Fang Qing-sha has always been outspoken and said what he had.

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But Mu Qingfeng didn’t feel any displeasure. Instead, he smiled and said, "I don’t know if Brother Fang dares to make a bet with me. I will bet tonight. If I return empty-handed, I will give up my identity and pay my debts from a soldier. If I win …"
Mu Qingfeng is awkward.
"good! Lao Tzu wants you to win. Tell me, what will I do for you if I lose? Killing someone is not a problem! " Fang Qingsha easily won the bet, and later he learned that this task was more difficult than letting him assassinate Nanyue King.
"If I win by luck, please ask Brother Fang to look after my sister * * kite for a few days. She is a little bored recently." Mu Qingfeng said this seemingly not harsh condition at all.
"good! Isn’t it just to watch the girl’s film? Even the old man can take care of it. I’m not bad at this one. I’d like to see how you convince me to lose. " Fang Qing took a malicious look at Wu county magistrate, angry that he was blowing his beard and glaring.
"Please ask Brother Mu to gather all the soldiers who can still fight. Tonight I will give the bandits a lesson they will never forget!" Mu Qingfeng said firmly.
"Childe, as I said just now, the bandits outside are ready. If we put all your eggs in one basket like this, we can’t get great results …" It is self-evident that Mu Chongshan didn’t say it.
"Who said I’m going to hit the camp in the north gate?" MuQingFeng asked with a smile.
"Even if you don’t hit the north gate, the other doors are not the same, all …" Mu Chongshan is not a fool. He quickly reacted and his face was full of smiles.
"I said, Commander Mu, what’s going on? Tell me about it. I’m confused by what you’re doing. I’m a clown. Can you give me a good time?" Fang Qing, who doesn’t know what to say, was scratching his head in anxiety.
"I said, brother, you’re a nanny. If you don’t give them the heads of the bandits tonight, I’ll kowtow to you." Looking at Fang Qingsha and Wuxian Ling stretching their heads like curious babies, Mu Chongshan continued to explain: "Let me tell you about the plan of the son. The biggest reliance of the bandits is to collude with Jin Yu of Nangong, so they can change their troops calmly, because they know that there will be no war except at the North Gate, and we have been playing so anxiously these days without any action, so those who attack the city will definitely go to the other three gates to have a rest at night, but if we attack from the other three gates tonight, they will definitely return to the wrong hand. This is human inertia, which requires them to think that there will be war only at the North Gate, and they will suffer a big loss that they will never forget tonight! "
After listening to Mu Chongshan’s explanation, I realized how wonderful Mu Qingfeng’s move was. It not only brought huge casualties to the bandits, but also effectively eased the resistance of siege. The most important thing is that it can sow the seeds of discord for the bandits and the Nangong Jinyu, which can be described as killing three birds with one stone.
"It’s just that your plan is very good, but if Nangong Jinyu’s team doesn’t open the door for us, wouldn’t we be busy in vain?" Mu Chongshan thought of another problem.
"That’s why I called Wu County Magistrate. The order given by Nangong Jinyu is not to engage in war with bandits, so I won’t come to the scene. At that time, Wu County Magistrate, the highest official in Changlin Town, asked to leave the city. Who do you think can stop it?" MuQingFeng looked at sitting next to some perplexed magistrate wu, spoke his plan.
"good! I’m finally useful. To be honest, although I put on armor, I’m good at talking. I will accompany everyone this evening! " Wu county magistrate found that there was another place where he could shine and heat, so he was overjoyed.
Everything was arranged, and soon Wu county magistrate swaggered to the south gate with a team of about three or four hundred people. Why did he choose the south gate? Because it was the farthest from Nangong Jinyu, even if Nangong Jinyu got the news, it was too late.
Sure enough, when they were going out, they were stopped by the Nangong Jinyu army.
"I wonder what the magistrate is going to do with so many people so late?" A man who looks like a joining staff stopped Wu county magistrate.
"Why, do you have to report to your Nangong Prince where the county is going?" For these soldiers of Nanyue king who eat for nothing, Wu county magistrate naturally has no good face.
