Soon, the attack route was determined, and more than 200,000 Tang Jun prepared a large number of ships to cross the Japanese sea from Mao Kou near Anshi City to the southeast to reach the north coast of the central part of the Japanese state, and then they could land in Deng and Kaga. Directly to Nara, the capital of Japan!

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Two days later, when the ship was ready, the soldiers searched for and rebuilt large warships, such as Wuya, Huanglong, Pingcheng and Pinghang, and there were more than 200 ships, and there were five or six coconuts tied with sugar plugs. The whole ship was not riveted, but the stems of the Kunlun ships were linked together. The whole board structure was hundreds of kilometers long and divided into three sections at most.
When I saw such a spectacular fleet, such a huge but exquisite ship, Yang night was a little surprised. First, he really didn’t witness such a huge fleet. Even when they were in the Yang family, they just occasionally played yachts or private steering wheels with Yang Xu Yang Shan and others. Second, seeing the five or six Kunlun ships made Yang night sigh that the ancestors of the Tang Dynasty were really clever! This is not a ship, it can be exhibited as art!
After consulting with Yang Ye, Li Ze sent a small group of people to escort Furong, who was already half dead, back to Chang ‘an to send Tang Xuanzong to listen to the opinions, while this side was a bunch of Datang soldiers.
I’m ready to make a direct attack on Japan, and I’ll give Tang Xuanzong an accident: "A dead woman loves to die!"!
To make a long story short, the soldiers of the third Japanese army set out in full gear, and hundreds of warships formed a huge fleet to go straight to the Japanese waters.
The first place to travel to Kunlun is Li Ze, Yang Ye, the scorching sun, Lan Yao chop, Nan Rong Huan, and I can’t help but come to Baobao Long together with more than 200 adjutant soldiers and some attendants.
It didn’t take long for Baobao Long to show its importance. After secretly consulting with Yang Ye and Nan Rong Huan, Baobao Long exerted her Eldar ability, summoned the dead large fish carcasses that had sunk to the bottom of the sea, secretly sneaked into the sea, and pushed hundreds of ships into the island country of Japan to sail to the north coast of central Japan.
Although many soldiers of hundreds of warships were greatly surprised at how ordinary wooden ships could sail out at such a speed, they didn’t know that there were several super-large fish Prometheans at the bottom of the ship.
Don’t say all the soldiers even Li Zeren Yang Ye, Nan Rong Huan and others are in the same boat, and they are also confused.
This is how human beings classify unexplained phenomena into supernatural phenomena or what remains to be explored and studied by scientists in the modern world, while those unexplained things in ancient times will naturally be said to be supernatural.
It is natural that this kind of ship is traveling at an abnormal speed, and it is gradually understood by many soldiers that General Zhenyuan has used magic and spells to make Yang Night’s prestige among more than 200,000 Datang soldiers increase day by day.
A few days later, the huge fleet has arrived at the northern coast of central Japan, and the Japanese nation was shocked. Hundreds of Datang warships and hundreds of thousands of Datang soldiers appeared in front of them like magic soldiers. It is absolutely impossible to travel from Datang territory to the Japanese archipelago in such a short time!
Panicked, the Japanese coastal troops quickly got the news to the Japanese court in Nara, the capital, and quickly understood that the troops they sent to attack the city of Datang An with the gods (that is, Long Xiao) had been wiped out.
So Nengden, Kaga and other coastal areas in Japan quickly set up a defense line and set up artillery from the Tang Dynasty to bombard the Tang Dynasty fleet.
Then Li Ze was one of the horizons. Lan Yao cut and listened to Yang Ye’s arrangement. The ship’s rail used that trick to deal with Jia Lan’s repair. "Dark clouds break" instantly aroused the waves and those artillery shells were stopped by the waves and fell into the sea.
Tang Dynasty soldiers shouted loudly at their respective shipyards that Li Ze had been blindsided. Although Yang Ye had previously told him that this wife named Jinliandi also had some kung fu, how dare Li Ze imagine that it would be like this? Is this still a little kung fu? This is a little …?
Tang Jun side fleet nature also have artillery joke! Gunpowder is all from our ancestors! So hundreds of warships and more than a thousand guns stormed to Kaga frontier defense exhibition at the same time, but there was no such ability as Lan Yao to cut people out of the way and protect nature from fried chicken and dogs.
The Datang fleet sailed to the shore easily, and more than 200,000 Datang soldiers also easily landed and held their spears high to kill the enemy.
Before landing, Yang Ye had already given the order, or the same sentence, "None of the Japanese dogs and thieves will be left behind!"
The number of officers and men who came to guard Kaga’s Japan is not large, so it is natural to be killed and scared by two groups of Datang soldiers. It is not to resist or not to resist!
