Eye Su Ling don’t want to know what is the reason why burn old insisted on unloading soldiers!

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In her heart, she knows that no matter what the third burn wants to do now, she will support it in the end!
The palace abyss is full of splendor and wealth. She is not rare at all!
Su Ling’s remarks were thrown to the ground, and Huang Yi’s eyes met with Su Ling’s eyes!
They haven’t spoken for a long time and the atmosphere is getting more and more serious!
On the spot, several people were worried that Huang Yi would really punish Su Ling, but his eyebrows suddenly opened and he slowly closed his eyes and sighed heavily. "Do you really want to go, third child?"
Su Ling was a little surprised to face the sudden change of attitude of Huang Yi!
And burn the old attitude is not changed should be a!
Side burn three-dimensional glass and Siyu couldn’t help looking at each other. This situation is not unexpected and confusing!
"Good that I must! But remember that if you step out of the palace today, you will have nothing to do with Qi Chu!
I won’t indulge a sovereign to eat the imperial salary! From now on, you can stand on your own feet! "
Burn yi tone than low that faint fatigue dyed brow quite some impatient to wave at them!
After all, Huang Yi left Wenyuan Pavilion without stopping and striding!
This scene Siyu sighed and looked at Huang Yin Chennai shaking his head and leaving with Huang Yi!
Things turned around a few times and Su Ling didn’t respond. Everything was settled!
None of the three men in Wenyuan Pavilion spoke, but their expressions were not much lucky!
On the other side, Siyu rushed and waved the dust to chase the figure of Huang Yi!
In the vast snow scene, Huang Yila walks slowly at the back door of Wenyuan Pavilion!
Huang Yi’s yellow figure is like a golden streamer in the snow, but his back looks very bleak!
"Did Si Yuzhen … do something wrong?"
Suddenly, Huang Yiding raised his eyes in the same place and looked at the blue sky, which was more bleak than desolate!
"Your majesty is eager to leave the palace. He never meant to collide!"
Smell burn yi faint smile "Siyu he is my son mind a few I can’t know!
I didn’t expect him to know about Su Guifei! I have deceived myself for so many years, and I feel guilty for Baosheng day by day because I don’t want to admit that my selfishness killed her!
How can the treasure of Fengjia be that broken! I’m over 50 years old, but I’m not stupid!
I am a person who has been circulating for a hundred years. How can I not be jealous?
Oh, that’s all! It may be best to keep him away from the palace! Old three is like a runaway wild horse, and now it is more and more difficult to control!
Qi and Chu built the dynasty, but the twentieth century can’t stand the baptism of the wind and waves! "
Burn yi lost tone let SiYu slightly twist eyebrow "positions don’t you worry that the dust king will mercenaries self-respect …"
Words don’t say that finish burn yi shook his head, "indeed! If old three didn’t unload troops this time, I might really doubt it!
But just now you saw that he was so eager to send troops! Siyu, that’s a soldier holding the forces of Qi and Chu, and he wants to pay it up!
I really didn’t think of it. Ling girl, he can really do this!