Three people smell speech immediately return to absolute being, only to find that the baby has already arrived in Ye Han’s arms. At that time, they didn’t know what to say. They all turned red and didn’t dare to look straight at Ye Hansheng for fear that he would blame himself for protecting children.

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Not only did Ye Han suddenly laugh when he saw it, "Well, don’t think too much. Come with me quickly. I have something to discuss with you!"
After that, he put his eyes in his arms. When the baby saw that he had fine features and rosy face, he couldn’t help but touch his face before saying, "What a lovely girl! She looks just like your mother!"
Leng Lingwen’s face suddenly showed a gratified smile. Ye Han’s eyes were inadvertently glanced at Lengling’s face and then said to them, "Let’s go in and talk about anything!"
With that, he turned and walked towards the room. Xiaoli was the first to follow. Three women looked at him and stood on the spot and then followed him in. At this moment, the sky was suddenly shining again. At this time, it was near night arrival, and soon the sky was dim.
The change in Ye Hanyuan soon attracted the attention of Ye Hong, the head of Ye’s family. When they came to trace it, they didn’t find anything in the hospital. Everything had returned to normal without leaving any clues!
One night before, Ye Hong went to the forbidden area of the family, but he didn’t see Ye Han. He finally came to Ye Hanfang and learned from Yan Xin that Ye Han had come back and had gone to Yan’s family to look for medicinal materials.
Therefore, Ye Hong didn’t pay much attention to this matter. If it weren’t for a sudden vision today, he wouldn’t have come here. However, this time his arrival was another beneficial action, which delayed him from running away.
I came to Ye Hanfang’s courtyard because Ye Han had explained before. Don’t let family members enter this courtyard to disturb him. I can also let those family members who followed me stay outside the courtyard and go to the courtyard to ask what happened.
Ye Han and others just wanted to say something when they entered the room when they heard a burst of footsteps outside, so they put everything they wanted to say for a while and waited quietly for outsiders to approach.
It was Ye Hong who was outside the house. When he came to the door, he knocked on the door and shouted at the inside, "Linger, are you all right?"
Leng Lingwen looked at Ye Han and nodded to himself before answering, "Oh, thank you, my father-in-law, we are all right!" "
After saying that, she thought for a while, then Ye Han suddenly smiled and said to the door, "Don’t worry, father, if you have a baby, you will never let Linger and them get hurt. Now we still have some things to discuss, and please ask your father to go back first. The baby will definitely see you in person later!"
Ye Hongwen immediately promised to hesitate for a while, and then slowly left the house and the courtyard to lead those who came to explore the Ye family to go outside together!
I feel that Ye Hong has gone away, and Ye Han can’t help but take a long breath and turn his head at the people in the room and then go in the direction of the bed …
[54] 【 named cher 】 (make up for Saturday)
"Cold brother, what do you want to say when you call us in? How mysterious? " See Ye Han came to the bed to sit inflammation hin finally unbearable heart curious busy asked with a smile.
Ye Hanwen suddenly thought in his heart, "If I tell them about Xingyuan now, it should not be the best time. Let’s wait until the time is right. I’ll tell them!"
Thought here Ye Han decided not to talk about Xingyuan gens’ things just now. Anyway, no one has to bother to explain now, so let’s wait until the time is right.
"Oh, it’s not a big deal, it’s just …" After thinking about it, Ye Han finally didn’t tell them the truth. After a while, he continued, "This child has been through so many things since he was born, and we haven’t come yet to give her a name!"
Hearing Ye Han’s words, everyone suddenly became one leng. Yes, many accidents happened when the child was born. There were both good and bad things. But how many things happened? After all, the child just came to this world and can’t be forgotten because of these things. Why don’t you give her a name?
At the thought of this, everyone’s face suddenly looked a little ugly, and at the same time, they didn’t know what to say. Finally, they came out cold and cheerless and smiled at Ye Han. "What kind of name are you going to give this child?"
Ye Han smell speech, also a leng busy looked at LengLing seems to be to fight for his opinion but don’t want to LengLing suddenly charming smile at this moment "cold son here you are the biggest you have to do is make up your own mind!"
