One is equivalent to being able to open an unknown and familiar one with the imprint.

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That’s where the fruit of his oak tree came from.
"orochimaru is not only difficult to kill, but also behind him."
He put it away and looked through the water mirror at the sky, the moon, and the gods with the male leader.
"Minister Wu is fighting …!"
Wu Tiantong will no longer think about orochimaru, and the corners of his mouth will evoke a little excitement and a ferocious smile.
He stared at the figure of Susuke and said, "It is said that Susuke is the strongest fighting force among the Japanese gods."
I’m going to meet him today. "
"Don’t rush to clear the field first"
Lingqing said that the trees outside shook and fluctuated inexplicably all over the world.
Except for him and Wu Tiantong, all the talented people in this pair were rejected by this force.
Even Shi Fan and Ling Yi are no exception.
Everyone suddenly appeared in the Japanese territory in reality.
It was at this moment that Japan completely lost control of the world.
They have carefully built a safe and secure Beijing barrier.
Abe Chong suddenly turned to look at the Buddha and others only to find that they were also startled. Obviously, they didn’t know what happened.
But he didn’t find Lingqing figure disappeared from his heart when I don’t know.
The Buddhist monk was startled to see that he had found no abnormality and then he was secretly relieved.
In his view, if the two sides can’t slide down because of their exchange group in the future.
Chapter nine hundred and ten Ten Mud Plough Tower
The whole world center of Ping ‘an Beijing Middle School has become the Fuyue Center.
A colorful tree grows on the top of Fuyue Mountain, connected with the sky and facing Jiuquan.
What constitute that sky geology is being absorb by it.
Millions of ghosts and monsters have not formed a dense mass to destroy this big tree.
However, Fu Yue, the nine goalkeepers, screened these ghosts and gods in nine layers.
The outermost part is just some. The stronger the ghosts and gods are, the more they can break through.
However, Sasuke, who has the strongest fighting capacity, can entangle in the first floor at this time.
Seeing that he is about to break through to the ninth floor, Lingqing said to one side, "Minister Wu is in trouble."
Wu Tiantong got up slowly, and the momentum rippled outward layer by layer.
Like a gushing spring, the breath of bloody killing flowed out of it and instantly turned into a sea of blood.