You know, this is the capital of Kyoto.

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Many hotel rooms can’t be booked on the spot if you want to.
Many people need to book private rooms half a day or even a few days ago.
"We have to check these two people who invite Xi Da to dinner."
Huang found out in the information that he invited Xi Da to dinner. These two are ordinary friends of Xi Da, and they are not familiar with each other.
And these two people are also very common genetic new humans.
They live a little far apart.
One lives in the south of Kyoto Prefecture and the other in the north of Kyoto Prefecture.
Fortunately, it’s not too far to fly a skateboard in a straight line at night
After a total of three hours of tossing, I also changed the pool of the repulsion flying skateboard once, and then I checked the two guests for dinner.
It’s all ordinary people’s direct advanced hypnosis plus a little psychic radiation, which has an unexpected harvest.
There’s another clue!
There is a third person in the dinner!
Both dinners were initiated by a third person.
But it was the third person who asked these two people to invite Xi Da.
Hotel rooms are also booked by a third person, and they are also booked directly by the third person.
But when it was time for dinner, he said he couldn’t come because of something temporary.
However, this third person is kind, but he didn’t come, but he settled the dinner bill.
It’s a happy ending.
Tracing back here, Xu tui finally smelled a little conspiracy.
This will find that the third person who treats you to dinner may be the connector or collaborator code-named hand sanitizer purification officer.
This is about the two dinners but not present. The third person named Ning Yize!
"A Huang Cha Yi Ning Yi Ze Details Male 33-year-old works in AXA Biological Group"
"One minute"
Xu tui’s personal communication equipment vibrates slightly, and Huang has pushed the information of Ning Yize to Xu tui.
Your resume is very bright.
China’s top ten gene evolution university graduates are mysterious, but their ability is biased towards major researchers.
At the earliest, it was also very hard for scientific research dogs to struggle in Kyoto Prefecture.
One of Ma’s resumes caught Xu’s attention.
Ning Yize once worked in No.29 Institute of Gene Research Institute for six years.
The six-year work experience of No.29 Institute of Gene Research Institute is that Ning Yize jumped directly into the top three AXA Gene Biopharmaceutical Company in Bluestar scale.
"A Huang Cha No.29 Institute Information"
When Xu quit and went to Ning Yize’s residence, he searched for information while traveling.
"You can’t think of a person who is the director of No.29 Institute," Huang said abruptly.
"Lu Guanqing!"
"Now Lu Guanqing, vice president of Gene Research Institute, is still the director of Institute 29 of Gene Research Institute."
"Lu Guanqing?"
Xu back corners of the mouth sneer at he has some vague associations.
If that’s the case, then the people behind this plot against him, against Luo Shifeng and even continue to plot against his parents will emerge.
"It’s better not be him or else!"
After half an hour, Xu retired and arrived at Ning Yize’s residence in Kyoto Prefecture. It was already past three o’clock in the morning, and the sanitation robots in Kyoto Prefecture had all worked.
Ning Yize works in AXA Gene Biopharmaceutical Company as a senior white-collar worker, a middle-aged white-collar worker and a high-end residential area. The security array is very strong, and the camera is not there.