Du Yun said seriously, "Uncle Li, thank you for believing me. We are in a very dangerous situation. The ghost family may come to counterattack at any time. Whether the Vatican and the ghost family are in harmony with each other, we must make strict defenses. Now we have just repelled the ghost family’s attack on the soldiers guarding the city. The guards are a little lax. This is very dangerous. Please give them an order and let them pay close attention to the surrounding movements."

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"Ok, I’ll arrange it!" For Du Yun’s suggestion, Li Guzhu’s adult promised to be more simply rooted without any thinking, which was promised.
After seeing his suggestion, he was guessed by Li Guzhu. Du Yun left and went directly to rest. He was in a hurry. Gran City Du Yun didn’t have a good rest these three days. Now in Gran City, he has successfully said that Li Guzhu’s adult has driven the Vatican out of Gran City and will strengthen the Yugoslav capital. Now he has done everything he can. If Gran City is protected by law, it can be said that it is an act of god.
After entering the bedroom from the hall, Du Yun quickly fell into a deep sleep, and once he slept, it was a day and a night. When the sun rose high the next day and almost touched Du Yun’s ass, he finally came over from his sleep and had a simple activity, so he was ready to go to his three families to practice.
However, Du Yun didn’t know that it was the closest light church to Gran City on this day in his sleep. An archbishop of red was sitting high in a chair, and two old people who were also dressed in red were kneeling before him. "What happened in the end? How did you get kicked out of Gran City?"
The two cardinals respectfully said, "We don’t know the specific reason of the Archbishop’s adult. It seems that they suddenly want to drive the light Vatican out of Gran City, and there is nothing left."
"Oh, there’s such a thing. It’s difficult that our plan to attack Grand City leaked. Supposedly not! This is a top secret in the Vatican, that is, few people know that since the news can’t be leaked, why did Li Guren drive the Vatican forces out of Gran City? "This is not logical. The archbishop of red is knowledgeable but still can guess the reason for this affection.
"Archbishop, now that all of us have been driven out of Gran City, the plan to sneak attack on the three major families with the help of the Vatican’s strength is now bankrupt. What should we do next?" Next to the archbishop, an old man dressed in purple asked softly.
"What can I do?" It is said that the arrangement of the Pope’s position is to complete the theory of how much suffering there is in front. This time, we must attack Gran City and completely exterminate the three families. "As for the Vatican, when they were discussing a plan to attack Gran City, Du Yun had already arrived at the place where three of them lived among the four great beasts.
Gently push the door and see what three people are discussing at this time. Seeing Du Yun coming in for a fire dance, he directly surrounded Jiao and said, "You are really sleepy and addicted. It’s really not easy to sleep for a day and a night."
When I heard the fire dance, I complained. Du Yun smiled awkwardly and said, "I’m sorry to lead you into the family and leave you hanging here."
"Ha ha, it’s a trivial matter for us to hang, but now we are urgent to deal with the large array of seals. Do we need to prepare one?" Jiao Jiao asked, thinking carefully that things are also profound.
"Ha ha real this time I come to you is to want to discuss with you how to practice the four big god beast seal large array" Du Yun gently took a sip of water carefully glanced around a flame and found that no one said lightly.
"Four big god beast seal large array! What is that? I’ve never heard of it. "Richardson kept his eyes closed and suddenly looked at Du Yun in confusion."
Speaking of sealing the large array, I have to start with my own adventure more than two years ago. Then Du Yun told the original story of what happened that night and what happened in that strange temple. Richardson was dizzy.
In order not to let the devil rush out of the seal, according to the dragon god’s last words, we must find all the four great beasts Jingxue, then restart the four great beasts seal array with Jingxue, and finally seal him completely by combining his seal method. Now the most important thing for us is to cultivate into the four great beasts seal array.
"In this case, when it is urgent, we will find a quiet place to practice the seal array of four god beasts." Du Yun, who is the most impatient in fire dancing, said in a hurry just after finishing the sentence.
See four people are no opinion Du Yun directly led three people came to a clean place to see the surrounding environment Du Yun said with satisfaction, "we will practice four god beast seal large array here".
The three men looked at each other and nodded with a smile. From this moment on, the three men practiced the four god beast seal large array and officially entered the journey. Du Yun first explained the Qinglong formula to the three men completely, and then each man practiced the formula according to the formula requirements, which was very simple and easy to understand, so the four men practiced smoothly.
By noon the next day, all four of them had completed a single practice, and the rest was fusion, which condensed the energy from the four practices and fused them into four seals of god beasts.
Look at all three people have completed their respective energy condensation. Du Yun smiled and immediately said, "We are integrated."
Du Yun ordered more than three people to arrange the orientation according to the first time Du Yun, which was better than at the same time. The energy condensed in their hands was quickly compressed into silk thread and shot at the opposite person.
