Looking at his cold face, although there is no expression, it is no longer cold and hard.

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"Dayan Qiguo Mountain is very dangerous, so you should be prepared. Not only is the mountain steep, but there are also many poisons. Many people have died." It is not easy for Wei Yuankou to track Qiguo.
"And people want to disperse a large number of people marching together. The movement is too loud." Yan Liang is not afraid of indifference.
"Yes, Yan is right." Weiyuan headed gently, which is true.
"If the money is sent to the State of Qi and the person behind it is also the State of Qi, then their hands are long enough and they can force the merchant of Dayan to give him money. Qi is more insidious than I thought. Have you checked the jeweler’s nationality?" If Dayan people give Qi money, isn’t it treason? This kind of behavior is equivalent to having a knife hanging over your head all the time. If you don’t pay attention to your head, you will be separated from your body.
"A native of Dayan can’t go wrong." Weiyuan shook his head, which is why he couldn’t figure out that a powerful role behind Dayan didn’t want to be originally owned by Qi.
"That’s strange." Yan Liang, leaning against the car wall, couldn’t figure out what benefits Qiguo had given, even his life was clear, and the two brothers, An Yi Antai, lost their lives and said nothing.
"I’ve been in a mystery for more than ten years, and I’m not in a hurry. It’s not far from the truth." Looking at her, Weiyuan comforted me and said that he was in a hurry. He was more anxious than anyone else.
"I hope so" hopes to get the truth, but I am afraid it will be one mystery after another.
At ten o’clock in the afternoon, the team arrived in Ozu City, and the silver delivery team had left what it had not done and directly followed their departure route to catch up.
After Xiaojin City, there is also a little Maocheng. These two small towns were once called Maojin City, and they were not far apart, so they called one name. Later, when the two cities were zoned to Xiangzhou, they changed their names.
Xiaomaocheng is smaller and has a small population. It looks more like a small town from a distance.
I have been waiting for the tunnel guards to report that the silver transport team has not entered Xiaomaocheng but has gone towards the mountains.
Since we have entered the mountain, it is natural to chase after it, but we can’t just chase too many people. It is bound to cause unnecessary movement to act together.
Weiyuan sent a man back to the emperor to talk to Yan Liang, while others were divided into five teams in different directions and entered the mountains for monitoring and tracking.
Weiyuan Yan cool nature all the way at the same time, there are Yueshan and other four guards can not leave the beginning of grain.
The first four teams set out first, each heading in a different direction, for example, they must distance themselves, otherwise the movement will be too loud.
If you approach the mountains slowly, you can see the mountains as if dark clouds were rolling before you get near them. If it is said that this is a mountain, it is more like a virgin forest.
Although it is winter, this place is close to the south and the forest is still lush.
When the sun goes down, I come near. Although the mountain forest is sparse in front of me, it is no different from the ordinary mountain forest, but if I walk in a distance, I will know that this is all an illusion.
Accustomed to walking in front of Yan Liang, the first step was dragged back by Weiyuan in a moment.
"Do what?" It’s frightening to twist your eyebrows and face.
Weiyuan inadvertently glanced at Yueshan, the leader, and another guard. He failed slightly. "Let’s go."
Shake his hand, Yan Liang turned and walked in, but it wasn’t the one who took the lead.
"Don’t worry, they will report back at any time." Wei Yuan walked behind Yan Liang and told her not to worry. After all, Ann is the most important thing.
Yan Liang said nothing, but at the same time slowed down. She was used to rushing to the front, but ignored Weiyuan’s identity. He had so many jobs that he really didn’t need him to take the lead.
After walking for a while, it was completely dark, and it became difficult to travel. Moreover, they had entered the dense forest, and the lush branches and leaves covered the night, which made it even darker here.
"We can rest in place, and no one will venture ahead in this place." Yueshankou, after all, will have poisons at any time when he enters this lush mountain, so it is better to be cautious.
"Stop" Yan Liang promised her directly that she was really worried about something poisonous biting Weiyuan. If he was bitten, all the followers would have to withdraw, not to mention finding out who was collecting the money, even losing the team.
"Thank you" Weiyuan pretends to thank him. He really doesn’t want to move forward in the dark.
Yan Liang snorted and stopped waiting for Yueshan and others to sprinkle medicine around. Something approached and hurt everyone in the dark.
At the beginning of the harvest, the two guards ate behind their backs. Although it was not a delicacy, the dry food tasted excellent, and the smoked preserved meat was delicious.
After dusting the powder, Ann sat down and everyone ate something and stopped making a sound.
Yan Liang sat cross-legged beside Weiyuan motionless, as if in a trance.
Suddenly, a breeze swept Yan Liang from the top of his head and opened his eyes. "What are you doing?" Is the people around you.
"A spider red. Do you want to see it?" Insects with strange colors are dangerous.
"No" Take a deep breath and Yan Liang closes his eyes and ignores him.
Next to others also not language more dreamily like didn’t hear them.
However, for a moment, a slightly shrill bird cry broke the silence in the forest.
Everyone kept their eyes open at the same time, listening to the shrill bird cry from strong to weak and finally disappeared.