Therefore, the two prostitutes appealed to Yang Ye to negotiate with Yuan Shaoshao, so that Yuan Shaoshao could report the situation to President Yuan Da in detail. I hope that the government of the Republic of China can face up to the marginal industry of prostitutes, improve the welfare benefits of prostitutes, improve the rules and regulations of clients, inherit the fine system of the industry, abandon the inherent bad habits, and make progress and create greater glories!

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Yang Ye highly praised the courage of the two prostitutes to speak the truth, and expressed sincere admiration and cordial condolences for their hard work and dedication in the front-line positions of prostitutes for a long time. He promised to report the situation to Yuan Dasao truthfully, so that government workers could be closer to the people and prostitutes. He also hoped that the prostitutes would adhere to the principle of "everyone wants you and you give it to everyone" and push the transition from feudal society to democratic society and the construction of a new government to a new level!
Finally, Yang Ye took a group photo with two prostitutes and sent sincere wishes. After the meeting, the two prostitutes lamented that "Mr. Lu Erhao is really a good cadre of the Republic of China government!"
The building turned around, and Yang Ye accompanied Cui Hua back to Ruyan Room on the third floor. Yang Ye asked Cui Hua, "Cui Hua, you are a maid now. Are you going to receive guests like those sisters when you are older?"
This girl Cui Hua, who has been in a good mood for a long time, paused and then bowed her head and bit her lip and nodded slowly.
Yang night gently sighed and said "I know" without saying goodbye, turned and pushed the door into Ruyan’s room.
"Mr. Lu is back?" Ruyan really changed his clothes, which was not so grand, but it seemed refreshing. Many of his hair was still smooth, but it looked a little wet behind his head.
Yang night smiled and told Ruyan what he had just seen and heard.
"Right, Mr. Lu Ruyan said it’s right?" Talking like Yan Yan’s expression is sad and his voice is getting lighter and lighter, which makes Yang Ye feel uncomfortable in his heart. He recalls that when he just passed the second floor, he listened to the graceful moaning, and his feelings were all acting, and his blood and tears were all bitter.
This reminds Yang Ye suddenly of her original life. The prostitutes in the modern society have also increased or decreased, but they are all clamoring for being forced to endure, but there are really many good conditions to take this road voluntarily. No, don’t, because of this business, money is fast, rice is split in both legs, and money is changed in both legs, and all of them have changed their titles. Call miss public, call guest room, call shampoo girl, call massage girl, call art, call life, call body, call popular actress, call everything, but just don’t call prostitute.
Anyway, Yang Ye saw and heard that these prostitutes in the Republic of China had low income, low risk and large medical security measures, but most of them were very professional and perfect after-sales. In contrast, they experienced a lack of professionalism, professional ethics and humanistic spirit in modern society.
Alas, the gap between prostitutes in the same country and two eras is so big!
Ruyan’s eyes were already wet with sadness, and she looked up and saw Yang Ye stupidly, and quickly smiled at a small handleless wine cup and said, "Mr. Lu, don’t talk about this. Let’s drink."
Yang night picked up a small handleless wine cup in front of him and put it down. "If I were in that world, I would be rich!"! I will give every prostitute here a brothel! Everyone is a boss and a brothel accepts male prostitutes! "
RuYan leng a then laughed "lu what is your world? Besides, how can Mr. Lu have no money when he is a friend of Yuan Shao and President Yuan Da? "
Yang night thought it was right! When he first came to this period of history, didn’t he wake up and see his own home? Quite a luxurious house. This Liu Erhao must be very rich!
Yang Ye was so happy at the thought that she reached out and grabbed Ruyan’s desk and held a small handleless wine cup. She said excitedly, "Ruyan, I think … I’m going to give you a lot of money. You can leave here and find an idle person with excellent environment to live in a new place!"
Ruyan was pulled by Yang night and nervous. But when I heard these words, I froze and looked at Yang night. Slowly, my face turned red, my lips trembled, and my eyes got wet again. Tears dripped down my cheeks without hesitation and hung down the small bar.
"Mr. Lu, are you … are you going to … redeem me?"
"Be redeemed? It’s not as good as talking about it. You’re not … You’re still an innocent woman! " Yang Ye smiled. "I want to give you a new life opportunity. This fireworks alley is not a permanent place after all, and it will be a war for years in the near future!"
Yang night is really a little distressed by the life of this innocent girl like Yan Yan in front of her. It is already very difficult to live in this erosive land, but it can be kept so simple and so easy to touch the bottom of my heart. Which man will not be distressed or dislike it?
Ruyan cried and his hand slowly loosened, holding a small handleless wine cup. In turn, he gently held Yang Ye’s two fingers and smiled gratefully, but shook his head. "I appreciate your kindness, Mr. Lu, but I can’t keep my mom here. I can’t bear to leave them here."
"You can take them with you!" Yang night nasty said 1
Ruyan still smiled and shook his head slowly with tears and looked at Yang Ye for a long time before he said slowly, "Mr. Lu, to tell you the truth, Ruyan has already been stared at by several big ladies. It’s also a consolation to say that those rich and powerful people often send people to see me. I know that sooner or later, those people will want Ruyan’s body. If I don’t obey her mother, I will have a name and worry about my childhood life. This fireworks alley must regard this innocent body as a kind of fate."
Yang night wait for a while listened to these words and actually felt Ruyan holding his finger and pulling his hand away slowly. Then Ruyan got up slowly in front of him, his face was full of tears, but his hands were flushed, and he gently lifted up and reached his left armpit, one by one, unbuttoning his thin coat!
"You …" Yang night watching what happened at a loss.
Ruyan said softly while unbuttoning her buttons, "Thank you very much, Mr. Lu Ruyan."
But if Ruyan disappears so suddenly, those potential things will even be traced back to Mr. Lu, which will cause you too much trouble. Ruyan can’t do that. "Talking, the buttons are unbuttoned one by one, and a small piece of white chest has been revealed. Ruyan calmly looked at Yang Ye and said softly," Mr. Lu, do you want Ruyan tonight? "
"What … what?" Yang Ye couldn’t believe that he heard him meet RuYan only a few hours ago. How did it get to this level? RuYan … What do you want?
"Mr. Lu, don’t be surprised. Ruyan is sincere." Ruyan continued to unbutton her clothes and smiled and shed tears, but she still didn’t stop. "I want to give you Ruyan, and I don’t want to wait to destroy this 19-year innocence into the hands of a powerful devil wears prada."
Yang night stuffy heart said that this is not talking at mulberry trees, right?