Two people talking, a white-robed old man falling near nodded.

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"How about it?"
"A talented young man," Zheng Changtu replied.
"Have a chance to meet him."
"All right" white old man chuckled.
"But I haven’t met anyone from our place for some years, and I’m still a young man who can beat Qiwu."
"Yes!" Zheng Changtu smiled and looked up at a high place in the valley.
"What is the Golden Eagle doing?"
"Still studying" The white-robed old man gently frowned.
"He is so obsessed with the genocide that he has been looking for something called sorrow flower, which seems to be genocide."
"Genocide …" Zheng Changtu eyes flashing.
"Just don’t touch that deadline. It’s too far for us."
"Who said not" white old man shook his head and added.
"There’s news from Tianshuizhai, and the failure to encircle Lei Batian led to the collapse of the war situation. Guo Wu will even go the way you said."
Zheng Changtu shook his head.
"Although Lei Batian is the medium-term strength of the black iron, it is serious. Guo Wuduan is looking for Shicheng after death, and it is estimated that the weather will change."
"More than"
The white-robed old man raised his eyebrows slightly.
"Blood vine building seems to be interested in taking refuge in the Tianhu gang?"
"Huh?" Zheng Changtu frowned.
"It’s really weird." The white-robed old man is also puzzled.
"The blood vine building is always at odds. At this time, I took the initiative to sum it up. How did the’ landlord’ think of it?"
Even if the two old men were well informed, they still couldn’t think of what happened.
But they all know very well
Shicheng forces will even be turned upside down.
Although Ying Chao is not involved, so many people can’t rely on this place alone, but they need people from outside.
Once there is turmoil, the exchange of raw materials is likely to be affected by waves.
Must always note.
"Fifty-three years ago, there were 219 people living in the whole falling market in Yunzhen, a mountainous area in Chongqing."
"Forty-one years ago, the South Island Reef was flooded by seawater, and its people and tourists came to the market together to rescue all the people in Ying Chao for fifty-three days."
"Twenty years ago, twenty years ago, there were two times when the earth people fell, one in America and one near Huojiabao …"
"Five years ago, we"
Zhou Jia’s eyes flashed thoughtfully.
"According to Zheng Lao, he should be the first person to fall into the market world, and there are the most people living in Yunzhen because of the corps."
"But because of the complicated environment at that time, the whole town disappeared without leaving any official record."