Looked around Ye Han eyes finally fell on a flat ground, so he nodded with satisfaction, picked up the slight cold charming body and walked slowly to the flat place, and then put it on the ground.

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It’s better for a beauty to lie on the ground than to cover up her body like a nightmare. This slight chill returns to reality. Although the desire magic seed has been brought back, it is a half-truth dream after all. In the dream, her clothes were torn clean, but not in reality.
Therefore, at this moment, this slight cold body is still wrapped in his white dress, and the concave and convex body will be tightly wrapped, and the perfect charming body will cover this white dress.
Glancing at the slight chill, Ye Han’s eyes turned out to be so perfect with remorse and tenderness. A girl was thinking about her lover’s happiness with her side, but she didn’t expect the fact that people were reduced to sexy devil, who had to bear the pain of lust and erosion all the time …
Looking at the slight cold face pleasing to the eye, Ye Han couldn’t help but praise it secretly. This girl’s eyes are light and her facial features are delicate and comely. Two crescent-shaped eyebrows pucker up slightly, and the bridge of her nose bulges slightly. The side is like water, her lips are white and her black hair is set off more as white as snow.
It is even more attractive for the hair to cover the snow-white helix, and the hair is scattered along the ear and scattered on the chest, making her fullness looming more attractive.
Along the white place of her neck, she stands proudly, her breasts are slightly concave, and on the left and right sides, there are two pink arms. A pair of Sandy ruosu jade hands are very weak when they are moved to the lower abdomen.
Seeing Ye Han here, I can’t help but feel a slight chill. What are you following me for? If you hadn’t come with me at the beginning, you would still be living happily at this moment, but now … alas!
After a long sigh, a lot of slight cold will not continue, but instead, he will go back to his front to sit in the healing place, hoping to continue to heal himself and recover as soon as possible, and then he can help Xiao Han find a way to relieve his body desire.
Is this just sitting up to him is can’t help but one leng self-repair actually reached the yuan soul realm … No, this is the peak realm of Yuanyi Jiujie, and it is still a little short to break through to the yuan soul realm.
I feel that although I have enough power to promote Yuan soul realm, I have never found a breakthrough. Ye Han can’t help but feel that it is not a good thing to pick up cheap. Everything has to rely on my own practice.
Think that if you want to find a breakthrough, you can break through. If you want to break through this bottleneck, you can use this force to directly upgrade the repair to several levels. Ye Han can’t help but feel secretly pleased. If you break through the shackles of the Yuan Wing realm, you should be able to directly reach the Five Realms of the Yuan Soul, right?
Thinking of him, he will close his eyes and run the star cold tactic to run his original star around the meridians for a big Sunday, and then continue to repair the meridians.
Ye Han can still heal himself with the help of the star’s vitality at the moment. He thinks it’s better to break into the nightmare to save Xiao Han before the injury is cured. He has disrupted his healing arrangement, and then he has a fight with demons in the nightmare. Finally, he is quite seriously injured and devours demons …
All this has already made his previously repaired meridians on the verge of breaking again. Now it is impossible to take the opportunity to cultivate roots. Although he has absorbed the power of demons and let the injury recover slowly and automatically, it is too serious after all, and he still needs to cultivate himself to fully recover.
Although because of his abnormal health, he can learn from the natural stars to practice without practicing, which is very healing, but it is an extremely slow method after all, and the effect is very slow, which is not suitable for him now
Therefore, he must practice hard and heal himself to achieve his goal. After all, it is not so good for him. lang doesn’t want to let his physical injury drag on for too long. He still has a lot of things to do, and it is still urgent, just like helping Xiao Han find a way out of pain …
Exercise healing is extremely slow for Ye Han. If it is possible, he hopes that his injury will automatically improve.
However, he also knows that this kind of thing is absolutely impossible, and he can try his best to heal and hope that his injury will get better as soon as possible.
