At the entrance of the village, only those who have ink patrol saw Mo Lin, and others asked him if he had met the monster beast.

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Mo Lin entered the village, and many villagers talked about what had just happened in the street. Mo Zhe only searched the village to see if there was any suspicious situation. This time, the appearance of the rhinoceros king was considered a long-term peace, and Mo Zhe Village experienced a false alarm.
When he came to Mozhiwei Laboratory, he didn’t probably go to the village to check the defensive weapons. Molin left half a bag of matsutake and hurried home.
When I got home, Xiao Bai was gone, and Mo Lin couldn’t help but be taken aback. It was impossible for Xiao Bai not to notice that the village was so nervous. If he ran around, it might cause chaos.
I haven’t heard of anyone finding the monster weasel in the village for a long time, but this can’t make Mo Lin feel at ease.
"Is the boss worried about me?"
Molin was fidgeting, and the white shadow flashed at the window, and Xiao Bai jumped into the room smiling.
"Where have you been?" Ink Lin worried to ask
"Don’t worry, I went to see an old friend." Xiaobai said.
"Did you see the rhinoceros king?"
Xiaobai nodded. "I heard that Snake Nine You sent you a gift. Is it the sheepskin scroll?"
"The rhinoceros king told you?" Ink Lin will sheepskin scroll out and waved the.
"That stupid cow seems to have become more refined and won’t say anything, but I guess it’s this thing."
"What the hell is this? I’m a little white was about to ask you "ink Lin will sheepskin scroll paving desktop.
"This is a map of the Chilong Palace," said Xiaobai Road. "The dragon is Chilong, and the highest mountain is called skyscraper cliff."
"This is the skyscraper cliff?" Molin frightened the skyscraper cliff, which is exactly what Chilong’s lair said. The center of the mainland is 10 thousand meters high, and Chilong lives at the top of the skyscraper cliff.
In the story, the red dragon takes off from the skyscraper cliff every morning and decides the direction of foraging by throwing a huge stone to make a face. Every meal will eat 200 people.
In order to resist the tyranny of the Red Dragon, hundreds of heroes, the strongest among mankind, fought against the skyscraper cliff and the Red Dragon Exhibition, and finally succeeded in killing the dragon, but the heroes were killed and injured. Later, seven families and seven heroes were established.
However, during the Dragon Slaughter War, the skyscraper cliff collapsed because the Red Dragon was dying, and the 10,000-meter peak completely collapsed and turned into ruins piled up by several huge stones.
It is also said that there is wealth hidden in the skyscraper cliff by the red dragon, but the human roots can’t clean up the wreckage of the skyscraper cliff, so those boulders have been left in place and blown by rain and wind
"Does this picture say that there is a dragon building a palace on the skyscraper cliff?" Ink Lin carefully ponder the small white words boldly guessed
"Yes, that’s the wealth that the Red Dragon robbed and built the palace, which was full of gold and silver treasures. He arrested 100,000 people and killed all human beings after the construction was completed. Only monsters knew about the palace." Small white road.
"One hundred thousand people …" Mo Lin was shocked and trembled. Of course, he knew that the red dragon was cruel, but he didn’t expect it to be so cruel. If he was born in that era, he would definitely take the road of slaying the dragon.
"When the red dragon was killed, we senior monster beasts were very scared and fled from the skyscraper cliff and hid in the everglades. The snake Jiuyou was so obsessed with the treasure in the palace that he asked someone to draw this map according to memory, hoping to recapture the palace one day and revive the monster beast clan." Xiaobai added.
"So that’s it. Then why did it give me this thing?" Mo Lin asked doubtfully.
"It must have noticed the awakening of Dragon Soul Power, probably knowing you, and the heir of Dragon Soul Power is also entitled to own the palace, but I always feel that this guy has other designs, so you should be careful." Xiao Bai bobbed his head and analyzed.
"Since there is a conspiracy, I don’t want this thing," said Molin, putting away the sheepskin scroll.
"Eldest brother, don’t you want to absorb the power of the dragon soul? This picture is a key." Small white jumped to the picture to stop Mo Lin’s way
"What?" Mo Lin has been worried about absorbing the power of dragon soul recently, knowing that there is great power in his body, Xiao Bai also taught him a lot about the evil spirit. How to work hard and make progress is very limited. Now I heard that sheepskin scrolls and dragon soul power have Mo Lin’s eyes lit up immediately.
"In addition to gold and silver treasures, there are red dragon remains in the underground palace. You should know that the keel is a high cultivation treasure of the monster beast clan. If you can get it, it will become a piece of cake." Xiaobai has always lacked interest in cultivation. Since Molin mixed with it, he has never seen it cultivated, but when it comes to the keel word, Xiaobai’s eyes shine with greed, which shows how great the keel is attractive.
"Keel ….." Mo Lin’s mind is also active. If there is such a treasure that can be fast and powerful, why not take it?
"If you are interested, I’ll go, too. I wish I had a small bone, so that I can refine my bones successfully." Xiao Bai was so excited that she was not so excited even when she saw the fat chicken.