When the picture stabilized again, the reporter looked at the camera with excitement and didn’t know whether it was tears or rain on his face.

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"Just now, our ship was about to hit a sunken ship, and suddenly a killer whale saved us!"
"It pushed our ship to the right course!"
"Now there are seven killer whales around us, and we are escorting them around the boat, pushing us forward to prevent the killer whales from being hurt. We have turned off the engine of the boat."
"We see the shore! Here we are! We did it! Audience, let’s cheer! "
After a lot of hardships in the camera, the rescue team finally landed with some supplies. Several killer whales behind them put their heads out of the water and shouted at the camera.
"I never understood why so many people like whales and are willing to live to protect them. Now I understand that my life is given by these whales!" The reporter said to the camera excitedly, "Our companions will return to the ship and continue to deliver supplies. These whales are still escorting and protecting our ship. Whales are really good friends of mankind. They are as broad-minded as the sea. People in the former Fusang state are so confident in them …"
Seeing a few whales surrounded by boats makes the world audience hold their hearts in front of the screen and feel that their hearts are melting.
Whales are so cute, so cute and so gentle!
We are so touched!
More and more whales joined the escort, and a large group of pilot whales guided the rescue boat to finally sail into Dongdu Port, and the relief materials were unloaded and sent to all parts of Dongdu.
The picture is warm and touching.
Especially in the end, when the rescue boat pushed over the ruins of the port by its own fat body, it was even more shocking and moving.
Even the Fusang people were moved to sparse inside Hua.
God bless Fusang Prefecture and God bless Fusang people!
International aid is like a small straw discharging water into a swimming pool.
Someone who directly poked a big hole in the bottom of the swimming pool is also being interviewed at the moment. "Although Fusang Prefecture has made us suffer unfair treatment, our Green Island Port and Fusang Dog … are friendly neighbors, and we will definitely help Sangzhou tide over the difficulties!"
After the interview, someone returned to the palace. "Grandma’s old compensation hasn’t arrived yet. No matter how windy it is, it will rain harder!"
So the wind and the rain came suddenly
Chapter 929 Don’t krypton gold also want to be stronger?
Before the earth became furious, human beings were so small that the waves and storms lasted for several days, causing no less damage than hundreds of mushroom bombs, which almost paralyzed Fusang State.
The seaport was destroyed, the transportation facilities were destroyed, the central equipment was soaked in water, and the food preparation was cut off. Fusang Prefecture called it the "darkest day after the war". It was estimated that the loss of Fusang reached trillions, and the whole state’s economy would be retrogressed for ten years.
This is definitely not good news for Fusang, which has not made economic progress for 20 or 30 years.
In order to provide disaster relief, the "Disaster Relief Committee" was set up in Fusang Prefecture, which was responsible for directing the relief workers in Fusang Prefecture.
This disaster relief Committee is located in the Supreme Court of Fusang Prefecture, because the standby facilities here have not been damaged and the communication lines have been repaired.
It seems that the building has been specially cared for, and it seems that it has hardly been damaged except that it is surrounded by water.
The court, large and small, which hear cases, are now full of worker of all kinds.
Of course, the core place is the former big court, which has been closed for more than half an hour, and the people of the disaster relief Committee are making a noise inside.
People outside don’t know that big shots are still trying their best to discuss such as reviving Fusang.
But if someone obeys at the door, I’m afraid they will lose their eyes all over the floor.
"Now our Fusang state’s economy has suffered heavy losses, and it’s nothing to hand over the nervous funds!" An official is growling, "You legal professionals are traitors, and you should declare that Zhuang is not far from sin. Now our state is in turmoil and needs a fine to increase the revenue of the state treasury to help our people. Instead of a fine, you have to pay a fine. What do you mean?"
"You fart! Mr. Zhuang is the greatest good man in the world. He is the light that guides our generation. It is you officials, politicians and Hu Fei who have caused this disaster … "The judge quickly covered the official’s mouth and then looked left and right in horror.
However, the official obviously didn’t go to the judge’s panic. He also attacked him, so he waved his fist and gave the judge a panda eye.
"Do you dare to hit me? As it happens, we have taken control of your illegal collusion with the agricultural association, and we will report you! You look at boxing! " The judge also waved his fist and rushed.
Then both sides did it.
When the big court door was knocked again, dozens of politicians with black faces came out from it.
These judges are so powerful that they fight like they have taken a powerful pill. That’s fatal!
But which of these politicians has not been caught in a pigtail at this time, even if they don’t want to, they can hold their noses and admit it.
An official in charge of finance was interviewed in front of the Supreme Court. "Since Fusang was hit by the disaster, we have received private help from many caring people, especially from Green Island Port. We have decided to pay a total of 150 Luo, or 197.2 billion yuan, in compensation and fines to Green Island Port. At present, we have remitted this fund to the other party’s account …"
When Zhuang saw the news not far away, Liu Jinge also came to report with joy, "The owner of Zhuang has arrived at the account! The money has arrived! "
"Really?" Zhuang smiled and nodded not far away. "Since they are so discretion, turn down the wind and rain."
There are many reporters in front of the big court all the time, and from time to time, a spokesperson from Fusang State comes out to say a few words.
At this time, the reporters haven’t dispersed, and the Fusang state spokesperson hasn’t finished answering other questions about disaster relief, and suddenly he feels like four Liang Zhou.