"Eat this bowl of delicious" Yan smiled and laughed.

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Su Mian nodded. "This porridge is excellent. You should all ask who made it and reward them."
"It’s delicious. We don’t even know if we want to add some glutinous rice." Someone answered the phone.
"My brother respects your brother, and if you drink a glass of wine, my brother will disrespect your brother," Yan said.
"Good hard eleven younger brother these days" Yan Gui end wine laughed.
It hasn’t been long since I was old enough to live in the world, and the prince of Su has gone. He is busy in Yan period, and there are still several imperial families who have brothers to marry.
"My brother is in charge of the clan mansion. It’s not hard to do this. Thank you, brother Huai." Yan Qi smiled and drank.
"Eleven younger brother is hard, but also care about himself." Yanming laughed lightly.
"Six elder brother also don’t think impassability to I respect you" Yan to end up with a glass of wine.
"Yes, thank you for your position." Yanming raised his glass and smiled more and more faintly.
"Ah …" Su Mian let out a little cry and touched her belly to laugh "Don’t worry"
"Kick you again? Hard "Yan to drink wine love dearly.
"Nothing, isn’t this normal?" Sue cotton laughed
"The Empress has really worked hard and cared for herself," the Empress Dowager Cihui worried.
"Is male and female servants must take good care of yourself and your children. Thank you, Empress." Su Mian is still a light way
They supposed to say a few nice words to Sue cotton answered with a smile.
When the time came, Zhongyan returned and took one look at Ming ‘an.
"Mother, it’s getting late. Will you please go back and rest?"
Su Mian glanced at Yan Gui and smiled and said, "Well, then go home."
They got up and sent Sue cotton.
Su Mian laughed when he left the Yuanyi Temple. "It’s rare that your father also set his mind at ease and asked you to send your mother back?"
"Dad said that I would take care of my mother safely and ask my son to personally send my mother back. Let’s take her sedan chair." Ming An said.
He is wearing a crimson robe with a silver dragon pattern on his head, which is very delicate and makes people feel solemn at first sight.
"Mother don’t take a walk and go back. Let’s take a walk for your mother." Su Mian touched his head and laughed.
"That … mother walk? If you are tired, take a sedan chair. "Ming ‘an looked at Sue’s cotton-padded belly and felt uneasy.
"Walk more, walk better and follow your mother." Su Mian took his little hand with a smile and said
"Mother, walk slowly. I’ll pull you." Ming ‘an smiled.
All the way, the two mothers said this and soon reached the Hall of Harmony. Su Mian took off her clothes outside and sat down. "Go ahead, you have to stay up for a while, and your mother can sleep for a while and wait for your father."
Ming’ an got up and went to Yuanyidian again.
"Father and mother have rested" Ming ‘an said.
"Good Ann’s hard work. Sit down. Don’t eat well. Take care of your brothers." Yan Gui smiled and asked people to bring a few Ming ‘an’s favorite dishes, all of which were just cooked.