"Something is wrong. This is" Zhang Tao finally found out the problem at this time. Although her body is magical, Zhang Tao thinks that Wang Cai is the best choice for practicing this achievement method. It is more important than Zhang Tao to give her Sunday’s creation work, which means that it is always not important to have life.

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But soon, the problem appeared. Although the Qi running along the odd meridians brought Wang Ti a new vitality, the aura of heaven and earth poured in to renovate and repair Wang’s body, but on the other side, it was like a leaking balloon that let the aura flow out of the body, as if it were not in debt.
And the root of this loophole comes from her yin pulse! But Zhang Tao can be sure that this is not a cold pulse, but another pulse that I don’t know why.
Because this unique pulse unconsciously exudes Wang’s energy and vitality, Wang will be so sick and haggard. At this time, although Reiki is a passer-by, it has also made Wang’s body slightly improved. Although it is constantly leaking, it will not leak out in an instant, which means that Reiki can always stay in her body for a while, which is definitely good for Wang.
Take back the true qi. There is a glimmer of hope in Zhang Tao’s eyes. Although this can cure the symptoms, it can slowly improve the Wang system, which can make her later life happier and make her much better. She should be able to help her get into the true qi on time. She should be able to enjoy life slowly like ordinary people.
"Mr Zhang? What the hell is going on here? Have you cured me of my illness? How did you do it? " Wang gently stroked his face temperature with his own hands! Heat! I didn’t feel wrong, my hands actually became warm, and I could feel my body burning like a flame, and a steady stream of energy poured into me.
"Thank you, Mr. Zhang. Thank you? I can I can jump. "Wang excitedly took Zhang Tao’s hand and jumped for two times before he found that his body seemed to be completely transformed for a moment. He was about to express his excitement again. Wang suddenly felt dizzy.
Zhang Tao will quickly hold the king, although his body has improved a lot, but the root of the fact has not been cured. If he is so consumed, he will soon return to his original state. However, it is no longer a problem to go outside and enjoy the spring breeze and look at the picturesque scenery, recite poems, sketch a few pictures with pen music or play a few piano pieces with both hands. She dreamed that everything could be done before.
"Miss Wang, don’t be too radical and pleasant to listen to me." Zhang Tao didn’t stop her from being happy. This may be the first time she has been so excited for more than ten years. Zhang Tao can’t bear to stop it.
Just dizziness seems to calm her down. "The truth is that you will go back to the past, but don’t be sad to ask me to input the true qi one day, so you can always keep this physical condition. You also need to drink bitter medicine every day in the future, and you don’t need to be afraid of the cold and hide at home. You can go out like others, but I wake up the girl and say, if I am not around, it will be dangerous if the true qi dissipates." Although I can’t bear it, it is necessary for Zhang Tao to tell the truth to Wang Bureau, who is such a woman as cheating?
Took a deep breath, Wang gradually calmed down, then got up and made a ceremony. Zhang Tao didn’t evade peace of mind and received a ceremony. "Mr. Dade’s daughter is unforgettable!"
"Don’t be so, Miss Wang. Your sister and I are also friends, and I am willing to help you because you and I are quite speculative. For example, you and I both like it very much. Is it not a bosom friend? How can I Zhang Tao stand by and watch? "Zhang Tao said with a smile.
"Sir, since it is said that the county is a bosom friend, it is not necessary to bother to call the county directly in the future." Wang Weiwei said softly.
Zhang Tao one leng ding dong two in the heart and then laughed and said, "so don’t add me, sir. I’m not old yet? First name, right? "
After this time, the two people seem to become more familiar and intimate, and Zhang Tao has not hidden it. While she is in a good mood today, she will directly give the music of the mountains and rivers.
"This is the mountains and rivers? Zhang Tao, where did you get this? Self-created? " The king a face of joy looking at music flashing eyes.
(Don’t send flowers to your girlfriend, haha, wait for Yuehua next month to thank humbly.)
Chapter 144 My bosom friend
Chapter 144 My bosom friend
Wang’s question was answered by Zhang Taofa, who gave it to him in nine days, but Zhang Tao now knows that this is not a master’s own creation, and I am afraid it comes from his world.
"My master gave this to me. If you really like playing the piano, I will give you many beautiful songs that you have never heard before." After thinking about it, only this answer is the most correct.
"really! Thank you, "Wang jumped for joy.
Zhang Tao spit out one mouthful polluted air "let’s go? Let’s go to the sound booth. I also want to hear you play high mountains and flowing water. "
"good!" Knocking on the door, a gust of wind blew in, and it was no longer like shaving with a knife, and I didn’t feel like coughing at once. Instead, I was very awake and took a deep breath. At this time, Wang felt extremely happy and had been suffering for more than ten years. This moment was gone with the wind
"# # # How did you get out?" At this time, when the two handmaids saw Zhang Tao coming out with the king, they were suddenly surprised, and then they complained that if Zhang Tao was caught cold by the king, then if Wang Hongju was asked, they would naturally be scolded and would not have a good look at Zhang Tao.
