"I don’t know if you have ever been into that fog in recent years?" I asked cautiously.

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Xi Shengren heard the news and nodded, "Xiu Geng has taken refuge in the splendid mountains and rivers after entering the country. He tried to go deep into it a few years ago."
"I didn’t encounter any danger, but unfortunately I didn’t get anything. In the end, I turned around in the fog and failed to really touch the ancestral land."
For many years since ancient times, the peerless magic weapon has not been able to exert its corresponding strength because of the cloud nine. Even if it is intentional, it is naturally difficult to explore the situation.
Nowadays, although many peerless magic weapons can exert the power of the theory level, compared with the past, there has also been a qualitative change. The fog in Zuzhou is unpredictable, but it is not impossible to cross the thunder pool. Limited exploration is still possible.
Of course, at present, there are peerless levels of power, and the mending heaven religion took the first action.
I nodded my head, so it really won’t be too dangerous.
Grandma Lishan smiled kindly. "Although it’s offensive, the true gentleman’s heel is extraordinary, and the mother empress may have some connection. Therefore, it’s a bit more sure to invite the true gentleman by our own efforts. Please don’t blame it."
Hearing grandma Lishan’s words is also a sincere message, but it’s hard to say much and it’s also a smile.
When Xi Shengnv saw this, she said, "Why don’t you start without delay?"
"good ~"
Grandma Lishan took the jade chapter to send the two of them out of Fairy Island and watched them go away. It was hard to look forward to it in her eyes.
"Grandma, do you think that this time the Saint Master and Qingwei Zhenjun can gain anything?"
Listening to Yuzhang’s words, Grandma Lishan smiled. "An old woman is also curious. It’s best to get something anyway, or to come back safely."
Yu Zhangwen couldn’t help but nod his head. "There is no problem with beautiful mountains and rivers!"
"Having said that, Zuzhou, after all, is involved in the empress’s saying that the magic weapon of hierarchy is not necessarily lost. Both Xi and Zhenjun are profound and cautious, and the danger should not be great if they are careless." Grandma Lishan will wait patiently in the palace with a sigh and a jade chapter.
Fairy Island is very close to Zuzhou, so the two of them just came to the fog in the blink of an eye.
Looking at what seems to be static in front of us is actually an imperceptible regular movement, and the gray fog can’t help but give birth to a kind of natural intimacy.
Raising my hand and touching it gently is not as strange as him, but a little cold.
"The strange forces in the fog will have to go deep for some distance to reveal the outer layer, which seems to be suppressed by Shenzhou Avenue."
"However, after entering the middle school, it is difficult to tell if the true gentleman wants to know the position, and he can judge it by feeling."
The location chosen by the two men was remote, but there was no chance for him to explore. After listening to the words of Sister Xi, the friar nodded and asked, "But things like corpse monsters appear frequently?"
Sister Xi took a look at the ghost and smiled. "Not many bases are afraid to approach the splendid scenery."
"It’s good to save a lot of trouble." I chuckled.
Then they don’t dawdle, but they see the unreal world and mountains and rivers outside the stream saint, and they are gone with their feet moving outside the fog.
The fog rose and fell a little, and then it instantly recovered to calm down. As usual, it did not attract people’s attention.
I followed closely the beautiful mountains and rivers beside the stream saint, but it was difficult to completely break the fog. Of course, it was also because the stream saint did not completely motivate this peerless magic weapon.
"If you want to go out later, can you judge the direction by the fog concentration?"
With the deepening of the mystery, I feel the breath in the fog deepening, and my whole body is active in mana, which can’t help but show the head of a snake.
After taking a look at the ghost, Xi Shengnv said, "With a beautiful landscape, I can vaguely perceive that what the outside world is not completely lost is not necessarily where it will appear."
The two of them went deep and carefully all the way, and it was really as dangerous as Xi Sheng said. Even the occasional encounter with a corpse monster seemed to perceive the threat and avoid it.
And this body is more handy with the deepening, but it has no discomfort, and it can sense the death and decay in the fog.
The two seem to be full of eyes, but with the help of beautiful mountains and rivers, the goal is to move towards the land of Zuzhou
At this moment, Xi Shengnv and Ming Wei successively looked forward with their eyebrows moving, but they saw what seemed to flash rapidly in the fog tremor.
"Is there really a monster who is not afraid of peerless power?" I gave a surprised smile.
The Sage of Creek nodded and smiled. "They know how to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, but sometimes they can’t help but be tempted to devour the living."
Say and look at the ghost. "But this should be attracted by my breath. The Taoist here is similar to them and should be overwhelmed."
After saying his word, I saw that there were many tiny black hairs in my life, and my thick arms leaned out of the fog and grabbed them.
In the fog, filar silk is cold, dead and dying, and the gathering of strength in the arms seems to naturally bless and touch the divine light transformed by the splendid mountains and rivers with brazen potential.
Thorn, thorn!