Chapter 36 Just a meteor?

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When a player enters the nba, he must be ready to become a robot.
Every day’s training, competitions and away trips will fill their lives.
After the home game against Nets, the Pacers’ players got on the plane to New Jersey, where they will play Nets back to back.
Sung Jae Lee checked the "Basketball Top System" on the team’s charter flight. His 100% shooting rate in the first half once again added to his experience, and he rose to level 2 again. At the same time, his experience rose to more than two-thirds before stopping.
"After the game, you should be able to rise to level 10, right? !” Sung Jae Lee thought to himself.
Nothing happened all the way. After the team’s chartered plane landed in New Jersey, they got on the team bus and went to their hotel. Lying in the bed of the hotel, Li Cheng can’t sleep. He has already slept on the plane, and now he only feels special.
Turn around and look at Granger next to you, and the voice has already sounded.
One night, Sung Jae Lee tossed and turned in bed, trying to smoke a cigarette, and found that since Granger ordered him to quit smoking that day, there was no such thing on him. Looking out the window again, I found that it was already dawn and the birds’ songs had already come in.
I don’t know how long it took, but Li Chengcai fell asleep in a daze. It seems that Granger woke him up after not sleeping long.
Li Cheng got out of bed dizzy, and for the first time he found that insomnia turned out to be such a painful thing.
It has been said that if a player doesn’t sleep well, he can’t find anyone to defend on the court, and then he has been slow for half a beat. And if he doesn’t sleep well for three days, he will feel drunk on the court.
All day, Li Chenggong was dizzy. Dizzy shooting training, dizzy to the continental aviation center to warm up. Fortunately, he took a nap before the game, but it didn’t seem to work!
"Top of the Basketball" can help him recover his physical fitness quickly, but he is mentally exhausted now, which has nothing to do with his physical fitness.
The players are waiting for the upcoming game in the dressing room. Granger has found that Li Cheng is not in the state. He touched Li Cheng and said, "Li, didn’t you sleep well last night?"
Li Cheng nodded and said, "Now I don’t want to play at all. I just want to take a bath and go back to sleep."
"Nothing, just get used to it." Granger said, "I played back-to-back for the first time, so don’t care too much about your data tonight. Just try your best."
"hmm!" Li Cheng nodded and responded.
And the game started soon, this game didn’t turn on China Radio 5, but the fans in China still paid attention to this game through various channels, and most people watched it live in words.
When Li Cheng was replaced in the ninth minute of the first quarter, he yawned.
"Shit." Li Cheng scolded secretly, then braced himself and began to run in a familiar way.
When the Pacers attack, Li Cheng usually keeps running. He is a guy who lives in running, but today this guy’s running is obviously not as powerful as the other days.
Tinsley dribbled the ball into the inside, he dived under the basket, then twisted his body and passed the ball to Li Cheng.
Li Cheng took a step with his left foot. After an emergency stop, he immediately turned to face the box. At the same time, he received Tinsley’s pass.
This is his favorite rhythm. Carter, who is keeping an eye on him, has been thrown away by him for half a position, and this space is enough for him to shoot. So, he no longer hesitated and rose from the ground.
But today, after he jumped up, he found his waist weak, but his hand shape has not changed because of good training before. Forced to keep his balance, he threw the basketball in his hand.
The basketball hit the basket and stumbled into it.
"Li Cheng’s running got another chance. He made a shot and hit it!" The fans in China are very happy to see such words. But they didn’t realize it. Li Cheng, who threw the ball, heaved a sigh of relief.
In fact, after the ball was shot, Li Cheng himself was not sure. After seeing the goal, he shouted "good luck."
But today, Li Cheng’s luck obviously can’t help him to the end. On the defensive end, he was simply hanged by Carter.
The Canadian trapeze who was ready to take revenge at home was not polite to Li Cheng at all. Carter, who tried his best to win at home, showed his all-star strength from the beginning of the game.
Carter’s strong body hit Li Cheng again and again. After knocking Li Cheng away completely, Carter made a jump shot and the basketball went straight to the basket.
This is just the beginning of Carter’s singles Li Cheng. Today, Carter is in full swing, breaking through Li Cheng who is weak again and again.
At the defensive end, Carter finished blasting, and at the offensive end, Li Cheng was also very out of state. In the first half, he only hit 2 goals in 10 shots and scored 4 points.
The game entered the halftime, but the fans in China saw such a sentence. "At the end of the first half of the game, Li Cheng only hit 2 goals in 10 shots and scored 4 points. The Pacers trailed the Nets 41-55 away. In the first half, Li Cheng was not in the state at all. I hope he can find his hand in the second half. "
The topic of Li Cheng was once again discussed by everyone on the forum of donkey flapping.
"Li cheng is not in the state today! Is today his real strength? " This is the man who never believed him.
"We have to believe that li cheng! Even Kobe can’t guarantee to score 30 points in every game? " These people are all loyal fans of Li Cheng. They believed in Li Cheng from the beginning.
"Li Cheng’s outbreak came suddenly, but no one can guarantee that he will cross the world beautifully like a meteor and then fall quickly." This group of fans have no malice towards Li Cheng, but they don’t believe in myths and believe in dreamy reality.
However, some American fans began to shout again, "Back to nature? Luck can’t honestly care for a person. "
"China can’t get a defender at all. Yao Ming is the only one who can play in China."
"These days, there is news about this China person every day, and I am tired of it. Now he can finally disappear from my eyes."
In the discussion of the fans, the second half of the game began, and Li Cheng found some state slightly, but it was still a lot worse than the hot feeling of the previous two games.
After he appeared in the third quarter, he hit two consecutive shots, but then he found that it was so difficult to catch the ball in the three-point line.
The opponent really made a targeted arrangement. After Li Cheng missed two goals in a row, he was replaced. O ‘Brien also knew that he was not in the state today, so he replaced Li Cheng, lest he lose confidence.
When Li Cheng left the court, the score was 62-78, and the Pacers were 14 points behind.
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Chapter 37 Myth shattered?
In the last game, Li Cheng was replaced again, but this time O ‘Brien didn’t let him go up to chase points, but let him go up to exercise and find the feeling of the game.
"Boy, you can’t do it today!" Carter, who has scored 32 points tonight, teased.
Li Cheng shook his head bitterly. He was really off his game tonight. This may be the new show wall that the rookie can’t adapt to the rhythm of nba games.
"It’s just a game, and you can’t guarantee that you will be fierce every night!" Li cheng replied without weakness.
Carter smiled and said, "Didn’t sleep well last night!"