"Xiaocui Xiaohong, you can’t be polite to Mr. Zhang. Don’t you think I’m okay?" Wang Xin turned a circle, which she could never do before, but now it seems to be more normal than "you feel one". Wang was forced to put his hand in their palms and let them feel the temperature of their palms.
It is true that the former king looked pale, but now the king is not as sick as before, and his hand temperature is normal, and he is no longer as cold as the dead.
They couldn’t believe that they saw everything. When they looked into Zhang Tao’s eyes, they were full of worship. "Xiaocui Xiaohong and I went to the lake to play the piano. Now I’m fine. You can rest assured that my husband takes care of me."
"But sir"
"Now I am # # # You don’t even listen to me? Don’t worry, I’ll be fine, "Wang pleaded." I’ve been followed by them all the time. I’m not awake. I’m not a normal person. I’m a patient. This repression can finally be relieved.
"Two rest assured that your home # # # will never have something to believe your feelings and eyes" Zhang Tao responded.
Indeed! It’s a miracle that this kind of feeling has never been seen before. They have to believe the truth. Although they don’t have special feelings with Wang, they are also very happy to see Wang Keke.
Seeing that they promised Wang, they were also happy to grab their hands and jump twice, but their breathing became a little light. "Don’t make such a big move," Zhang Tao said consciously
However, the word "county son" made the two girls and a side guard stunned. This is a very intimate call to the fact that Wang really admires Zhang Tao’s theory. Is it Zhang Tao’s competition between Yuemei and Song literature or that Yuemei destroyed Yu’s family? She seems to be a rare good man.
However, the word "county son" is really called by people except their parents. This feeling also has a different meaning. Wang’s face turned red and he agreed, and then he quickly walked towards the bamboo raft. Zhang Tao felt different but didn’t think much.
Sliding the bamboo raft to the island, Wang said nothing, and two people were alone. She didn’t feel anything wrong, but she felt her heart beat faster and her cheeks burned in front of others. Wang didn’t even know what it was.
There is fruit tea here when I came to Xunyin Pavilion, but this time because Zhang Tao came here, Wang specially brought some delicious side dishes and a pot of sake.
"County son has always wanted you to pour a pot of wine to repay you! Now I finally have a chance, but your kindness to the county is even more. "Wang’s earlobes are slightly red, and the earrings are glittering and translucent, and the reddish earlobes are so beautiful. Zhang Tao even has an impulse to hold her in his arms. I have to say that Wang is really beautiful! Took a deep breath. Zhang Tao threw evil thoughts in his heart, but he felt more confused.
Since Yuemei fell into a dream, Zhang Tao’s theory is that there is no feeling about Sun Yueqing’s poetic cloud or poisonous cloud. How excellent they are, it is difficult for them to have even a little ripple in their hearts, but this king is different. When they first see it, their hearts vibrate.
Now, with the moonlight sleeping, Zhang Taoyuan should have sealed his heart, but this is not the case. It seems that Wang can knock on the ice in his heart without blowing off dust.
It’s like letting yourself see the moon eyebrow again! Zhang Tao, do you remember the throbbing when I first saw the moon eyebrow? More than Zhang Tao, I wonder if I have some playboys? But see the moon eyebrow ice coffin moment that kind of missing is nothing less this moment Zhang Tao some confusion.
"Zhang Tao? Are you okay? " At this time, Zhang Tao was awakened from meditation and introduced the idea that Wang was worried about the delicate face. "Nothing, you try it and you know the complete score." Zhang Tao forced a smile.
Wang gave a charming smile, then sat down on the stone bench and brushed his hands gently over the xylophone. It can be seen that this piano is good, but it is not an ancient piano, but it is a master to change decay and magic, so the xylophone can play a charming and touching sound, and it is a master of a generation.
Dong Qin sounded like a real spring, and the feeling of avoiding the secular mountains and mountains reappeared in front of me to tell the truth! Zhang Tao’s performance in Zhuangyuan Square on that day was really earth-shattering, but it was by no means a complete display of mountains and rivers. Although it could immerse everyone in their beautiful imagination, it did not bring the essence of this song into play.
At present, Wang Xin’s soul-moving song actually blends his feeling of seeking a confidant into the sound of the piano, and it is hard to find a confidant in the mountains. It is like finding a confidant to bring this song to the extreme.
"good! County, I found that this song was really created by you. Without you, this high mountain and flowing water would really be beautiful and vulgar, and we defiled it, "Zhang Tao said sincerely."
Wang hands back blushing "Zhang Tao, you flatter me too much" Even so, the joy in her eyes is obvious, and she is also very happy in her own heart. There is always no feeling of being humbled like a broken string in her heart, but now the track is finally perfect, and it sounds like flowing water, flowing smoothly and melodiously, and at one time it is actually integrated into her heart and feels like playing a realm that is difficult to play.