"Aoki eagle shooting! Shoot Zhang Yang! " A six-star master roared out his hands, leaps two blue light groups, and then throws two wooden arrows forward, whizzing and flying out, constantly carrying a deadly force.

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"bang! Hey! " Zhang Yang stretched out his hands and grabbed the rapidly rotating wooden arrow. His hands were as angry as a child’s, but his power was too small
"It’s you!" Zhang Yang’s plain way first appeared in front of the six-star master who issued Muyuan martial arts, and quickly cut out more than ten knife-shaped flames with one hand, followed by his arm and drowned the master.
"block!" The master exclaimed that wooden vines kept appearing as shields before waving his arms.
His wooden vines were too weak, and his shoulders were cut off by a flame knife.
After the fire knife was cut out, the fastest speed of Zhang Yang’s outbreak suddenly appeared beside the six-star master, and his fingers turned into golden swords, pointing out the other side’s frightened look in a straight line and stabbing into his heart.
Jin Yuan can be the sharpest. Now Zhang Yang has five elements, which can prove each other’s harmonious transportation and changeable attack methods.
"Sniff!" A blood arrow rushed out of the back of the master’s heart and broke his life!
At this time, the nine frost wyrm behind Yun Tian has increased to more than 20 meters, and it is overwhelming to prance side by side behind him. The frost wyrm fuzzy eyes seem to have aura and generally stare at Zhang Yang’s cold murder!
"Kowloon listens to my order to kill Zhang Yang!" Yun Tian pointed to Zhang’s roar loud. After he was born, Kowloon roared and flew out of his head and lined up to Zhang.
Everyone heard it, and all that was left was a loud roar like a dragon roar and a roar like ice!
This momentum, this power, this scene is the biggest that Zhang Yangren has ever seen fighting!
"Ice Wang Ti is different! This time, it is absolutely necessary to be swallowed up. "Zhang Yangxin’s excited hand once again appeared a body, which killed the peak master when he was at the gate of deciduous city.
His hands, two bodies, the top of the skull, and the spirit force poured into two bodies. Chapter 87 Killing and settling scores.
Chapter 87 Killing to settle grievances
Yun Tian Fei is half-hearted and unbelievable. "Is he still Zhang Yang? How can it be so strong! I haven’t seen me for a month, but I can’t even stop him! "
When the eagle’s body deviates, his brain rises dangerously and moves sideways. At this time, he also has an idea in his mind, that is, back off!
"He is a monster!"
There are a few remaining masters who resist the stinging tentacles of the spirit. They are frightened and shout out []
"No one can leave the fire snake!" Then there was a cold drink.
More than a dozen thick salamanders; the dancing department fell sideways, blocking all the people. Leave Zhang Yang in three directions. There is no salamanders in that direction.
Zhang indifferent to the sky three people turned back but didn’t stop.
He has some numbness in his limbs against three masters at a time. At this time, the counterattack will increase the injury. Now Li Fu people are hard to escape if they are too injured.
Zhang control eats spirit tentacles wrapped around five guru eats spirit force crazy surge into the five heart meridians controlled by his eats spirit tentacles.
"Body explosion!" When Zhang Yang yelled, the bodies of the five masters all rose, just like the five toads kept growing and rounding.
Zhang Yang broke through the master’s strength and became stronger. No matter how short he was, his understanding of body explosion became higher and higher. Now, the soul-eating tentacles can be used as arms to display body explosion.
"boom! Boom Boom Boom Boom! "
Five people’s bodies exploded! Five groups of blood and fog appeared in five large pits on the ground, and more than ten tall trees fell to the ground and grass stuck to the ground.
With the "whoop" bone spear, the bone spurs flew in all directions to drown all the masters.
Zhang Yang’s flame was the first to resist this dozen armed men. A few seconds later, the body explosion happened again. Everyone had no time to take off and turned to resist the flying bone spear.
"Let’s block it together!" The crowd wind Li shouted
Bone spear collision weapon martial arts flying Yuan can disorderly bump into the flame encirclement and the biggest collision happened!
This night, blood red is particularly bright!
Finally, someone can’t resist!
A five-star master used the strongest defensive combat knife, which was impenetrable, and was still pierced by an exhaustive bone needle in his eyes, and then more than a dozen bone spears pierced his body into a hornet’s nest!
"Amount!" A four-star master was pierced by a bone spear and then submerged by a hundred bone spears, leaving many holes!
"He is an evil spirit!" As soon as I said a word, a five-star master was rushed into the blood fog and stabbed into the body with tentacles that ate the spirit.
A body explosion broke out, but only three or two seconds later, five masters died, and two masters were entangled in the tentacles of the devouring spirit, and they were too weak to even explode themselves!
"I will explode again!"
The two masters were forcibly injected by Zhang to bite the psychic force, and when the body explosive material crashed and exploded, the aftermath of the previous five people’s explosion did not spread, and the attack resumed!