Sammul He also nodded his head and frowned slightly. "Look at this position. What happened from his room?"

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"ah! Look! Sister Sammul He, take a fancy to it! Look, I’m not dazzled! " Sweet Ni suddenly exclaimed and seemed to see something incredible.
"How is that possible! So Fei Ying is Brady? !”
For a moment, Sammul He, Brittany and everyone were shocked!
At this time, a figure suddenly flew out of the white light, and he was holding a silver-white pan and emitting a silver-white light, flying towards the courtyard like a god.
This man is Brady!
He flies! He really flew over!
(It’s Monday! Whether the first place in the new list can be kept depends on everyone. Rest has also broken out and given strength. I sincerely ask everyone to give strength! Continue to be brilliant and seek everything else! Vip is not awesome. Section 67 Brady shows off
Everyone opened their mouths wide and everything in front of them was incredible. Brady was flying like an angel with a pan in his hand.
"It’s Master Brady. It’s Master Brady."
"I’m not dazzled, am I? Master Brady actually flies! He really flies! "
"Flying man is what person? Flying (non-) people? How can this happen? Is the mainland going to destroy the world? "
The whole hospital is stunned by whether it is light or film.
"Yo, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho!" Brady suddenly said, "The moment of hero arrival has come. Humble people, look up and witness this impressive scene. Your greatest master Brady will save you from dire straits."
"Sister, don’t be afraid of eldest brother coming. Grandpa, don’t be surprised that grandson Brady is coming. I will smash the pan in my hand and provoke our Taishi family face! I am the great master Brady, the great god of food in mainland China! "
Brady’s voice is still floating, and people have already arrived at the courtyard in a flash, only to find that he can fly because the white light of his pan is actually emitted by the pan.
"Get me your pig’s trotters!"
After drinking a lot, Brady finally got a moving pan. He walked around in his hand and patted Andrew in the face!
For a moment, everyone’s mouth opened wider as if they had seen the most incredible thing in the world. Brady surprised them so much that they could swallow an apple with one mouth!
"Did you see that the pot in the gentleman’s hand is getting longer!"
It’s Brady’s pan handle that stretches like a rubber, and the white light flashes like a falling meteor.
A crisp pan accurately hit Andrew in the face and knocked his body upside down. Blood gushed wildly, and his whole face was marked with a bright red pot bottom mark.
He splashed a layer of soot with a heavy fall! I want to get up, but I spit out one mouthful blood again. I fell motionless and looked depressed!
Strike Andrew seriously! Five Dieter’s shadow returned, and his body recovered slowly.
The scene was stunned.
Tian Ni said in amazement, "Sister Sammul He, is this really my brother?"
Bran shook his head and nodded again, wondering what he meant, whether it was true or not.
Only Sammul He Bai, perhaps all this is due to Brady’s hand that Taishi ancestor pan is really unusual! Brady must have got the approval of this pot, just like Zijing in the hands of Purple Pupil. It’s a great treasure. It’s a treasure obtained by Taishi ancestors. It’s so unusual that it should be a pan.
"Whether he is your brother or not, your grandfather’s crisis has been temporarily lifted, and you see that the black boundary has also been smashed by the pan." He smiled.
"Really enchantment was smashed by the pot! Second sister, second sister, hurry to save grandpa! " Tianni roar loud
Bran just reacted, "Let’s protect the Taishi family, raise your swords and regain our glory!"
"kill! Kill these dogs, daylight hunters! My wife was insulted to death by them! "
"If you kill me, you have to skin them. My brother was taken away by them."
Taishi family guards rushed with red eyes.
"Lord Andrew!" The remaining hunters were equally angry when they saw that Andrew was seriously injured by a blow. "We are going to devour your shadows!"
Yelling at this group of light hunters, the shadows around them seem to become more and more rich and the momentum keeps increasing.
Sammul He’s brow wrinkled slightly, and he played against the light hunters many times. But in such a strange scene, he really hasn’t seen the remaining dozens of light hunters burning black flames like the devil.
"Be careful of their spontaneous combustion!" Brent know seems to be more than Sammul He first exclaimed exports.
"Spontaneous combustion?" Sammul He wondered.