk to your wife when I give you some time. How to say it is also a day of husband and wife."
Nanrong Magic listened with a little expression. Mu Na stopped talking and got up silently.
Yang night pointed to the south glory illusion, turned left and turned right for a long time, sent Yang night home and then drove away.
Yang Ye walked into the house and just entered the lobby when Lao Wang won.
"Where have you been, Mr. Lu? I can’t find you anywhere! " Lao Wang said hastily
"What’s the matter?" Yang night freely asked.
"No, no, your two printing and dyeing factories already have buyers." Lao Wang bowed his head with a smile and followed Yang Ye all the way to the lobby table and handed two chapters of paper. "The buyer has sent all the silver tickets, just your signature."
Talking to see Yang Ye took the silver ticket and Lao Wang put the paper on the desktop and handed Yang Ye a pen.
Yang signed Liu erhao’s name without looking at it at night.
"Mr. Lu, don’t you look at it and sign it again?" Lao Wang woke up
Yang Ye smiled and shook his head and said to Lao Wang, "Lao Wang, you go and get all the ocean, silver tickets and bank tickets at home."
Lao Wang leng a dare not ask more nodded and turned away.
A little while, Lao Wang came back quickly with a thick stack of tickets in his hand, and four little guys carried two red wooden boxes behind him and went to Yang night.
Lao Wang went to Yang Ye and put the stack of tickets on the table. He stepped back and said respectfully, "Mr. Lu is here."
"Box hit" Yang night raise my hand a finger.
Lao Wang’s menservants nodded with a smile, and the horse turned around and gave a look to the boys. Four boys quickly hit two boxes.
Oh! Glistening is a whole two boxes. Four little guys next to the ocean look straight in the eyes. Yang Ye is also stunned. Is this Liu Erhao not less corrupt? I have my own business, and the government is greedy for government money. This should be put in the present. A corrupt official like him is either shot or … fled abroad.
"Lao Wang helped me prepare a car and move a box." Yang Ye said lightly, then got up and picked up a pile of silver tickets on the table, glanced at the two boxes and said, "Leave a box of ocean and let all my servants and servants share everything equally."
Lao Wang froze for a few guys and opened his mouth wide. I couldn’t believe my ears and stared at the box full of oceans and swallowed a mouthful of water.
"Mr. Lu, this is …" Lao Wang stammered.
"Just do as I say." Yang night smiled at Lao Wang and said, "Lao Wang, you are quite honest. I asked you to do so many things. You didn’t want an ocean. How can you follow someone like me? I have a gambling stall and a smoking house. What’s so nice about me? "
Lao Wang was really dumbfounded and thought, is Mr. Lu schizophrenic? Or am I hallucinating from my own Alzheimer’s disease? How can this inexplicable situation occur?
"Don’t say that, Mr. Lu …" Lao Wang was afraid and bowed deeply.
Yang night stretched out his hand and patted Lao Wang’s shoulder. "To tell you the truth, Lao Wang’s horse here is going to be shuddering. I also want to leave for a while. You take good care of yourself." Without looking, I took out two pieces from a pile of silver and stuffed them into Lao Wang’s hand. "I don’t know how much it is. Just save some time and treat me as filial to your old man’s house."
Lao Wang looked at the silver ticket in his hand and cried at that time. He was not moved but scared and shivered to hand it back. "Mr. Lu! Mr. Lu! Are you going to kill me? "
"What are you talking about!" Yang Yexiao laughed and held out his arm and hugged an old king. "We have known each other for a long time. It’s fate. You deserve it. Take good care of yourself!"
"But this … this …" Lao Wang was a little convinced and cried and looked at Yang Ye and the silver ticket in his hand.
"Why? Too few? " Yang night smiled and pulled out a silver ticket into Lao Wang’s hand.