"Good as? What do you think of this mountain village man? " Zhou Yunsheng is so tall that he can dominate life and death. Looking at him, his eyes will become warped, as if he had succeeded to the throne.

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"Ha, ha, ha" At this time, Zhang Tao burst out laughing regardless of Zhao Long’s obstruction. Everyone around him felt puzzled. Was this little guy scared silly? You know, from three is a big official, Rao is the Lord of Tianyue City, and it’s just two.
And the carriage that was about to leave Shiyun stopped. After the gauze, a pair of beautiful eyes were full of doubts. He didn’t understand this seemingly extraordinary man laughing?
"What are you laughing at? Shut up! " Zhou Yunsheng was a little angry. He felt that Wang seemed to laugh at him.
And in the distance, a kind-hearted old man looks straight. Kanshu, looking at this place, he looks like a sage like type and has no sense of old age. It seems that he will soar at any time to pursue the vast middle way!
A woman curled up behind the old man, and then this woman’s pretty face was exquisite like an ink light blue skirt with the wind, and Echo Yang’s green belt gently tied the weeping willow waist firmly and proudly like a swan with a fair neck and a cicada’s head leaping and a little cinnabar red lips. Now it’s like a galaxy star Rao and Liu Huiqin want a kiss, and the light blue gem rings off the earlobe, which further highlights this woman’s extraordinary temperament. 3,000 moss naturally falls on her, but it’s like an eternal statue that is indelible.
"What am I laughing at? I laugh at your arrogance. "Zhang Tao is fearless.
"What did you say?" Zhou yun was born in the second generation, and no one dared to talk to him like this. I didn’t expect a pariah to commit his handsome face today, but suddenly I found that the beauty was sideways to maintain her demeanor and forced her anger to be suppressed
"Do you know what consequences this sentence will bring to yourself and your family?" The yoshimitsu in Zhou Yunsheng’s eyes flashed. If it were another occasion, he would have been killed by a disorderly stick. If he didn’t make an example, it would be difficult to calm his anger.
"Do you know who you are talking to?" Zhang Tao is eyes narrowed asks.
"eh? You? But just ordinary people "Zhou Yunsheng.
Zhang Taoxiao smiled very heartily. "It’s true that I am a common people and your father is an official, but you talk to me in this way. Not only that, but you also openly say that the common people are low? Yes or no? "
In the face of Zhang Tao, Zhou Yunsheng has some reactions. After all, he is not a fool to make public anger. You should think twice before you forgive him. His father is a salt transporter, which is feared by the people and difficult to protect Zhou.
"Hum, I didn’t say that the lowliness of the people is my father’s official. It is a big disrespect for the people to insult my father and insult me." Zhou Yunsheng turned black and white. Zhang Tao never said his father, but he also had to admit that Zhou Yunsheng was still somewhat quick-witted.
"Ha ha ha insult? Disrespect? I’m a commoner, but your father is a court official. As the saying goes, officials and people are the masters of the country, and officials are more important than people. Your father is a commoner, and your father is loyal to the emperor, but you say that I am not qualified to talk to you? Are you an official? Even your father can’t do this to the people face to face! Besides, I’m not disrespectful to your father. I’m just saying a comment from the people on the matter. It depends on whether an official is good or not, so I have to ask the people. Now you tell me to shut up? Do you want to block the sky? Is your father going to force the people to revolt? Can your father afford such a crime? Can you afford it yourself? " Zhang Tao’s words were so passionate that Zhou Yunsheng turned red and inarticulate that he could watch Zhang Tao’s witty remarks, but he couldn’t put in any words.
"Hum, even if it goes to the emperor today, I’m completely fearless. I’m just a patriotic people. Can’t I speak truthfully in today’s world? Don’t people deserve to talk to officials? " Zhang Tao at this time a face of vital qi momentum has completely overwhelmed Zhou Yunsheng Zhou Yunsheng body trembling at this time, pointing to Zhang Tao is unable to spit out a word.
"Girl, like this?" The old man looked at Zhang Tao cheerfully in the distance.
And the female lips behind him spit lightly, "eloquent wit is extraordinary, but it is difficult to judge whether it is Xiao Cong or great wisdom."
"Then it’s better to observe carefully after a while." The old man turned away with a smile.
And this woman stared at Zhang Tao for half a ring and then turned away. Xiang Feng still disappeared and had to make people feel disappointed.
"You, you" zhou yun can’t find a way to speak. I didn’t expect this Wang to pull him and his father to such a height in three or two sentences. If you are not careful, it will be ruined. You know, although things are small here, it is not a trivial matter to him who has ulterior motives
And see the crowd around the passionate was obviously Zhang Tao words mobilized emotions, if Zhou Yunsheng again daring at this time is bound to face the people attack such a result is not he can bear.
Just now, however, the poem was beautiful, but I didn’t know that a mountain village child had such eloquence. The fact that the other party was speechless in three or two sentences may not necessarily be due to his noble status and bad words on weekdays. At this time, I am quite happy to see him pound-foolish.
"I said? Are you responsible for delaying all of us now because of you? And you also delayed the enrollment ceremony of Haoran University. Is it your responsibility again? " Zhang Tao is not giving zhou yun any breathing space. He not only incites public anger with weapons from the people of the day, but also pulls in the noble institution of higher learning. This week, Yun-sheng’s face has completely changed.
"Good have something to tell me your name" Zhou Yunsheng knows that he is not the other opponent. If he continues to argue, it is just a humiliation. I didn’t expect that it was a big mistake to make himself a target today because of pleasing beauty. But Zhou Yunsheng never dreamed that a mere Wang had such courage and argued that he finally became the object of public anger. It’s really unlucky that Zhou Yunsheng scolded Zhang Tao all over his head. In his heart, he had already chopped Zhang Tao to pieces.
Zhou Yunsheng’s question also made Shiyun in the carriage curious about the name of this man. Zhang Tao!’ In fact, Zhang Tao didn’t put Zhou Yunsheng in the eye. Even if his status is not low, it’s just a bug with a wan ku habit. Zhang Taogen won’t be able to resist the enemy, even in the face of revenge. Can you lose the title of your master?
"This weekday is approachable and kind-hearted, which can be described as sweeping the floor and hurting the ants’ lives and cherishing the moth gauze lamp, but in the face of personality insult, it will definitely become a man-eating tiger and fight back desperately. This is pride!" Nine days and a little distance, you can see everything here.
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Chapter 7 Three Tests
"Very good! Zhang Taogong remembers you. "It’s no use staying at this time. Today’s tide is gone. Zhou Yunsheng knows that continuing to pester you is just humiliating. It’s better to plan it later.
Zhang Tao sneered and didn’t speak at the same time, but the people around him cheered. Some people are willing to speak for everyone as early birds. Are you unhappy?