After listening to Lengling’s words, Ye Han didn’t insist on anything. He hesitated for a moment. At the time of the ice sheet, he once said that he would name his unborn child. Now Lengling doesn’t want to help, so he can make his own decisions.
Besides, this cold ling is absolutely right. I am a big man here, and Khan is the best host here. There is no reason to put everything on my woman, even if I name her, since they refuse to help, there is nothing I can do.
After thinking for a while, Ye Han suddenly had an idea in his heart, so he smiled at everyone. "I do have a way, but I don’t know if everyone is satisfied?"
Ye Han suddenly smiled when he said this. "Satisfied, satisfied, if Brother Han named us, we would all be satisfied!"
Ye Hanwen heard another word, then sighed for a while and looked at Lengling and said, "Linger, you should remember what happened when we were in the ice field. After all, this child was still found there!"
After listening to Ye Han’s words, Lengling immediately smiled. "Yes, where did we know that we were pregnant? But what do you mean by that? Don’t you have a name in mind? "
Ye Han smiled and then nodded. Suddenly, he got up and walked slowly by the window and looked at the night outside for a long time. Then he turned around and said to the girls, "I think since Linger is in the ice sheet and found that you are pregnant with this child, why don’t we name this child by ice?"
"Yes, yes, Ye Bing is a nice name, so we can call her Europe later." Yan Xin heard the words immediately and couldn’t help laughing, then hesitated for a moment and then said, "I like the name Europe!"
"Ice? I can’t do this name. I don’t think it’s good to have cold ice! " Cold and cheerless, he shook his head and denied it, but then added, "It’s better to call Ye Yuan. It’s a good name!"
"I think you’d better stop being self-absorbed. I believe Han Er must have other ideas. Let’s listen to his ideas first!" Lengling felt good after listening to these two people’s ideas, but when he saw Ye Han’s face muddy and unpreparedness, he knew that he was not satisfied with these names, so he spoke out and denied these two people’s ideas.
Ye Hanwen even smiled and said, "Yes, this Yuan Er Europe is good, but it’s not what I thought. But I do have a good idea. Let’s just call him Cher. This name is much better than the two of you!"
After listening to Ye Han’s words, everyone hesitated for a while, and then the three men nodded at the same time. Then Ye Han looked at each other and suddenly laughed. "Ha ha ha ha ha, good, good. Since you have no complaints, then we will call him Cher!"
"Cher … Cher …" After listening to Ye Han’s cold words, I just whispered. After a while, I couldn’t bear to smile. "Well, I like this name very much, so we’ll call her Cher. If anyone doesn’t, I can talk to her urgently!"
When Lengling said this, Ye Han’s face also showed a satisfied smile. A face meant that he looked at Yan Xin and then said, "Well, just do what Ling Er said. If anyone doesn’t call her Cher later, we will all fight hard with him!"
See Ye Han looked at his inflammation hin will know bad, now listen to him so suddenly white his mouth said that person is to think for yourself, there are also their own will behave in such a way that others will not, so her face can’t help showing a bit embarrassed.
But she doesn’t know that there is another person here who is more naughty than her, but she just shows up as a fox. Otherwise, they are likely to be a pair of best sisters. After all, they are also very congenial!
"All right, no kidding. Now that the child’s name has been decided, let’s finish the serious work first. It seems that we will leave in the next few days!" Ye Han suddenly remembered the previous changes after he had done a good job in naming, knowing that it was not far from his uprising. It was time for him to go outside and hone himself. While looking for his three unseen nine planets inheritors, he could also take the opportunity to give himself a chance to experience and become stronger before it was too late.
Of course, these are several important reasons. He also has a more important purpose, that is, to take this opportunity to make more masters and heroes, and then pull them into his team in the future. In this way, his strength will be greatly increased in the future.
And Lengling and others, although they don’t know what all that happened before indicates, have already come back and will never stay at home for too long, because they all know that Ye Han has a plan in his heart at the moment, and now it’s time for him to implement these plans.