And if you want to break the chaos that has been honed by the avenue, you must attack this series by the avenue.

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It can be said that the defense force is single. At this time, this gourd bottle has jumped and is stronger than Qing Di Jiuchongque.
Of course, its limit is here, but Qing Di Jiuchongque is still limited.
This point is natural and won’t be confused.
After a drill, he put away the gourd bottle and sorted out the contents of a tiger skin bag.
This tiger skin has been following him since he learned the Tao.
So far, through his constant sacrifice, it has become no less than a small world.
Inside, there are layers of things he has always collected.
Birds’ feathers collected when they were unable to cast spells because of learning druid spells at first; Bark, branches, etc. left over from spell making; In southern Xinjiang, suffocation and miasma are collected; The Jade Valley of the Warring States World …
These things are still in it.
Some things, not to mention him now, are not even estimated by his grandchildren.
This time, he simply cleaned up his department and then picked out something to prepare reasonably.
After finishing, I also found several good things.
The handwritten notes presented by the sages of the Warring States period can still make him feel something after reading them.
In the warring States period, the sacred iron, plough and so on can also be refined.
A yellow glittering pearl caught his attention, picked it up and remembered Lingqing after playing for a while.
This is an earth-digging pearl. When it was in Jiufang World, the East China Sea Tai Tai changed some magic water for itself.
Originally, he thought it was just an ordinary refined object. At this time, when he looked closely, he found that its chaotic mysterious fetus was somewhat similar.
However, the chaotic mysterious embryo is refined by human beings, and this bead is generated by heaven and earth.
Followed by an ofuda presented by Doum Yuanjun in the fairy world.
Its shape is like a milky way, and there is also a corner hanging from it. The word "Chen" can help him realize the way of stars.
At this time, even if he is promoted to the fairy, he can still have it
Especially for Miaoling Dijun, if he is promoted to fairy in the future, he can save three components by its efficacy.
When I saw this spirit, I suddenly remembered that the Virgin, who was still a Tibetan turtle, had given herself a spirit bead.
It is said that it is wonderful after being promoted to the fairy.
And I forgot the timing of my promotion to the fairy in a clever hurry.
But now that I think about it, it’s not urgent.
Lingqing rummaged through it again and found that there was nothing urgent.
He took all the letters and the earth beads and planned to ask Brother Wan.
Brother Wan first looked through the letters and said, "The truth of the avenue is hidden in pen and ink."
Every sage who can stand up and say that it is the same for the great generation.
It is because of the perfect combination of law that it broadcasts its own truth in the heavens and the earth, hoping to seek that point as bright as fireworks
When you look at these classics again, don’t learn the truth they contain.
But to look for that confusion they show.
Because you can understand the truth yourself, but most of the confusion is the same.
When you learn their Tao, you will repeat it. They are confused and can’t get out of their rut.
And when you realize your Tao with these puzzles,
Not only can you solve these puzzles, but you can still belong to your own Tao. "
Then return all the letters to Yu Lingqing for him to keep.
If you have read them all, you might as well leave them to your younger generation.
See Lingqing nodded and put it away, and then he picked up the Pidi Pearl and looked at it.
Then he said, "It is indeed as you think. This pearl is a treasure created by heaven and earth, just like a chaotic mysterious fetus."
It’s the pearl’s congenital deficiency, in which turbid shaqi lurks.
Not only does the law create a new world, but it also has little value for you to understand.
It’s ok to turn it into a magic weapon if you like.
Even if you are promoted to Lingbao, your achievements are limited, and its power is not as good as that of the gourd bottle you refined. "
Lingqing listened to it and put it away. Although she didn’t arrive, it was good to give it away in the future.
Then he held out the spirit bead given by the Virgin Tortoise with a backhand.
Asked, "Brother, do you know what this thing has?"
"Huh?" Brother Wan saw it and immediately indecision stretched out his hand and took the spirit bead and looked at it carefully.
And closed my eyes for a long time before I opened my eyes. "When you know whether it’s a fairy or a pick, it’s our convenience."
In a real sense, the two realms are actually a fairyland.
Further, it is the mixed yuan territory. "
Lingqing nodded. I don’t know if he said this.