It’s been half an hour, and no one has dared to challenge others. If it keeps going like this, even if it’s cold and won’t be exposed to the sun, it’s bound to die of anxiety.

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The referee is also very resistant, but soon the referee seems to have thought of some way, so he came to the elders who performed the competition not far away
Soon after, the referee returned to the competition venue and coughed heavily. Then he shouted at the stage, "If no one has come yet, the cold competition meeting will be cancelled automatically!"
When I heard the referee’s speech, there was a roar. Naturally, I scolded the referee for making a random decision to compete. I was very dissatisfied with this report.
However, there are also some referees who guide them to do so because they have asked the elders before and dared to say so after the unanimous decision of the elders.
But even so, these people didn’t give up this opportunity to make trouble, so they shouted at those who wanted to enter the competition in Taiwan
The scene suddenly fell into a state of extreme tension, and there was a faint possibility that if there was a disagreement, there would be a big fight.
For this situation, the referee is not worried about the elders. He doesn’t believe that anyone dares to attack him. What conflict will happen to the people in Taiwan? That is beyond his concern.
Ye Han is looking at an embarrassing situation with a face of indifference at the moment. Leng Lingwen Xiangyu’s shoulder beside the headrest is very uncomfortable with the situation. He is just looking at it a little, but he is not very clear when it changes ~
[119] [Cold Conference] II
Xing yuan Jie er
Ye Han is the same as Lengling, but at the moment, although she can pillow Ye Han’s shoulders, she can rely on Ye Han’s head to show her love and envy others.
The situation is getting worse and worse, but no one is going to stop it. Perhaps everyone knows that if anyone dares to rush to stop it, it will be beaten to death by everyone.
The referee didn’t dare to expect anything. Although there were several high-strength elders who presided over the overall situation, he didn’t dare to guarantee that these elders could suppress so many people.
However, at this time, a figure suddenly flashed through the audience not far away, and soon came to the reference platform to examine this person, which was the venerable old man who appeared in the former Han family.
The old man came to Taiwan and glanced at all the people, and then bowed his hand at the nearby elders who seemed to be waiting to see the drama conference.
At the right time, the elders of Taiwan also handed over their hands to the elders, but they didn’t get up. After all, the elders in the annual cold competition conference don’t trample on their dignity, even people as respected as the elders are no exception.
The old man ignored it and turned around and gave a light cough to everyone in Taiwan, signaling everyone to be quiet first.
However, the old man gently coughed his roots and it didn’t work. The old man coughed heavily for two long hours, which completely suppressed the excitement of all the people in Taiwan.
Seeing that everyone was quiet, the old man smiled. "I know that some of you want to witness the grand spectacle of this annual cold competition conference and some are here for reference!"
Then he suddenly hesitated. When everyone saw this, they suddenly guessed at what the old man really wanted to say. Why don’t you say it when you’re talking?
Just then, the old man recovered from his hesitation and immediately looked in the direction of the contestants. Then he said, "In that case, why don’t everyone come to Taiwan to compete?"
After listening to the old man’s words, everyone burst into laughter. Obviously, they were amused by the old man’s words. If everyone is willing to show up, will you still be such a bad old man to talk about this nonsense?
Seeing that the old man had no adverse reaction, he smiled and coughed heavily again for two times, which stopped everyone’s jubilation. Then he added, "If no one really dares to come to Taiwan, I will pick out some experts from among you and let them have a competition. This also saves a lot of time!"
Just after the old man’s words, the contestants in Taichung suddenly felt a little tempted. Obviously, some of them were worried that they didn’t even have a chance to go to Taiwan. Isn’t it a waste to come here all the way?
Among the contestants, several young people who knew that they were poor and looked down on the competition platform jumped off the platform.
Due to the large number of people, the referee has to announce that the game has already started a scuffle, and the referee is afraid to escape from the stage, causing losses.
Seeing this, the old man knew that these people didn’t hurt himself enough, but he didn’t stay in mind. After all, he also came to watch the competition himself, and he wouldn’t jump out to give you advice if it weren’t for the urgent situation before.
Now that the tension has been relatively stable, he will quietly leave the station and return to his position, and then quietly watch the scuffle between the stations.
The scuffle between Taiwan and Taiwan did not last long, but it gradually subsided. Except for a young man in a black collar, everyone was lying on the ground with a face of pain.
Naturally, there are still some people who worry about their personal danger during the melee and take the initiative to escape from the competition venue to make a guarantee for themselves.
Seeing that there was only one referee left on the stage, he returned to the competition table in a despondent manner, then glanced at the black-collar man and immediately shouted at the stage, "This young Xia won the first game!"
With many years of professional experience, the referee dragged the black-collar man to the edge of the competition table and immediately rushed to the stage to participate in the competition. Only two people left asked, "Who else is going to compete?"