"Well … it’s hot! It’s so uncomfortable! "
I don’t know how long it took for a light chant to immediately interrupt Ye Han’s practice, so that he had to slowly open his eyes to see what people were doing.
But the eyes are still turning in the future. Ye Han is already white. It is the slight cold who broke free from his ban and is enjoying it … Ahem, suffering from the burning pain in the desire will make that sound.
If you look at it in a blink of an eye, you will not stop until you tear your clothes clean with your hands on your knees!
Ye Han looked at him and suddenly a burst of nai this slight cold body desire magic is too strong. How long did it take for her to ban him? She actually lifted the ban with her own strength and saw that it was still forced.
Looking at this slight cold, I’ve torn my clothes about, leaving the last line of protection. Ye Han didn’t dare to hesitate again. He got up and walked past, hugged them and then grabbed his hands so that he couldn’t move any more.
I feel that my hands are bound, and I continue to get rid of my body. That uncomfortable feeling is slight cold. I am busy struggling to get rid of Ye Han’s bondage, but I finally get rid of it. Although I am higher than Ye Han, at this moment, she can’t play a tenth of her strength. This is entangled in his roots by Ye Han and can’t earn it.
Ye Han wry smile a busy took out the phlogistic cold jade flute, left his head hanging for half, and then stretched out his hand and took out a star to stimulate the jade flute protection barrier. Jade flute instantly emitted a faint blue light and soon formed a star shield to cover his slight cold.
Xingyuan shrouded in slight cold and finally stopped struggling. It was the watery eyes that stared at Ye Han and seemed to ask something, but it turned out to be an awkward look.
Seeing this situation, Ye Han couldn’t help but burst of pity. Busy stretch out his hand to caress the slight cold forehead, but in his heart, andao seems to have guessed it well. This star can really temporarily suppress the slight cold desire, so that you can fight for yourself.
It turns out that Ye Han had a thought after this. Since his star element can restrain the magic gas, it should be feasible to restrain the slight cold desire, so he adopted this method, but he didn’t expect this method to be really effective. The star element enveloped this slight cold and he really recovered a little sober.
But the desire is too strong, even if Xingyuan restrained her, she recovered a little bit of sobriety. For her, this little bit of sobriety can temporarily alleviate some of her desires and pains, but it can’t really wake up.
Looking at Xiao Han Ye Han’s heart, I really want to be a man to help her relieve her pain, but think about it. Xiao Han can be so painful before he finishes stimulating her desires. If he does that, he will completely stimulate her desires, and then the situation will be even worse.
I want to think that although I can temporarily relieve her pain, I have to suffer several times afterwards. Ye Han couldn’t help giving up this idea.
Naiye Han should choose to temporarily burn the cold jade flute to suppress the slight cold desire to alleviate her pain, and then put it back and reach out to her shoulders and point a finger to transport her own stars again, so as to temporarily stop the slight cold from moving.
After all, Ye Han has seen the situation of self-comfort before slight cold, but it would be bad if she messed around by herself when she was practicing, so he decided to continue to stop her from accidents.
After all this, Ye Han took out a dress from Yu Pei, covered her slight cold body and then slowly returned to her practice place to sit up.
Looking back, I looked at the sleeping ground covered by jade flute energy. The slight chill Ye Han was another sigh, but I couldn’t help but feel a little glad that if I hadn’t always taken precautions, I’d be ready to change clothes for my daughters. I really don’t know if I could always let him be naked like this if I went to find clothes for the slight chill, can I?
After thinking about it, Ye Han couldn’t help writing that evil idea again. In the final analysis, it’s still his own credit. If he didn’t tear the dresses of Lengling and others, he wouldn’t have prepared these clothes.
After careful consideration, Ye Han can’t help but aggravate evil. Lengling and others have to tear their clothes themselves, but this slight cold has really saved herself a lot of effort by tearing off her clothes without the help of outsiders …
Ahem, people’s slight cold is driven by desire. How can you think of such an evil thing? Well, it’s better to practice quickly without delay …