Real Sammul He don’t know the old man this * * is a real treasure! Do not disgrace the word "God"!

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The tournament will not be held until three days later. After three days of congratulations, he has devoted himself to training. He has always been a lonely person.
"Not yet. It’s very difficult to get into the top ten at this level, but there will be rewards in the top ten. I still have to work hard." Sammul He is not an adult, but he is careful with so many shadow collectors everywhere. Although Alexander, the duke, limited the age of martial arts to 16 to 25 years old, Sammul He also denied that people of this age were not masters, swordsmen and geniuses. At the age of 25, they were already exiles! Sammul He knew that the world was never short of genius, and even he himself was a peerless genius, but he didn’t know that.
Shadow City is a quiet place, which is deep because of darkness.
According to the "God’s Tactics" surface movement method, Sammul He exercised his power and fortune, and after breathing and breathing in Dantian for a week, he sensed the aura of the surrounding world. This luck moved his world and he was very skilled in it several times, but he didn’t sense what was called aura in Naita’s world.
Look at the nose, look at the mouth, look at the heart is everything.
He gradually merged into the surrounding environment, and suddenly the surrounding air became rich and looked a little hazy. This is the reason why the aura of the surrounding free world approached him. If there is a master here, you will find that there is an energy in the air around Sammul He, which keeps gathering and increasing, and then enters the other body through his pores, but this entry speed is very slow.
"Hold your breath and concentrate on sensing heaven and earth"
This is the only practice method in this world. He is indeed the only practitioner in this world. All mainlanders practice swords to form swords and achieve depravity, and even more they can release swords. While mainlanders can achieve the level of shadow hunters by practicing and devouring shadows, they can easily move shadows to attack, but no mainland practitioner can upgrade himself with the help of heaven and earth.
The aura of heaven and earth kept entering his body, and a clear stream entered the abdomen along the meridians, and then went out from another meridian to form a cycle. A cycle formed the aura that poured into heaven and earth, and it was purified for a lot of five cycles before these nimbus were filtered out of impurities.
So this aura became his root to help him filter and absorb the aura that kept entering the body and the world.
As time went by, he felt that the aura around him became slightly thinner before he opened his eyes, only to find that it was already dark.
"I didn’t expect to practice for so long. It seems that Lanke’s dream doesn’t mean that he can practice for a few months or years if he is fascinated." Then he gave a wry smile. "The increase in strength is too small. I didn’t feel much increase in strength. In the past two years, I have only cultivated the human-level fifth order. If the old man knows it, he may be laughed to death. Although the dead old man didn’t feel aura until he died, he would laugh at me."
His eyes suddenly showed a confused expression, but he didn’t want to think that in the past two years, his overall practice would not exceed half, and he could be compared with the world driving the fifth-order people in one year, which was a talent that no one in the whole continent could compare with.
"It would be great if the old man came across the same way. I will not be lonely in this world, and I will still be happy and distressed."
With a wry smile, he looked around and found that Charoka and others were not, mostly out begging for money.
"They all work so hard and I have to work hard to get into the top ten. I want to live a stable life!" Arriving at nan, he once again entered the state of uniting.
In the past three days, I have been practicing for three days, so Char and others went begging. Orca is the main force of begging. Because Orca’s hands are really horrible, Sammul He often sees Orca’s hands feel sorry for Orca. He needs money so much, needs to practice and needs to enter the top ten to receive a bonus!
On this day, the beggars went out to ask for money again. "Brothers, you said that the boss was going to participate in the tournament. Should we help the boss?"
Oka asked, "How?"
Char smiled. "We are going to beg for money crazily these two days! Try to get a nice dress for the boss! Otherwise, if the boss goes to the tournament and really gets into the top ten, or this set of clothes is so rotten that there are a few fig leaf clothes, then don’t laugh off all the teeth? "
Rudy and Lindo also answered at this moment. "Charles has a point. We can’t always let the boss take care of us."
Oka "good! Then we will go out to beg besides eating. When the boss reaches the top ten, he must buy a beautiful dress for the boss and then let the boss comb his hair and beard, so that the boss can really look at it. "
Clap your hands and say with smile "ok! That’s it, that’s it, boss. We still know we’re separated! Go and ask for money! "
He Tiangen didn’t know that his younger brothers thought of themselves so much.
Three days passed quickly, and the whole shadow city has been in full swing for three days.
The venue of the tournament is the venue of the tournament. Without an audience, people can be the same participants, so many people just sign up for the game just to watch it. It’s really clever to abandon it directly, even the younger brothers of Hetian.
On this day, Sammul He came to Shadow City early and sat in the stands, accompanied by Lindo.
And the street, Charo Kaloudi, is called Little Six and Little Seven. Two little beggars walk all the way in different places, bow down and kowtow, and their foreheads have already broken. Sammul He is incredibly determined to this point. If Sammul He sees it, it must be very distressing.
This is HeTian’s first game against a big man in his twenties who is over seven feet tall and very thin in front of him.
"This is a lively battle," muttered the beggar Lindo stand, because Sammul He has never stopped crying and mocking on the table. It is a mental abnormality that makes a beggar in Sammul He win the savage.
The tournament referee is the steward of the city, who is in his thirties and forties with a hat.
A housekeeper’s word is an order
The foolish man took the lead in saying, "My name is foolish and I’ll take it."
"My name is He Tianqiao," Sammul He said, and nothing moved. The whole person just stood there quietly with one hand behind his back and one hand reaching forward. This is a common hand gesture in his world. The world called this martial arts, and the world has a martial arts secret that makes everyone crazy, but his secret is a high secret! The magic formula!
Sammul He didn’t mean how old-fashioned his name was, and he didn’t laugh at how bad Sammul He was dressed, so this battle was more interesting. Those spectators who thought they were noble and proud had already burst into laughter.
"Ha ha, this game is really funny. Mang versus little beggar! Laughing me to death, there are people called Mang Aiwei. How can you look at this person? "
"Oh, no, this must be a farce."
"Fun is really the best game for after-dinner entertainment."
Both of them have no intention. The spectators laughed at the big boor and touched their heads instead. "Where’s your sword? Want to hit me with your hand? How unfair that is. "
The shadow repairer in this world is a sword. Without a sword, it is no longer sharp. What can a swordsman do without a sword? The words of the big boor made Sammul He feel kind, so he asked the referee to give him a sword. He didn’t know much about swordsmanship, but he didn’t need swordsmanship. The Magic Tactics is different from swordsmanship!
The battle between two people’s mother-in-law and mother-in-law is really lively.