So Teng Qingshan can eat more!

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Teng Qingshan made a leap in his own courtyard and then turned over with his hands on the ground alone, which was a strangulation with his legs.
With strenuous exercise, Teng Qingshan also assists breathing and breathing coordination.
The secret of family boxing is that breathing with deep breathing and body shaping can also strengthen the internal organs and stimulate the bones and muscles.
Teng Qingshan would go to the door and practice in the courtyard whenever his father and mother were not at home.
Teng Qingshan was shocked to stop and then squat and clap his hands. "Poof!" A hole appeared in the mud.
"How is that possible?" TengQingShan stupefied in situ "I I practice xingyi quan just for a month, how could it be strong? Moreover, my bones and muscles are still in the growth period. How can I be energetic if my roots have not reached the limit of bones and muscles? "
Just now TengQingShan body strength.
According to the level of family boxing, the first thing to do is to exercise the body. Only when the body muscles get a limit and there is enough blood can they be transformed into strength.
Now Teng Qingshan is only three years old and has been practicing Xingyiquan for only one month. How can he be energetic when his physical distance reaches the limit?
"Ancient and modern times I practiced family boxing. How can there be such a big difference?"
Tengqingshan suddenly face a change "don’t …"
Ancient times and modern times are indeed practitioners’ boxing, but the environment between ancient times and modern times is different. In modern times, the aura of heaven and earth has become negligible. What about ancient times?
"It is said that ancient times can absorb the aura of heaven and earth, but this method of absorbing the aura of heaven and earth is actually a method of breathing." Teng Qingshan’s eyes lit up. "My family’s boxing breathing should also absorb the aura of heaven and earth. Is it because I practiced my family boxing and naturally absorbed the aura of heaven and earth during this month?"
No, he may.
Tengqingshan bones and muscles, after all, are still in the early stage, and it is impossible for Jingxue to produce strength.
There is only one explanation-absorbing the aura of heaven and earth to generate strength.
"It’s impossible to be energetic at the age of three." Teng Qingshan also felt a quiver. "People can absorb the aura of heaven and earth because they have limited energy by eating. What will I achieve?"
Modern food absorbs energy. Limited family boxing can reach the level of ss killer.
And what realm will the ancient masters of boxing who absorbed the aura of heaven and earth reach?
Teng Qingshan’s eyes shine.
Suddenly his heart was filled with a longing for the future!
To what extent can I achieve in the future!
"It seems that I made my own training plan before to change." Tengqingshan felt the body’s ambition at that time.
Chapter III Cousin Green Tiger
Teng Yunlong, the head of Tengjiazhuang, was the first hero in Tengjiazhuang!
This Teng Yunlong, that is, Grandpa Teng Qingshan, is the highest-ranking’ patriarch’ in Tengjiazhuang, and he was also the first blacksmith in Tengjiazhuang.
It’s said to be a blacksmith, but Teng Jiazu’s weapon-making skills are better than those of some weapon-paving divisions in the city.
The best of his younger brothers is Teng Qingshan’s father’ Teng Yongfan’. Teng Yunlong is old. Now that Teng Yongfan has inherited his memory, he has become the first blacksmith in Tengjiazhuang. Since he is the first blacksmith in Zhuang, it is no accident that Teng Yongfan will be a patriarch!
Because Tengjiazhuang generally has three occupations: hunting, farming and making weapons.
Hunting and farming earn too little gold and silver.
And refining a good weapon can make Tengjiazhuang rich, and the whole Tengjiazhuang weapon needs blacksmithing, which can make Tengjiazhuang rich and make Tengjiazhuang men have sharp weapons.
The blacksmith village has a very high status.
It’s no accident that the first blacksmith is either the patriarch or the heir of the patriarch.
Father Teng Yongfan spends most of the day in the shop while the iron is hot, while mother’ Yuan Lan’ is also busy with all kinds of things, and often Teng Qingshan is alone at home.
Tengqingshan is also happy to exercise with peace of mind by closing the gates like this.
The left foot is like an iron plow, and the right foot and right fist are almost simultaneously drawn.
Form-meaning Santi is the simplest and most profound.
Three-pose form and meaning source even the master of form and meaning should keep practicing, and Teng Qingshan now every punch and every foot is definitely the master’s artistic conception. If you are close to Teng Qingshan, you can hear very subtle sounds, which are produced when the muscles and bones move.
Bones and muscles are screaming!
"Hoo!" "Hoo!" "Suck!"
Breathing with three postures is short and slow, and the chest contains a strange law like a bellows.
This practice is two hours!