The "natural" spirit green was taken out from the tiger skin bag, which will be sealed by an innate charm.

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Knock! ! !
The original dead stone heart suddenly shuddered and gave a muffled sound.
However, before the sound went out, I saw Lingqing wave his hand and forbidden it.
Then a layer of ban was added to the stone core.
Road flyover spirit around the ten zhangs Fiona Fang stone heart probing the wishful tapping in his hand from time to time.
"Do you want to beat his heart out so you don’t have to face his huge body?" Wu Tiantong also understood his meaning and explored the situation of Shixin with him.
"Yinshan is still big for hell. We can’t tear it down a little bit, can we?"
"Just an incarnate stone heart is so big, you can imagine how big his stone heart is."
"Compared with Wan Li style, it is much smaller after all."
Two people constantly discussing while probing.
Lingqing said that he also sent the hole to explore the truth and said that he knew the situation.
After a while, three people stopped Lingqing first. "This stone heart is equivalent to the core of a mountain range."
If you cut off the legend of the ghost king of Yinshan and put it in one place, you can create a long mountain range.
When Zhong Kui swallowed one of his avatars before, I saw a mountain range collapse in Yinshan from a distance.
I think this stone heart is the foundation of Yinshan Mountain.
If the stone heart is gone, the Yinshan will be gone. "
"It is only after the stone heart is lost that the mountain range collapses," the Taoist corrected. "So why not find a support to replace it before it collapses?"
"So we have to find something that can support the Wan Li Mountains?" Wu Tiantong rubbed his bar. "What about that?"
Yeah, what?
"If you do it yourself, you don’t worry that this shady mountain won’t collapse." Just as the three of them were thinking, they suddenly heard a sound coming from behind.
Three people hurriedly turned to look only to see a robe, shawl, tall and majestic figure appeared behind them.
The three men glanced at each other and said, "I don’t know?"
"Being original and Xuanxuan came here for a disaster." That humanity
"I’ll meet Xuantian Emperor!" Three people smell speech immediately kotow worship way
"This body is just an incarnation. You don’t have to call it that." The man smoothed his long beard and said.
"Seen swinging the magic father" three people once again a worship.
Eye this man is the original sealing town Yinshan ghost king swinging the magic founder.
However, the three people also understood that the founder of the real Tai Chi in Sanfeng, the world, was really the incarnation of Xuantian Emperor.
The founder of Dangmo no longer said much, but asked Lingqing to arrange a couch for him to sleep alone.
With his guarantee, Lingqing three people will no longer worry about the collapse of Yinshan Mountain.
Deliberation is like beating out a stone heart.
With the continuous development of Yangshipu, Kyushu was in turmoil for a while.
People’s prayers are constantly converging on the dragon pillar of fate
The dragon, which was already about to be transported by rotten wood to the country, gradually became radiant and flew around Kyushu from the dragon pillar of fate.
One hundred days later, the dragon landed on the top of Mount Tai to arouse the breath of Mount Tai.
A statue of Qing Di Temple leaped out by Emperor Qinglong and stood thousands of feet high at the top of Mount Tai.
Followed by Hengshan by Suzaku Chi Di Songshan by Qilin Huangdi Huashan by Baihu Baidi Hengshan by Xuanwu Hei Di.
As soon as the five emperors’ figures appeared, they used the Wuyue Center of the Dragon Air Machine of the National Games to link Kyushu mountains and rivers into a big net to cover the whole world.
At the same time, Tian Ying, Yang Liyi, Ling Ji, Wen Jun, Xiaoqian and others are also guiding Sun Yuwei to shake the altar.
At that time, there were 365 deified spirits, and the stars rose.
When crossing the French Open, bring up people’s hearts and pray for the stars to hang in the sky.
Then all the stars fall on the earth and nourish the riddled earth.
For a few hours, the cracks between Yin and Yang in Yin and Yang channels slowly disappear.
When it was all over, Li Li instigated the Great Array of Sunday and the Great Array of Wuyue Town to transport the dragon and the column to stop the magic sword in the Taishan passage.
Hum! ! !
Excalibur light magnifies into a huge sword light that fills the whole yin-yang channel and bombards the nether world.
"coming!" Zhu Youxiao sits in a dragon chair in the Forbidden City.
"coming!" In the city of Yan Luowang in Chengtou way