"Well, it’s a bit of a drop when I prepare the explanation before Gao Zongzhu Yu. How about this? I’ll show you a trick, too."

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Zhuang got up not far away and said to a worker next to him, "Then who will go to the next room to wash their hands and get me a roll of toilet paper?"
They were all a forehead black line.
Do you want me to get you a roll of toilet paper at this time?
But the worker looked around and ran to get a roll of toilet paper.
"Come and help me pull it." Not far from Zhuang, give one end of the toilet paper to Xiao Wei and let Xiao Wei and the workers pull the toilet paper long.
"Please see, this is a roll of toilet paper that has just been brought from the next door. If you don’t believe it, you can check it." Zhuang said not far away
Everyone said that …
Old people don’t check toilet paper!
Even Zhou Xiang’ an has a black line on his forehead. What did this bear child come up with?
"Good continue to stretch! Stretch as long as possible! " Not far from Zhuang, the workers and Xiao Wei pulled the toilet paper to more than ten meters long.
"So tight and straight!" Not far from Zhuang, his right hand reached into his backpack and took out a spray-painted metal can and waved it in his hand. The tinkling impact sounded and everyone heard that it contained some kind of liquid.
He pressed the button on the toilet paper and hissed, and a fine spray came out of the can.
Toilet paper gets wet quickly and then turns light blue.
Zhuang not far from this end of the toilet paper has been sprayed to the other end of the toilet paper.
"Good one, two, three Dangdang Dangdang!" Zhuang stretched out his hand and pointed to the toilet paper not far away, like a stage magician.
Everyone looked blank.
What they saw was a piece of toilet pap soaked to blue.
But the face of the workers holding toilet paper changed.
He came to hold the toilet paper tightly, and his hand gradually loosened, but the toilet paper was still straight.
Not far from Zhuang, people hung the ends of toilet paper in the conference table.
Everyone can see that this toilet paper has turned into a rigid material!
Toilet paper in the circular conference room area stretched straight from one end to the other for more than ten meters, but it was not deformed at all.
No, toilet paper doesn’t look like toilet paper anymore. It has a smooth surface and reflects soft blue light.
Both sides of the conference room are close to the toilet paper, and they have reached out and touched their eyes consciously, almost popping out.
"Hard … hard?"
"Hard what’s the big deal? A lot of materials can harden toilet paper. "There are people next to it."
In a second, they saw Zhuang jump off the desk not far away.
"I’ll walk a tightrope if I laugh."
He stepped out directly and firmly on the toilet paper.