"The temple will protect you." His tone also softened a little.

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"I’m a greedy man in the temple." Su Mian looked at Yan Gui and smiled like a flower. "If you go back with the temple, you will be a concubine." Unless you take your old country.
Yan Gui raises her eyebrows. I didn’t expect her to say that, but I think it’s not that she is such a queer woman.
"Want to draft?" he asked
"Even after the draft, you are a concubine, and it is also possible to go for a walk." The concubine is also divided into three grades.
Although the status in the draft is low, if the man likes it, he can have children
But being taken back or being killed by a generation of slaves.
"good! Dian Yun you "Yan Gui doesn’t think her mind is big at all.
If a woman has ambition, she’s afraid of it, and she has to pretend to be abstinent. That’s disgusting
"I want to eat the dim sum in the temple" event was finalized, and Su Mian was happy to play a child and point to the dim sum table.
Yan gave her a look, turned around and picked up a piece of Osmanthus Jelly and handed it to her mouth to look at her.
Su mian said that it is not feeding? No pressure, okay?
She gently bit the Osmanthus Jelly with Zhang Yinghong’s small mouth and ate very elegantly.
It’s called Yan Gui, which has always been very stable. Men have also been hit by desire.
He fed her a few pieces of Osmanthus Jelly and wiped his hands and looked at her.
He really wants to hug her, but he doesn’t think it’s good to scare her slowly.
It’s also very important to ask Su Mian questions all the way.
When I arrived in Fukenji, I stopped at Che Su Mian to have a look. I stopped at the backyard of Fukenji directly. I looked up and saw if it was just a meeting kiosk.
"Go," said Yan Gui, holding her hand
Su Mian is very obedient to Yan Gui.
High winds and acacia followed.
When I arrived at the pavilion, Su Mian was a little tired and slightly breathing. "Today, I walked fast." Back to the first half, she came slowly.
"Sit" YanGui going to do, pointing to the side bench way
The table seems to be back. There are a lot of food points on it. Chapter 1 Sleep.
"It’s nice to be here in the crisp autumn now." Su Mian didn’t sit but looked back at the rain from afar, but didn’t look at anything.
Looking east, there are mountains for dozens of miles.
It is also very lively to see monks weaving in Fukenji.
Yan Gui sat and looked at her with a smiling face and vivid eyes.
Like a painting, I can’t put it down.
"Come here" Yan returned it as saying.
Su Mian saw him later, his eyes shining with a light and he disappeared before he could see it clearly.
She came over and was dragged into her arms by Yan Gui before she sat down.
Su Mian will move if she is uncomfortable sitting.
Yan Gui was unhappy when she saw her struggle. "No?"
Su Mian’s cursing face in his heart is laughing "The temple is crooked and uncomfortable"
Soft waxy audio-visual is self-extinguishing, and the trace of displeasure disappears again.
He pic up her slender waist and relaxed her.
Su Mian sighed, "This will make the temple warm."
It will still be early in the morning, and in September, the cold swallow in the north has returned home with a warmth.
Yan Gui doesn’t talk. Holding her, Su Mian doesn’t talk. Looking at the exquisiteness outside.