Phoenix left the night and Xiao Huang took the lead in coming in. When they came in, they consciously looked at the bed. The woman turned pale at the moment, but the good breath also said that she was okay?

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Xiao Huang asked Su Wan, "Is she all right?"
Su Wan shook her head. "No, there’s a second thing. If she doesn’t have a high fever, she’ll be fine. If she has a high fever, she’ll be in trouble. Let’s help her carry the second thing together."
She said and told Bai Qin, "You take three maids and divide them into two rounds. Two people will feed her antipyretic soup every two hours, and then alcohol will wipe her body and take some ice from icehouse to keep the room cool. Let me know immediately if there is any situation."
Bai Qin nodded quickly. At this time, the sky was already dim, Princess. It was a sleepless night.
Bai Qin was distressed. "The princess should go back to her room and sleep for a while. If she faces Yang Princess, what else can I do for you?"
Su Wan wanted to think and nodded. "Well, let me know immediately if anything happens."
Feng Li urged her at night, "There’s flowing tea here. Go and have a rest."
Xiao Huang stretched out his hand and took Su Wan’s hand and walked all the way out. Behind him, Feng looked at Xiao Huang’s back at night. I couldn’t help but cry, "Xiao Huang, have you handled the matter of choosing a husband for a monarch today?"
Xiao Huang also don’t respond to the sentence "nature is handled".
If it weren’t for ladies and gentlemen, he would have blown away early, leaving a rotten stall for him to clean up and try to destroy him in minutes.
However, in front of Su Wan, he behaved inexplicably, and he didn’t stand up to Feng at all.
Su wan naturally doesn’t know what he thinks, and he is very satisfied with his attitude, and she is so tired that she will fall asleep when she walks.
Xiao Huang looked at her and naturally knew that she was very tired. She stretched out her hand and hugged her all the way to her room.
As soon as he hugged Su Wan, he was surprised. Then he looked around and everyone who got up early saw that it was so humiliating. Su Wan couldn’t help but raise his hand and beat Xiao Huang.
"It’s a shame to let me be seen."
Xiao Huang overbearing hugged Su Wan and said, "What’s the shame? You’re my fiancee. It’s right for me to hug you. Besides, my uncle accepted me, so we can get married soon. What’s the shame?"
Xiao Huang’s eyebrows at the thought of the big wedding can’t tell you how dazzling she is. She leaned over her arms and looked at Su Wan’s tender mouth. "Can we go and tell my uncle that we can get married as soon as possible when Sandy is all right?"
Only by marrying Ladies back can he feel at ease. What if that guy is capable again? Can Ladies be his own treasure?
However, Xiao Huangcong resolutely refused to express any dissatisfaction with Feng’s departure from the night in front of Su Wan.
Su wan was a little tired, but when she heard Xiao Huang say something about the wedding, she couldn’t help but wriggle a little, but she didn’t say anything against it.
Xiao Huang immediately knew that she had agreed and cheered her up happily. "Long live ladies!"
Su Wan was shocked and reached out and hugged his neck. "Xiao Huang, what are you smoking?"
Hold Xiao Huang’s hands tightly and cry out with sorrow.
Xiao Huang immediately hugged her and said with a smile, "I am just so happy."
As he spoke, he carried Su Wan into the room all the way and then put her in bed. Su Wan was a little tired and ignored him, so he slept with his eyes closed and Xiao Huang beside him took off his shoes and climbed into bed to accompany her.
Su Wan reluctantly pushed him with one eye open. "Go quickly. If my uncle finds out, I’m afraid you won’t get well."
Xiao Huang cold hum a sooner or later, I will occupy all positions in ladies’ hearts, but my face is full of warm brilliance.
"My uncle was worried about things over there and ignored us. Let’s sleep for a while."
Say that finish bullying hug Sue wan close your eyes Sue wan to see him so determined to let him two people sleep with their eyes closed.
Su Wan soon fell asleep and breathed slightly, but Xiao Huang leaned over and kissed her face with her eyes open.