"I don’t have a selfish mother like you!" Liu Hongyan lowered her voice and shouted.

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The old lady Gu turned pale and even tottered. Even if it wasn’t for Mammy Liang’s help, she would have been unable to support herself.
"Miss, how can you talk to the old lady like that!" Sister Liang looks ugly.
"Pa-"Liu Hongyan raised her hand and slammed it in the past. "What qualifications do you have to teach the young lady alone!"
Mother Liang bit her lip tightly, but her eyes were dark.
Suddenly the room came with a thick sneer and a light smile. Everyone looked up and saw Gu Jin Sunseeker sitting next to him, holding a teacup in his hands and enjoying his eyes slightly closed. The tense atmosphere in the room seemed so out of place.
Aunt Liu suddenly felt so angry that she came to "Gu! Jin! Sunseeker! What are you laughing at? "
"Uh-huh" Gu Jinxi raised his head and raised his eyebrows. "I’m laughing at some people who have occupied other people’s identities for many years and now they accuse others of being really proud!"
"You …" Aunt Liu stared bitterly at Gu Jin sunseeker’s teeth. If Su Yi is the first one in Aunt Liu’s heart, Gu Jin sunseeker is definitely the second one to be ashamed of.
Gu Jinxi was not inferior at all. She looked at Qin Rui hanging from the corner of her eye, and her face was self-effacing and red with a severe cough. Next to the old lady, she was somewhat indifferent. Aunt Liu was angry and that worried mother Liao bowed her head. "Liu Hongyan, what are you angry about? Are you serious? Are you really Liu Jingya’s daughter?"
Hearing this again, Mrs. Gu’s heart suddenly trembled and shook her head. "No, it’s impossible, Sister Liang!"
"Miss is an old slave who delivered the baby herself. How can she be mistaken?" Mammy Liao bowed her head. "Sister Huan wasn’t there at that time, didn’t she?"
Mrs. Gu’s eyes are full of hope. "Are you serious?"
Mrs. Xie Lu can still recognize her daughter by her birthmark, but since her daughter was born, she has never even seen it, knowing where there is a birthmark, and she clenched her teeth tightly.
"Want to know whether it is easy, john young!" Qin Rui turned to Gu Jin sunseeker and found that she didn’t refuse before she had a light drink.
"Old lady, you see this blood is a fusion." Mammy Liao pointed to the two drops that kept getting closer to the blood.
Gu Jinxi, on the other hand, is smiling at the corner of his teacup, but his eyes are getting deeper and deeper. "It’s just close. It’s not yet known whether it can be integrated!"
"No, impossible, impossible!"
Gu Jinxi’s voice has not yet landed. The old lady Gu suddenly screamed, and her face was so thick that she couldn’t believe it. She kept shaking her head and tears, but she kept mumbling impossible!
"Don’t worry about this drop of blood. It’s also necessary when you want to merge." Gu Jinxi looked at the sea bowl that was close to each other just now, but now two drops of blood are holding each end without any intention of moving. The result is already very obvious.
She turned to look at Qin Rui and thought that Liu Hongyan was really not Gu’s own daughter.
Gu old lady turned to look at Mammy Liang and Mammy Liao "Ah Huan Ingrid this … what’s going on? What’s going on! " I raised myself as my own daughter, and the person I loved as my own daughter for decades was not her own daughter. What about her daughter? Where did her daughter go?
When I thought of this, Mrs. Gu looked flustered for a moment. When I thought of Qin Rui’s words just now, her face suddenly floated with hope. "Rui Wang, do you know where my daughter is? Do you know that I beg you to tell me? I beg you!"
The old lady, who has always been proud, actually knelt down and kept kowtowing at Qin Rui. "King Rui, I beg you to tell me, tell me my bad karma daughter meowed …"
"How did this happen? How did this happen?" Mammy Liang also turned to look at Mammy Liao’s drooping eyelids and suddenly flashed across something. She grabbed Mammy Liao’s hand and waited for her to resist, grabbed the silver needle and plunged blood into the sea bowl at Mammy Liao’s fingertips.
Mammy Liao hasn’t reacted yet. She feels a pain in her fingertips and quickly takes her hand back. "Liang Suhuan, what do you want to do?"
After saying his word, Mammy Liao reached out and tried to knock over the sea bowl, but was stopped by john young next to him. "What is Mammy Liao doing so excited? Is it true that Aunt Liu is your own daughter?"
"You are talking nonsense!" Mammy Liao is pale at the moment, and the bottom of her eyes is also dying, but she won’t admit that she was killed.
As soon as the blood fell into the sea bowl, the drop of blood involuntarily leaned closer and closer to Aunt Liu’s blood. Mother Liang swallowed hard, looked at the two drops of blood and prayed not to merge.
"aye? It turned out to be true! " Gu Jinxi leaned over and saw that the middle of the sea bowl had merged into a drop of blood, while the old lady Gu’s blood was still on the side. The drop of fused blood seemed to be confrontational. "john young, you are so amazing that you can even guess this!"
John young’s face suddenly showed a proud look. "Hey hey, Miss Gu, I’m flattered."
"Huh?" Qin Rui’s eyebrows are shallow and her eyes are slightly narrowed.
"You are well-trained." john young immediately raised his eyes.
Mammy Liang looked at the two drops of fused blood in disbelief and turned to look at Mammy Liao. "It’s you. It’s really you. You got miss there. Say it! Say it! Liao! Su! English! "