"This … the prince has explained that the military situation is urgent now, and it is better to ask the county magistrate to stay in the city without special circumstances." It is obvious that he is not going to let go.
"You also deserve to say military emergency? ! I asked you, have you fought the enemy these days? How many gangsters have been killed, and the people are grateful to you? " Wu county magistrate flew into a rage.
Wu county magistrate’s words can be described as the whole heart. Originally, as a regular army of the imperial court, he didn’t disturb the bandits, so he let the participating soldiers lose face, let alone collude with them now. What’s the mind of the people above? As a small participant, I’m not qualified to ask, but it’s certainly uncomfortable to be pointed at by the people around me every day.
"Don’t let me go out. There are too many stones and wood consumed by the North Gate. We can’t keep it tomorrow, otherwise please go out and pick some for me, just to exercise our muscles." Wu county magistrate looked at the captain with disdain.
"If you don’t want to go out and pick it up, please take off your soldiers’ armor and give it to us. You won’t need it anyway!" Wuxian Lingbu is a civilian, and a few words make the joining staff blush. In fact, it’s no wonder that he is too thin-skinned, and it’s always a little unreasonable for a seven-foot man to stay idle all day.
"Come, let go!" After thinking for a long time, the joining staff decided to let them out, because in his view, the order of Nangong Jinyu was not allowed to attack without authorization, and there was no special order for these people to go out.
After more than three or four hundred people left the city gate, Muqingfeng came out of the team. Just now, the night was dark, and the participants didn’t pay attention to who Wu County magistrate took out.
"Young general, the old man took your door out, and the rest depends on you." Wu county magistrate said.
"Don’t worry, your honor, I’ll take care of the rest. Brother Fang, please be sure to protect the safety of Wu County magistrate." MuQingFeng told Fang Qing evil spirit, if anything happened to Wu county magistrate, it would not be worth the loss.
When everyone in Muqingfeng went to the camp of Ximen bandits, they found that things were the same as they thought. As luck would have it, Simon’s replacement happened to be the one who attacked the North Gate during the day, so it was really a revenge.
These two days, the bandits are used to restoring the troops damaged during the day here, and they are sleeping directly at night, so the subsequent tragic situation is self-evident.
Burned by the anger of these two days, so it is not polite to start. Mu Chongshan rushed into a camp and clapped his hands at the soldiers who were still undressing at the door. Although his screams shouted the other soldiers out of their sleep, he felt a sense of despair when he saw the fierce Mu Chongshan.
"Come on, let me kill a ball! Come together! " Mu Chongshan shouted with lofty sentiments.
Although these bandits’ fighting spirit is not good, they still didn’t lay down and die when they saw Mu Chongshan kill the door. Several bandits who didn’t even put on clothes took up arms and rushed up. Mu Chongshan didn’t take this mere mob seriously. One side directly escaped a knife, and the strength inside was transported. An iron mountain leaned directly against the chest of the bandits. How terrible it was for Mu Chongshan to be successful. The bandit who was hit was killed directly, and he didn’t even have a chance to shout. His body flew backwards, and a gangster behind him tried to answer it. As a result, when he touched the back of the body, his arm was directly broken inch by inch, and the whole person was hit far away.
Mu Chongshan didn’t give others a chance to react, so he got close to the crowd directly. Grabbed a long knife from a gangster, and it was the first time that Mujia’s knife method, the most suitable trick for group attack, "Snow Covering Baqiao Bridge", was used.
Mu Chongshan moves so fast that others can’t tell where the noumenon is and where the phantom is. Mu Chongshan, in front of many bandits, is a superhuman powers, full of knives and lights, and if you are not careful, you will be beheaded.
This trick of "covering the bridge with snow" consumes internal force, but it is correspondingly very lethal. Legend has it that there is a world wonder named Baqiao in the high platform of Mujia Mountain Villa, which is high and steep. Every time it snows in winter, heavy snow will always cover Baqiao without a trace. To practice "snow-covered Baqiao", it is necessary to set a cold wind on Baqiao at the beginning of heavy snow and fight against the snow. The sign to test whether the knife practice is qualified or not is to see how much snowflakes fall under your feet in a time of incense. It was once rumored that when Mu Chongshan was practicing this trick, his hind feet were clean and there was no snowflake. At this point, "snow covered Baqiao" was a success!
