"Ha ha, well, you can go in and see if I have left in advance …" The doctor said and went away with a smile.

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Brother Gan is watching all this hard work, and his eyes don’t contradict that these people have saved your life. You can’t give too much money. There is nothing wrong with doctors collecting money. Just have medical ethics. This is the same theory as robbing the rich and helping the poor. But if you have money, you can give more money. This is the true character.
Brother Gan and Ouyang Cheng went into the ward together and looked at the body full of tubes. Punishment China also didn’t see any doorways now, so they didn’t need to take care of them. After coming out, Ouyang Cheng called Tiger and reported the news that punishment China was not life-threatening. Then he called two younger brothers to take care of it and sat in the car and left together.
After getting off the bus, Ouyang Cheng joked, "Don’t be so fast, brother, or I won’t dare to take your car!"
"Ha ha, just now, it wasn’t human life. My car is still very gentle. Don’t you worry …" Brother Gan replied with a smile.
At an intersection, the dry elder brother stopped his car, Ouyang Cheng came and said goodbye to the dry elder brother, and he left the dry elder brother and drove home. It’s almost eleven o’clock now, and I don’t know if Miss Ke Da can cook or not. The dry elder brother took out a cellular phone and called Sun Mei. As soon as he got through, he came to Sun Mei with an anxious voice "Xiao Gan, are you okay?" Has that man been rescued? "
"Ha ha, what can I do? This is not good. That person’s life is not in danger. Are you going home now?" Dry elder brother replied with a smile
"Well, I’m at home with Zhao Lan, and your sister, Xiaocui, has gone to another girl’s house. Let me tell you not to worry that Xiaoqiang is asleep. You don’t worry that I can take care of myself …" Sun Mei said gently.
"Ha ha, I see. Then you should rest quickly. It’s getting late. See you soon …" Brother Gan said and hung up.
At this time, Zhao Lanzheng put her ears up and listened to the speech of dry elder brother and Sun Mei. She cursed you in her heart. You have no conscience, and you know that Mei Jie is not happy. I am so angry that I think that I have changed my shape by holding a bear in my arms.
It didn’t take long for Brother Gan to arrive at his residential building. When he got on the bus, he found that Ke Mengxuan’s room was still lit. At that moment, there was a strange feeling that there was still a place in this strange city where he could accept himself, which was the happiest thing for a foreigner.
Brother Gan went into the room and changed his slippers. He saw Ke Mengxuan curled up on the sofa like a kitten in the living room. Brother Gan felt a kind of love when he looked at the sleeping little witch. He carefully carried Ke Mengxuan to the bedroom, covered her with a quilt and then came out to close the door.
I came to the kitchen and took out my mobile phone. It was past eleven o’clock, so there was no need to cook. So I boiled two bowls of noodles with fire, and then I cooked a poached egg and put it out to sit at the table. Just before I wanted to eat, I heard Ke Mengxuan shout, "Wang Xiaogan, you baiwenhang, you know that you have eaten. I haven’t eaten yet!" Brother Gan turned around and saw Ke Mengxuan wearing pink bear slippers. Her hands rested on her hips at the door of her bedroom and cried
"Ha ha hey hey you are not asleep? I think you slept so soundly and didn’t bother you … haven’t you eaten yet? " Brother gan swallowed a mouthful of noodles that he had just eaten in his mouth and said awkwardly
"I fell asleep? Am I that careless? ! What if * * comes! I was testing you to see if you are a king or an animal! " Ke Mengxuan stared and said as he approached the dry brother.
"Then how was your test result?" Brother Gan felt cold in his heart-fortunately, he was tired today and didn’t have any ideas.
"Not bad, barely half jun and half beast" Ke Mengxuan woman.she replied.
Come and sit next to Brother Gan, and then bring the bowl of noodles with poached eggs in front of Brother Gan to yourself, gobble it up and ask, "Why did you come back so late today?" Come in truthfully! "
"Ha ha, it’s a long story to save people. That’s my life. There’s no way to save people every day. Who can make us superior!" Brother gan joked and said
"Cut!" Miss Ke Da severely despised the dry elder brother who bowed his head to eat noodles, but when his eyes were left to the blood of dry elder brother’s pants, he seemed to believe it again and stopped talking and ate noodles silently.
"You haven’t had dinner yet?" Dry elder brother looked at the first time so quiet little girl asked.
"Well, I’m waiting for you to go home and cook. By ten o’clock, I can’t stay hungry and eat some food." The little witch replied without looking up, and it was really more attractive than the dry elder brother.
"You can’t do this. You’ll be hungry all the time and you won’t make instant noodles yourself …" Brother Gan suggested.
"Don’t talk to me about instant noodles. I feel sick when you say it. I ate instant noodles for half a year before you came. I won’t eat it if I die!" Ke Mengxuan suddenly vomited when he heard the word instant noodles.
Brother Gan really talked to her for a while, and after eating noodles and washing dishes and chopsticks, both of them went back to their bedrooms to sleep.
The next morning, I still got up at five o’clock, then ran in the morning and bought breakfast for dinner. Everything was so orderly. Just after I got into the BMW car and got on fire, my cell phone rang. After I got through, there was a familiar sound in my cell phone. "It’s me, Ouyang Cheng …"
"Hehe, brother Cheng, what’s the matter so early?" Dry elder brother greet way
"That’s the thing. Thanks to you last night, our big lady didn’t get hurt. I want to express my gratitude to you. Grandpa Biao is going to have a banquet at home. You can come and sit at home and thank you personally. What do you think?" Ouyang Cheng said straight to the point
"Ha ha, saving that little girl is the bodyguard named Xing Hua, not me …" Brother Gan corrected with a smile.
"That’s not also have your credit, how late sometimes? Sometimes just come here and you know one … "Ouyang Cheng continued.
"Ha ha, well, if it’s nothing late, I’ll definitely call on Mr. Biao …" Brother Gan answered.
"Ha ha, then it’s a date … be sure to come later. I won’t bother you. You’re busy …"
Hang up the phone, dry elder brother driving lost in thought Chapter 39 I am a small driver.
Chapter 39 I’m just a small driver. I don’t want to get involved with these gangs. I know what gangs are like. Once you get involved, you won’t be able to get out for a generation. Let’s see how many big shots there are in the Jianghu. Once you get black, no matter how pure you are, no matter how you wash it, you can’t get rid of your past stains.
Besides, I’m tired of fighting and killing. What’s the point of hating? As a result, either you die or I live. We can’t live everything. If we follow the code of conduct before I go to the harbor, I don’t know how many people I’m going to kill these days. I’ve long seen through myself. It’s a terrible crime to defend the motherland and kill those people. People meet these gangsters and hooligans by themselves.