Ye Han smiled outside the four-star barrier for a while and then continued to affect the large array of stars and went in toward the four-star barrier.

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Four-star enchantment can make a large array of stars, so it did not stop the strong entry of large array of stars.
Ye Han drove the large array of stars and instantly broke through the obstacles of the large array of four stars, entered the Xingyuanmen, and then fell to the square that Xingyuanmen had already prepared.
"Get ready, everyone. We’re going to untie the star array!"
After safely landing on the ground, Ye Han slowly put away the wind flying tactic and suddenly admitted the star cold tactic before Fang Lengling and others confessed.
After the replacement, Ye Han, who had not waited for the crowd to slow down, did exercise to force the jade flute with inflammation and cold out of the body and fell back into the large array of stars.
In this way, the original array of seven stars around the star is restored to the initial sample square of the array.
At this time, Ye Han’s palms suddenly printed two pieces of light blue light, and the stars flashed two pieces of printing, and suddenly jumped toward Yan Han’s jade flute.
At the same time, Ye Lengling and others exchanged glances and saw that they were all ready, which only lifted the large array of stars.
There are many steps to arrange this large array of stars, but it is very simple to remove it. See Ye Han’s palm, this seal is distributed to Lengling and other seven people, and then he injects himself with the same seal.
After all this, Ye Hancai couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief and reached for it to see the jade flute with inflammation and cold returning to his hand.
At that time, it was the first time that the transfer was successful. Ye Jiahe’s cold forest faction forces had been officially transferred to Xingyuanmen to be established.
【 646 】【 Enemy trail 】
Yan Yunshan’s past peace has long since passed away 【
On this day, many practitioners gathered here. Although they are not very strong, they don’t look down on their generation.
It seems to be attracted by this sudden change, and the whole practice circle in mainland China has been infected, which will lead to inflammation of Qingzong and Bingling Duke.
On this day, the ice city is doomed to be restless. After learning about these movements in Yanyunshan, most people are deeply afraid that so many practitioners will suddenly appear in this place that has been immersed for more than a year.
Nature is the most surprising or those forces leaders.
They gathered together as cold practitioners to fight against the forces of western inflammation, but now everything seems to be disrupted.
It turns out that there are Yan Qingzong in this vigorous mainland, and they are the hegemons. No one has ever dared to be their enemies.
But now this sudden rise of one force is obviously aimed at their two forces, which makes them feel scared. What kind of people dare to build new sects at this time?
Apart from natural fear, they are still more angry. Today, the overall situation is stable. I didn’t expect anyone to dare to make trouble at this time.
"Is it him?"
A frightened sound started in the hall of the Han family.
"You mean … Ye Han is that small?"
As soon as this tone fell, it rang, and the degree of panic was no less than the former.
Ye Han, this is a name that makes people feel creepy. Once upon a time, many masters of the soul realm were planted in his hands. Now he wants to create sects himself. What a powerful place?
No one dared to imagine that even the hatred for Ye Han Hanshan was no exception, and the first sound came from his mouth.
And the other is also a strong identity in this ice city power, which is not lower than Hanshan.
That’s it. Two people who are not mortal feel more afraid of the name Ye Han. It is conceivable that this Ye Han will be like for their entire ice city power.
"If it were really him, it seems that before we were in trouble, we blindly opposed him. Now that he has set up a sect, he will definitely try to deal with us!"
These two sounds were followed by another sound.
Looking down the sound, it is not difficult to find that this is a white-haired old man. Obviously, his expression will not be low.
"Hum, then you will know that the ambition of others will destroy your prestige. Even if Ye Han is no matter how powerful he is, his sect has just been built. Are you still worried that his newly-built sect can match our ice city?"
Just as Hanshan and others were worried, another sound came up.