Nengden and Kaga are both coastal towns. Tang Junbing easily attacked the city and plundered the pool in two ways, and took the two towns and guarded Nengden and Kaga. The Japanese officers and men did not dare to resist, and they lost the city with the residents of the two cities and fled to a little bit of the river.
Capturing Nengden and Kaga, two groups of troops quickly joined forces. General Zhenyuan and General Huoyun Xiecai made pre-war mobilization and important speeches respectively, and then slightly packed up and attacked Jiang without stopping.
In this period, Jiang has not yet become the capital of Japan, but it was renamed Tokyo. However, after Yang Ye and Li Ze led more than 200,000 troops of the Tang Dynasty to attack here, this history left a heavy mark.
Jiangcheng has got the express from Nara, the capital of Japan, and it must be strictly guarded against the invasion of the Tang Dynasty army. Then Jiang quickly dispatched the port troops from various towns near Jiangcheng to join forces to form a powerful defensive camp, the number of which far exceeded that of Tang Jun, and was prepared to commit the Tang Dynasty army at one stroke.
It’s a pity that Jiangcheng didn’t have a dry artillery army to defend the Tang soldiers. The initial method was to imitate the bow and arrow crossbows made from the Tang Dynasty, but how can these things stop Yang Ye, Lan Yao chop and the scorching sun to lead more than 100,000 Tang Jun soldiers?
Yang Ye’s hard work means rushing to vent his hatred in his heart, bent on killing himself, and rushing to the front without reservation. His roots are invisible to ordinary people, stretching and retracting the hidden blade, and all the soldiers behind him. The wall of the Japanese dog thieves saw the red light in the hands of General Zhenyuan, and then the wall was already dead and wounded. The Japanese dog thieves didn’t know what happened. They had their heads cut off and their waists cut off.
The fat body of the scorching sun also tells that running looks like a big meat ball rolling from a distance, but the fireballs thrown out by his hands quickly hit the walls of the Japanese dog thief’s side by mistake, and the walls of the Jiangcheng wall were blown up like shells, and people went belly-up, whining and screaming. Naturally, they also killed several people and burned to death. You know, the temperature of those fireballs thrown out by the scorching sun is as high as 3,000 degrees. Where can ordinary people resist?
Blue demon chop is closely followed by Yang night and doesn’t make moves. After all, it is enough to attack the city with Yang night and scorching sun.
However, Lan Yao’s beheading is still vaguely strange. I have never seen Yang Ye in public so impulsively, using the hidden blade to slash and kill ordinary people. Is this Japanese person so annoying?
Yang night and scorching sun leave no room for attacking Jiang’s defense. In a short period of time, the gate has been blasted by the scorching sun and more than 100,000 Tang Jun soldiers filed to shout loudly.
Didn’t the one who asked say that Tang Jun had more than 200,000 troops? Then why did it say that Yang Ye, the scorching sun and Lan Yao beheaded more than 100,000 people?
The remaining 100,000 soldiers, Li Ze, led by Li Ze, Nan Rong Huan and Bao Bao Long, attacked the gate on the other side of Jiangcheng, which has almost been compromised at this time.
With Yang night speaking in advance, Nan Rong Phantom has nothing to reserve. Yang night said that he is not afraid of these Tang Jun soldiers and brothers being surprised, and he is not afraid of Li Ze being surprised. He can do whatever he can. Anyway, it is also the last battle of their history! Just give a good performance!
The South Glory Phantom didn’t have any taboos, and told the baby to be careful. The speed of rushing to the front is amazing, so that Li Ze and all the soldiers behind him can’t stop it.
Li Zezheng shouted, "Night Lord be careful! Don’t take risks "suddenly froze up. He watched Nan Rong’s magic soar instead of jumping, but flew higher and higher and went straight to the city gate wall they had attacked.
Li Ze and all the Tang Jun soldiers were amazed when Li Ze saw that it had flown out of the far south glory magic hands and didn’t know where to conjure up two Bai Sensen long knives!
Nan Rong illusion flew to the wall while those Japanese dogs and thieves were surprised and at a loss. When they waved their arms and waved their osteotome, a flash of white light inevitably poured down a large area to kill the wall. Japanese dogs and thieves cried and shouted that their mothers fled.
So the gate here was easily captured, and Li Ze led more than 100,000 soldiers to flood into the city.
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After the two teams entered the city, they quickly merged and continued to kill the 200,000 soldiers all the way. Naturally, they all showed great excitement to each other. The generals who followed Yang Ye, Li Ze, Nan Rong Fantasy and the scorching sun marched into the city, and at the same time, they also found familiar and unfamiliar comrades and brothers. They talked about what they had just seen and heard, and it was more and more mysterious.
"General Zhenyuan can emit red light to kill people!"
"Really I also saw it! And the Japanese Lord will be able to shoot fireballs more powerful than artillery! "
"That’s nothing. Our night Lord can fly over there! He also conjured up two long white knives, and we broke in with him alone! "
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