The bandits’ attacks were naturally inferior to the heavy snow in winter, so they were soon slaughtered by Mu Chongshan. Mu Chongshan cut off a gangster’s head with one knife, and then he directly sold his long knife and killed another aggressive gangster. Soon, more than a dozen gangsters in a camp were killed by his sword.
Mu Chongshan didn’t stay too long. When he heard the shouting outside getting louder and louder, he turned around and went out directly. It seems that tonight is destined to be a sleepless night.
Although the number of soldiers in Changlin town outside is much less than that of bandits, the situation is still one-sided because of their mental arithmetic. The soldiers in Changlin town shouted "revenge!" Picked up the weapon and rushed to the most places. These bandits just went through the daytime war, exhausted physically and mentally, so immediately after a little resistance, they started to flee for their lives, which undoubtedly increased the casualties of the team.
Wuxianling wandered around in a sea of blood, but his safety was no problem at all. There was no other reason. When several bandits looked at an old man wandering around Wuxianling, they wanted to take his life. As a result, after being hammered alive by a burly Fang Qingsha, the bandits never dared to come forward. The guards around the old man were really terrible.
"It’s a pity that I shouldn’t have gained fame in those days. If I had started practicing martial arts since I was young, I would have been a commanding general now, and I would have experienced the experience of’ waking up to kill a man and lying drunk on a beautiful woman’s knee.’ The day. "Wu county magistrate for immediate scenes, heartfelt sigh with emotion.
"Brothers, don’t patronize killing people, give me a torch and give me their camp and hay to burn! I’ll see what they spend this cold winter night with. " Zhang Peng was seriously injured and couldn’t give orders, so Mu Qingfeng issued orders directly at the front line.
This is going to be the desperate efforts of the bandits. Originally, the lack of food and grass was their achilles’ heel, but the people in Changlin Town are now sworn enemies with them. Where can they go easy on them and directly take out the prepared kerosene and pour it on the surrounding camps? Soon, the soaring flames directly illuminate the whole camp.
"Mama of, is dead, Lao tze and you fight!" Several bandits found the situation a little dangerous and broke out directly. After all, they still had the advantage in terms of numbers.
These bandits also have some brains. They didn’t go to Mu Chongshan, where killing people is like killing dogs, and they were far away from Fang Qing, who blocked killing people and killed Buddha. Their goal was to kill an ordinary soldier in Changlin Town who was too deep.
The soldier’s arm is still bandaged. He could not have participated in the night attack if he was injured, but his two brothers died in the previous siege, so he must come to avenge his brother tonight.
"That boy took his life!" A gangster screamed at him with a knife, which was dangerous and dangerous to avoid the past. It was not right to insist that it was to avoid the past. He didn’t care at all, but just dodged the key slightly.
"Dog bandits, give back my brother’s life!" The soldier directly returned his hand and cut it on the chest of the bandit, and directly cut him open, leaving his internal organs all over the floor. The bandit shouted to pick up his intestines and wanted to go back to the fortress, but he died after a while.
"Afraid of what, he is a person! Kill him. " A small-headed figure shouted and rushed up. At this time, he had forgotten his fear and just wanted to kill the wounded soldier in front of him.
The soldiers in Changlin Town, where the two knives intersected, obviously suffered a loss. The wounded soldier on his arm lacked strength, and his jaws were shattered, and his weapon fell directly to the ground.
Suddenly there was a sharp pain in his right hand. It turned out that the bandits across the street still had some martial arts skills. Seeing that he lost his weapon, he directly cut off his right arm with a knife.
"Ha ha! ! Go to hell! !” The bandits laughed and followed by a knife. In his eyes, the soldier was already a mortal.
The scene that surprised him to drop his chin happened. I saw that the soldier actually held the blade directly with his uninjured hand. The strength of this knife was deep in the bone, and the blood flowed directly into the hands of the bandits along the blade.
The bandits were surprised to take their weapons a few times, only to find that they did not move. The friction between the blade and the hand bone was clear to them, but the opposite person didn’t mean to let go.