"I … I am …" The young man looked blank.

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"Good take today you are the sheep knife factory owner! Come on, come on, come with me! Can’t come! "
The young man held the factory order for more than ten seconds before he reacted … Wait, I’m the factory owner?
I’m … I’m the factory owner?
For him, this is a drop in the bucket.
But he didn’t know that there was even a poisonous poison hidden in this pie, and it would kill him with a bite.
The golden hammer dragged the new sheep knife factory owner straight to another factory-the file brick factory.
The file brick factory was also seriously injured, and both his thighs and half of his ass were cut off.
However, he is a three-pupil with strong vitality and very strong recovery ability. At this time, his body is crawling with semi-permeable and jelly-like granulation, and it seems that he will recover in a few days.
Probably because the owner of his own factory is tough, the servants in the brick filing factory are not very happy.
The owner of the file brick factory was even more indifferent, and he was furious. All the servants trembled with fear, and the whole factory smelled of blood.
When he saw the arrival of the golden hammer, he was even more angry. "You still dare to come! Somebody get him out of here! No, bring me my knife and I’ll cut him! "
"No, no, no!" Golden hammer hurriedly way "brick brothers don’t! I’m afraid you can’t live if you kill me! "
"I don’t care if I can kill you!"
Although the factory owner is a pupil, he has a bad temper.
"Brick brothers calm down! Zhuang is not far away. His horse is coming! We have to work out a countermeasure quickly or it will be too late! "
"What?" I was shocked to hear that the brick was coming not far from Zhuang. "How is it possible that he still has the strength to attack us?"
After hearing the story of the golden hammer, the brick was silent.
But there was no silence for two seconds before he thundered again. "It’s not far from you to provoke Zhuang! I just kill you. Zhuang and I are not far away from resentments to offer your head … "
"Brick brothers, if it’s really that simple, I’d like you to cut my head off and get scared now." Golden hammer wry smile. "But not far from Zhuang, he is a vengeful man. We have already made a bitter enemy with him and want to surrender? It’s too late now! "
Golden hammer this sentence is not wrong.
Since the hammer city attacked the manor on a large scale, it seems that there is no common possibility between the two.
Zhuang is not far away. Although he is already a manor owner, he is not a politician.
There are still no compromises and gray areas in his world. For him, there are two kinds of people in this world.
Friends and enemies
People in Hammer City will never be friends.
Then we can be enemies.
"What shall we do?" Bricks are also messed up.
He doesn’t want to die!
In the sheep knife factory new factory owner is staring blankly at this time don’t know what is the state of the eyes.
"There’s a way out of this plan." Golden Hammer smiled wryly. "We just have three factory owners left …"
"Three factory owners? What? You mean ….. Don’t you … "Brick smell speech leng one and then to react face big change" are you crazy! That’s our last defense force in Hammer City! Our six factories have worked so hard to accumulate resources for so long to start once, which is to fight against the end of the era! "
"Otherwise, what else can you do?" Golden hammer shook his head with a wry smile "if you don’t start it, don’t say what era is over, even we can’t live for a few days! To live to the end of the era this time, there is always a way. If it is a big deal, we will sacrifice another factory … "
Speaking of which, the golden hammer and the brick exchanged a look and both saw some determination from each other’s eyes.
"I’m afraid there is such a thing."
"Start … the ultimate defense!"
Chapter 122 War Wheel
Tie hammer city center area
The new sheep knife factory owner stumbled behind the golden hammer and bricks in the dark secret passage.
Ten hammers in Hammer City are connected to a huge "round handle" in the center.