The seal array of the four beasts is to link the energy beams according to a special pattern, and then the beams are closely connected with the people who display the seal, which is enough energy to maintain the large array.
Du Yun, although he has seen the four god beast seal large array, doesn’t know how to decorate it. Two years ago, Qinglong said the disposal method simply to Du Yun, but the four god beast seal large array can be sealed like the peerless strong law in the temple. It is conceivable that the energy change in the seal is absolutely complicated and unpredictable.
Now the four people’s energy beam just moved forward for about a meter, which is directly soft, and the root method is so advanced. After several experiments, the same situation is still happening.
"Du Yun, what the hell is going on? How can we have such a result when we practice according to your instructions?" Richardson muttered something depressed.
"I don’t know the specific reason. The elder just told me the practice method at that time, but the specific details were urgent and didn’t tell me in detail." Du Yun also said that he was going to experiment again several times, but now he looks at the three of them as a pair of listless samples and sighs, "Today, we will practice here first, and I will go back and think about it later, and we will continue to practice."
Four people practiced again. One to four people all felt a little tired. After going back to eat, they had a simple wash. After that, they had a rest. Du Yun lay in bed tossing and turning for a long time, but he fell asleep. The practice situation is still vivid this afternoon. "What are those energy beam methods connected together? What is the problem?" Du Yun constantly ask yourself from the bottom of my heart.
Since he couldn’t sleep, Du Yun simply dressed and walked into the courtyard, and he was upset. He didn’t notice that someone was close to him until Du Yuncai sensed that someone was coming.
I looked up and turned out to be my own householder-Du Ping Du Ping patted Du Yun on the shoulder and motioned him to sit down, and then asked with a smile, "Is there something bothering Du Yun so late? Tell it to the householder. Maybe I can help you."
For this householder, he has always done things fairly and never stood out easily. It can be said that he is conscientious, although there are no mistakes, but there is nothing remarkable. Du Yun has always recognized that his householder is a very ordinary person. However, since the great war in Sieglan City, he found that his householder may not be as mediocre as he usually shows. His usual performance is to hide something. Thinking of these, Du Yun said what he encountered in his practice today. Of course, he said with reservations that he meant that several people encountered the problem of long-term progress of energy beam method when practicing a large array of seals. "Cultivating a large array of seals?" Du Ping slightly one leng after hearing this, but he concealed a good look of surprise. His body passed quickly, even Du Yun didn’t notice it.
After thinking for a moment, Du Ping pointed to a root cutting wall pike not far ahead and asked with a smile, "Du Yun, do you know what that pike can nail the wall straight without bending?"
"hmm?" Du Yun’s slight stupidity didn’t mean white Du Ping, so he followed Du Ping’s finger direction and saw a long gun standing on the wall. He remembered Du Ping’s question just now, and Du Yun casually replied, "Because the gun rod is very hard for refined iron refining, it can be straight to nail the wall without bending."
"hard!" Du Yun suddenly thought of what a sudden shock in the heart before leaving Du Ping, and then ran directly to his yard. After taking the door, he shouted directly to the three people inside, "Fire Dance, Jiao Jiao Richardson, come out quickly. I have found a solution to the problem. Chapter four hundred and seventy Deliberation.
Three people have been sleeping, and now they suddenly hear Du Yun’s emergency call. What is the danger? Simply wearing a dress, they jumped out of the door and asked anxiously, "What’s so urgent? Is it that the Coalition forces of the Vatican and the ghost family called?"
"No, I know why our energy beam can’t continue for a long distance," Du Yun said excitedly, holding the fire dancer and stuttering.
"Ah, here it is! You woke the three of us up from the bed. You are really guilty. "Richardson narrowed his eyes and clenched his fists, hoping to beat Du Yun to death directly.
Seeing that all three people are sleepy, Du Yun smiled awkwardly. "I was so excited just now that I forgot that you have rested. Ahem … I’m so sorry to disturb you … you continue to sleep. I’ll go first." After saying these words, Du Yun fled and seemed to leave. Seeing that Du Yun was away from the three people, they all went back to rest until the next day. After the three people woke up from their sleep and freshened up, Du Yun came to practice with them. When they saw the three people, Du Yun was slightly stunned. Richardson.
Du Yun knew that this was definitely his own trouble last night. He didn’t dare to stop this question and quickly changed the subject. "It’s getting late now. Let’s go and fix it." After that, he hurried forward first. With Du Ping waking up, Du Yun and associating with his own purple flame cage display method, he decided to add some immortal power to the condensed energy beam line. With the help of immortal power, he took those energy beams and shot them forward, and the energy limit could go forward less than one meter. However, the existing immortal power drove the energy beam line to directly cut several people more than ten meters away and connect with the opposite person.