"You fools are more than a loser. Are you blind?" Wei Yuan’s eyes seemed to crack with anger and glared at the ten women who were willing to wait for themselves in heaven late. "Don’t make amends to Brother Yang and Lord Luo Tang."

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The tough woman was stunned by Wei Yuan’s words, but she was stunned by Juxian Pavilion’s founder and the magic weapon. She found that she had made a big mistake just now. She didn’t kick the iron plate. This is simply a weapon that can build magic weapons. Titanium is indestructible.
"Yeah, I’m sorry. We have eyes."
Before the other party finished, Luo Linduan took a sip of wine and looked up at the women and jokingly said, "What did you say that you want me to kneel for you? Did you say? Isn’t it? "
Those women turned pale with instant fright and knelt down and begged, "Boss, you adults don’t care about us little girls. We know that we are wrong when we are wrong."
"Who’s a bitch?" Rowling asked
"We’re-we’re bitches. We’re all bitches."
Rowling suddenly dumped her neck and pulled Zhao Yan to the front of those women. She looked back at Zhao Yan and smiled. "Yan now gives you a chance to vent your anger. Tell me how to deal with them?"
Zhao Yan thought for a moment and smiled wittily. "Strip them naked and throw them into the street. That’s what they want to do to me."
"Really so hard?" Rowling’s mouth twitched, and I was a little scared. How can a woman be more fierce than a fierce woman? Even a woman who looks so clever, sensible, soft and weak is like this. No wonder women are more and more masculine, but men are more and more feminine. What’s wrong with this world?
"Good, I will satisfy you today." Rowling said with shame that she would strip these women naked before.
Zhao Yan hurriedly stopped Rowling and said, "Are you still serious? I’m kidding a fool."
"I never joke," Rowling said with great pretence.
"Hee hee" Zhao Yan smiled wittily, and the situation around Rowling was not afraid at all, but also active a lot.
"If the heart is ice, the sky will collapse." Feng Yang mused in his heart that he would really lose control if he didn’t use this method to calm himself.
"Now that this matter is solved," Feng Yang sat up again and looked up at Wei Yuan.
Wei Yuan is very friendly and kind when he sees the wind and smiles. Today, Brother Yang is in a good mood to be merciful and quickly ingratiate himself with a smile "Thank you, Brother Yang".
"You don’t want me to talk to you all the time, do you?" The wind is blowing, and the look is gloomy for a moment, like a dark cloud gathering, which scares Wei Yuan to sit down hurriedly.
When Wei Yuan’s ass just touched the stool, he felt that his forehead was pressed by something. If he didn’t make a detailed and thorough analysis of the matter, he heard a huge explosion in his ear, and his ears buzzed. Then he felt a violent shock in his head, half dizzy and half awake. He saw that his face turned into a blood-red face and wet.
Feng Yang directly hit the table according to Wei Yuan’s head, and Wei Yuan’s head naturally stained his whole face with blood.
Rowling just picked up the wine when he heard a loud bang, and then the table broke into pieces. He froze for a moment and then shook his head deeply. He took a sip of wine and sighed lightly, "Young people should not be so impulsive and angry."
"Luo Dage, you know a lot." Zhao Yan, who was just scared, directly clutched Rowling’s arm. When she heard Rowling’s words, she came back to worship and said that seeing Rowling is still so calm and calm. There is an indescribable shock. It is so handsome to regard Rowling as a real white horse. There is also a mature man charm. This wind is not as charming and mysterious as Luo Dage.
"a little understanding"
Seeing this scene, all the guests gasped involuntarily, especially Wei Yuan’s ferocious face, which was full of blood and blood, was even more frightening, and his heart trembled violently. Some timid people directly screamed that they had reached the noise standard.
"Too cruel and overbearing"
"It’s not the kui that Juxian Pavilion creates people. That’s how it is to handle things. It’s shocking. It’s ruthless. It’s merciless to treat people who make mistakes. This * * * is a real man. It’s a boss with commander-in-chief temperament."
"How painful it would be if I hit my head like that."
Everyone can’t help but fantasize that it was their head that was hit just now, but they soon quit the fantasy and were scared to cold sweat.
Now the wind is rising and angry.
One reason is that Wei Yuan’s hands are so low in quality and grade. More than a dozen people bully an ordinary woman and are stupid enough to hit people in residential areas. They can’t even choose a good place.
The second reason is that Wei Yuan actually stopped outside the name of Juxian Pavilion and let this group of king eggs use the banner of Juxian Pavilion to make the reputation of Juxian Pavilion stink.