Smile because love is too tired and cry because memories are too beautiful.

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This is how many men and women who love each other but don’t know how to cherish the tears of separation, combination and division.
No one turned back. Once, they all trusted each other. The most precious position was a man and a woman. Just silently, this street, which witnessed the separation and separation of men and women, walked in the opposite direction, drifting away and farther away until it disappeared at two ends of this road.
I can walk this way but I can’t walk that pain.
After leaving Zheng Ancheng, Chang Ziteng took Yu Xueer to fly. Both of them didn’t talk. They flew for a day and a night. The next day, there was the most beautiful sunset. In the evening, Zi Teng and Yu Xueer often came to a valley.
The valley is full of mountains and plains, full of colorful flowers, colorful sunset, and its brilliance embellishes this quiet valley, giving this place a refreshing and mysterious color.
Chang Ziteng has been holding Michelle’s hand tightly and stepping forward. In this flower-like sea, Michelle saw a grave that was out of place and out of place.
Chang Ziteng finally let go of Euschel’s hand and carefully selected a few tulips from the flowers. This is a victory flower symbolizing sacred happiness. He gently placed the flowers in front of the tombstone and looked at Euschel. "This is the girl I once loved most. If she is still alive, she should be as old as you."
"What’s wrong with her?" Euchel asked, "How did you die?"
Chang Ziteng’s look gradually became more and more melancholy, and he seemed to be trapped in a miserable memory. Then he slowly sat down and took out an altar of wine and drank a mouthful of "I killed" against the sunset.
"Ah?" Euchel exclaimed that this answer really surprised her.
"I met her when I was ten years old. At that time, she was fifteen years old. We practiced and played together. When she was nineteen, we fell in love. But all this was just arranged, including her being arranged by her family. I was surrounded by my body. She betrayed me and almost died, but I knew that she was also in love. When we met again, I killed her myself. She was only twenty-one years old when she died."
After that, Brother Melancholy’s eyes were wet, and he took a swig of wine, and the water stains on his face could not tell whether it was wine or tears.
"I always thought that this would make my heart ache forever, but now it seems to fade away. I can never let go of myself. She can never love others again, but it’s a terrible thing. No matter how profound and unforgettable it is, it can’t match the years."
Melancholy brother Chang Ziteng kept a close eye on You Xueer and continued, "Some things are really over when some people have passed. Even if you cling to that love in your heart, it’s futile. Let me help you eliminate that unforgettable one in your heart, but don’t forget the pain and emotion."
You Xueer is a smart woman. She naturally knows that Chang Ziteng is confessing to herself, but she is really not in the mood to talk about it now. She smiled and said, "Brother Chang is very grateful to you for taking care of me this year. This year, when I was happy, I was wronged, or when I recalled those past events, it was you and me who accompanied me to reduce some pain. Sometimes I was really touched and really wanted to find a broad and warm embrace to rely on, but I couldn’t let him be so cruel to you."
"I don’t care. I can wait until the day you let him go, and then we will get married." Chang Ziteng’s face disappeared with a firm look and a melancholy look. Instead, it was a kind of unswerving sincerity and a kind of true feelings.
Feelings are sometimes so inexplicable that they grew up together from childhood, but they don’t have feelings of love in their hearts. They are all too familiar with each other, while some people can get to know each other and love each other for a few days.
Perhaps we can also explain everything that looks funny but warm by a word’ fate’ that seems to be true without any basis and signs, but it seems that two people will never be able to get together, so that when we meet, it will be like killing our father and fighting to the death.
"Promise me to let him give me another chance and give myself another chance. I can’t live alone in this world. Please believe me and believe in love." Chang Ziteng’s look is no longer static and melancholy. At this moment, he is excited and sincere, like a child.
Euchel chuckled and looked at the sunset that slipped quietly down the mountain in the distance, and looked at the setting sun. No matter how beautiful the sunset is, it will eventually disappear. Although it left a bright afterglow, it will eventually be swallowed up by darkness.
The emotional experience of life is not so unforgettable, and the vigorous love, even though it makes people feel poor after thousands of times, will eventually turn into a deep sorrow.
Then I gradually found that these pains will make you feel sad when you think about it for a generation, and the heartbroken pain will slowly disappear with the passage of time, so that you will smile faintly when you recall it for several years, and then say to the person who protects you, "If there is no that person, maybe we will not be together until we are old. We really want to remember with gratitude."
Take back your sight. Euchel’s face blooms again with a bright smile. This smile is no longer a disguise, and it is no longer bitter and desolate. "You wait for me, and I will really let him go, and he will never cry again."
At this moment, two people are facing the sunset, a young man and a woman in the ocean. Their laughter eclipses the setting sun on the other side of the sky.
The most beautiful smile doesn’t depend on how beautiful you are, but with happiness and a free and easy smile.
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Chapter six hundred and sixty-two My love, you want to be happy
Day after day, year after year, Chang Ziteng has been guarding Eucher and never leaving him. He doesn’t care if there is anyone else in Eucher’s heart. He knows that he has been deeply broken by this girl who seems stubborn, strong and fragile, and who is not affectionate with things. He can put aside all his stubbornness and be desperate to accompany this girl. He doesn’t want this girl to have him in her heart. It will be enough to update the fastest.
This day is like the valley with sunset and flowers. Chang Ziteng and You Xueer are sitting by the sea. They look at the cheerful seagulls flying freely in the boundless sea and watch the stormy waves.
Chang Ziteng turned to look at Michelle’s beautiful and touching mouth smile, which made her look like a fairy in the forest. He said lightly, "Four years."
"Yes, it’s been four years soon." Youcher took a look back at Chang Ziteng, and soon her sight quickly returned to the horizon, and the sea seemed to be thinking about something.
"How long do you want me to wait?" Chang Ziteng finally asked out his four-year expectation.
Just like a cruel killer can kill or hate, or love, or grief, four years seems to be insufficient to dilute the obsession and concern in her heart, and it will make her cry every night.
Euchel’s eyes froze like the sea flying freely. When seagulls were suddenly caught in the waves, she was at a loss. Her heart struggled violently, but it was in vain that she couldn’t let go of some emotions. He already had her life, and I should have my own world, right?
Hesitated for a moment, she suddenly got up, and her face finally bloomed without any disguise, like when Feiyun Gate was flying. The sunshine sprinkled on her face, which made people fascinated. Yan Haifeng gently lifted her hair. At this moment, her charming smile and amorous feelings made her like a fairy who fell into the dust and a fairy who could make people love and hate her teeth. The fairy beauty in the wind was fascinating.
"I don’t know if I can let him go, but I will try my best to love you." You Xueer did not shy away from Chang Ziteng’s gentle judo with sincere and expectant eyes without melancholy. "Chang Dage, thank you, thank you for never leaving, thank you for persisting."
Chang Ziteng’s face suddenly showed excitement and joy. "So you promised me?"