But Zhuang is not far away. It’s different!

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This is too cruel. It’s much more terrible than Dad Zhuang.
Now I think that I’m still shivering when I’m forced to dress together
Wen Liuquan gave him a good meal and left him half-life. I guess it’s for Zhuang Dad’s sake.
He almost ran away at that moment.
But when he saw Zhuang not far away, he didn’t seem to notice at all. He was chatting with Da Zhuang, and he took out food from his backpack and shared it with Da Zhuang. He muttered in his heart while chatting and watching monkey shows.
What’s wrong with this little ancestor?
"His total? Qi Zong? " Next to Wang, the caller stopped him and said, "Mr. Qi, this is Mr. Simon, the representative of Luxian Group of Lanxi Prefecture, and this is Miss Munuma of Fusang Baihe Winery. These two are here to buy Dazhuang Winery."
Simon is a tall man with well-dressed clothes and exquisite accessories. He frowns and looks at his eyes, forcing him to feel puzzled.
The suit looks crisp, but it’s not worth much to fool people.
This man’s temperament is vulgar, his personal image management is in a mess, and even the word outbreak is out of shape
And behind him, the winery was ruined for decades, and he couldn’t believe that he was going to buy such a winery.
Although he and Miss Munuma are rivals, at this time he still looked at each other with Miss Munuma and exchanged a puzzled look.
Then he heard qi Zhuang force towering way "acquisition? If it’s a visit and exchange, we sincerely welcome Dazhuang Winery, but if you want to buy it … Please go back, I’m very busy. "
Zhuang is not far away, so I can’t wait to applaud.
Step back and force you to be great!
Chapter Give Red Envelopes to Old and Young Men
Wang Zhu, who is in charge of attracting investment at the gate of Dazhuang Winery, said a few words to force him to come in. This reluctantly gave a hand to let everyone in.
Family members’ hospital of the winery, old and young, all rushed to follow the past.
Zhuang followed in the crowd and pretended that passers-by followed.
Not far from Zhuang, it was a bit unnatural to be followed by Qi Zhuang, but he soon took out an old liar and entered a state of professional accomplishment.
Simon, the representative of the posterior porch group in the winery, frowned tightly.
Miss Munuma, next to Frost Winery, also looks disgusted.
Not to mention, the factory area of this winery is really shabby and chaotic everywhere. Obviously, the management of the winery operators is very poor.
All kinds of vehicles waiting for goods, transport vehicles of the winery department are parked at random on the roadside, and the roads of the winery department are packed.
Qi pretended to be shameless and proudly introduced, "The wine brewed by our Dazhuang winery is very popular. Have you seen these people waiting for the goods?" A big truck has been waiting here for almost five days. What? Because they want to be a top from their position … "
Simon shook his head. What can you say? Say your wine is very popular? It can be said that your sales management is very chaotic, and there is no planning at all, and you can’t be better with your own customers. You can’t save unnecessary expenses and there is no stable sales channel and distribution channel.
Simon almost twisted his brow into a ball when he got into the winery car.
There are a lot of new equipment, but most of the workers are old, weak and sick, and only a few young workers are all thumbs when operating the equipment, and the safety measures have not been put in place several times.
Other health conditions can’t be demanding.
"Our Dazhuang Winery adopts the combination of modern technology and technology to brew the best wine …"
Simon pouted, so I’ll just believe you.
Simon came from the liquor department of Luxuan Group and grew up from the sales of first-line wineries. He also saw the poor management of small workshops in Lanxi, but he didn’t expect a winery with a large shipment to be like this.
It’s lucky that the winery hasn’t closed down due to the accident.
How much can this winery be worth?
Buying this winery is simply smashing the signboard of the winery!
Not far from the back of the village, I heard that I had to increase my salary. This is really a straw bag. How can I sell the factory at a high price with such management?
You don’t sell at a high price, so when they know the truth, how can it hurt?
Pretend to force yourself. Pretend to force you to be professional. Don’t let me down.
I’m so optimistic about you!
When I heard that Lu Xuan Group and Frost Winery were going to buy Dazhuang Winery, Zhuang Dad immediately wanted to set things right.